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THE HEART IN THE SAND I had always wondered what it would be like to be free, not to answer to anyone, do the things I always wanted and my only worries were looking for a place to lay my head and find that person to fill me emotionally. I had always wondered until the moment I met her. My name is Juan Pedro though I have always been known as Juanpe and I am 25 years old. My life was normal, the same routine, the same people and the same feelings and emotions. I didn't stand out from the rest of the people, didn't weed it. I worked in a small business as an administrative, not my work, I didn't like it, I always wanted to be an artist, but these ideas were truncated by my parents. I was going out with a girl that didn't help at all so I didn't have much hope. My life changed completely when the summer of 2012 began. I needed another environment, new experiences and what better place than the coastal areas to enjoy myself. I went to Valencia to the appartament of my friend Adrian. My first days are entertaining but I went to bed and felt avoid as big as the sea, I didn't get what I wanted and knew I wouldn't get it... became so sad with the thought that soon I would return to my normal "life"... But I had to enjoy the day ! So I went to the beach. At night it is vastly different, the darkness and the moon reflected in the water catchs you. I sat for two hours watching only the sea and the waves, when I was returning to the apartment, in the distance I saw a bar and a single girl. Every night I did the same : I went down to the beach and every night I saw the girl sitting alone in the bar, every night until I got ready to go to that place. When I went there I could see a sadness in her eyes and suddenly I talked to her. I surprised myself, she told me her name was Andy. She spoke with enthusiasm and didn't care that I was a stranger, we contired until after dawn. We talked about everything and she had to go. I felt so good, I had connected with her in a special way for me. The next night I did the same and we started talking. She had a similar situation to mine. Andy was 26 year old and lived in the town of Toledo and she had come to Valencia looking for work, but she didn't find it and her only hope was to go out of Spain. She told me she would go on July 3. The last thing that she said before she left was that the night still be there... and she left. The night of parting arrived. I was quite sorry to say goodbye to that girl, I knew that she was special and filled me emotionally and I didn't want to lose her. The night ended with that kiss that I desired. I connected with her and something in me had changed. Her words and took me on the wild side of life... but, how from one moment to another would I leave everything to go with her, my family, my friends, my house? Maybe I would be selfish to hurt the people that loved me, maybe it wasn't a good idea, maybe it would be crazy... but, in that moment the words of that song came to my mind : We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired any more except to make our live into a work of art. A year later, life has led me to the united satates. Andy and I are together. We live well and work in an art gallery it isn't very popular but what we like it. We travel, live experiences and we don't know what future will be like, but I really don't mind because I knew that it takes getthing everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is. - RIDE I wrote this with Andy on the beach, a similar place to the one that changed my life forever.

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