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The World’s Most Affordable Broadcast Graphics with Real-Time 3D, Timeline, Clips and More

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llity to Your Broadcast Graphics

Who is


Twenty-five years ago, the founder of Compix envisioned a broadcast graphics company that would provide the highest quality and most affordable solutions and would have the best personalized customer service of any company in the world. Twenty-five years later, we are proud to maintain our founder’s original vision. Today Compix is the Character Driven™ Company with over 17,000 installations in more than 80 countries around the globe. We are well-known in our industry for offering prices that make sense to our users. We believe that creating affordable products comes from the habit of making conscious decisions along the entire process; we are careful about complex development situations that can cost a fortune while the return can often be unseen. We want to make sure the product you pay for is packed with the features you need most. Our dedicated experience, as a broadcast graphics company of twenty-five years and our tradition of making products with common sense pricing, guarantees you rock solid performance for years to come while giving you real value for your money.

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What is compix


Compix Persona is the next generation broadcast graphics solution that provides powerful live motion, advanced CG capabilities, and the ease-of-use that Compix is famous for. You can now integrate real-time 3D/2D objects, moving clips, key framed animations, and other features to create stunning on-air presentations and effectively communicate the message to your audience. Ideal for any broadcaster or production studio seeking an easy, speedy, and stable turnkey solution with a great price, Compix Persona is the best investment you will make in reaching out to your audience and bringing out the unique personality of your production. Your audience must see it to believe it! Incorporating over twenty-five years of broadcast graphics experience, Compix Persona is a built-for-live system. You can easily make edits or add new templates while it is on-air. Read on as we point out 7 of the most compelling benefits about Compix Persona for your broadcast graphics needs.

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Before being introduced globally, Compix Persona has been sold and used in over 800 locations in Asia, under localized names. With this amazing foundation, we are able to provide a rock solid product with a proven track record. Compix Persona has been used in major broadcast stations, sports arenas, educational and governmental facilities, and in corporate environments.


Trust in Quality Compix Persona has been used in live environments, testing all aspects of the CG’s functionalities while on-air.

Trust in Ease of Use Compix Persona is the result of receiving and applying countless direct user feedback.

Trust in Performance Compix Persona has been used in high-profile broadcast facilities, including international sporting events.

n e v o r p f o a i s s r A a ye ccess in su Compix Media Persona 06 l 07



Compix Persona’s VirtualOverlay™ enables real-time creation of multiple and independently controlled virtual pages. These pages are then composed into a single physical channel. You can output a ticker, a station ID, a lower third, and video clip, all from a single channel.

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Each VirtualOverlay™ is completely independent from each other, making it extremely easy to control. Fixed location objects such as clocks, timers, and station logos can remain on the output and operate without disruption. Still or animated logos, channel IDs, lower thirds, scoreboards, over-the-shoulder graphics, text crawls, RSS feeds, and temperature displays can quickly and easily be inserted or taken off at your fingertips. Each VirtualOverlay™ has its own sequencer, making it easy to toggle among several pages during live operation. Building additional pages on top of your default page and outputting them all simultaneously, using only one physical channel, can save you tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for purchasing multiple units, or units with multiple physical channels.

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s e r u t a e F l a i t n e s Es luded Inc


Clip Playback This feature enables the playout of compressed video clips as media objects and textures within your page. The software codecs enable playout of Windows速 formats, including AVI and WMV files. You can also convert an image sequence to a moving clip using our builtin compression technology. Included in every system is a 1TB large-capacity hard drive.

Advanced Image File Import Photoshop files (.PSD) and Illustrator files (.AI) can be imported into Compix Persona while maintaining their individual layers. Compix Persona can also import a wide variety of graphic file formats including BMP, TGA, TIFF, JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Live Frame Grab A live input source can be captured as a still image and used in your graphics layout as part of the design.

Timeline Editing Stunning animations can be created through the use of multiple timelines; each object can be timed individually with in, out, and update effects. Objects can also be organized in groups and animated together, following the logic of widely-known NLE applications.

Customizable Transition Effects A full range of 2D and 3D transition effects can be rendered in real-time. There are over 200 ready-to-use 3D effects, such as page curl, particle, distortion, and water-ripple that can be applied to individual objects, object groups, or entire pages.

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4 Built

You can count on Compix Persona. When it is time to go LIVE, nothing matters more than speed and ease-of-use. The features below showcase how Compix Persona is equipped to handle your live requirements.

QuickPlay One of the most essential tasks of a character generator is to quickly communicate up-to-the-minute information such as school closings, traffic alerts, or breaking news. In such immediate situations, a CG operator needs the shortest cycle time to air without losing any time in creating fancy graphics with effects. Compix Persona is built to handle this situation in three simple steps. One, double click a template from the Catalog. Two, type in the information. Three, press the Play button immediately above the edit screen. You can take your graphic to air in less than five seconds.

Live Sequencer


Compix Persona’s live sequencer builds a sequence list from the start. When you open a new project you are automatically building a new sequence which can be saved as a project file. Once your graphic creation is finished, the interface can be changed to show the thumbnails of all pages at a glance. Easily arrange the page order by dragging and dropping the pages to the desired location. Program and Preview pages are clearly highlighted for easy viewing and various live commands such as Cut In, Cut Out, Play Previous Page, Pause, and Stop are immediately available.

LiveAction™ Keyboard Your on-air operation just got a lot simpler, smarter, and faster! Compix Persona’s LiveActionTM keyboard displays the commands that are readily accessible from a dedicated, clearly labeled, color-coded layout. In addition to custom keys, operators can quickly call up pages by entering the page number on the numeric keypad. It also features two built-in USB 2.0 Full Speed ports for easy transfer of files. The LiveActionTM keyboard is a vital tool for your live events and is included with your purchase of Compix Persona. Compix Media Persona 12 l 13



t r o p m I , n o CreatRi eal-Time and ering Rend

3D Creation

3D Import

With Compix Persona, text and shapes can be customized into eye-catching 3D in the shortest possible time. It only takes a couple of clicks to access many convenient features such as extrude, bevel, and lighting control to build cool 3D designs directly from the edit canvas.

Import and play 3D scenes from popular 3D creation applications such as 3ds MAX速, Maya速, and Autodesk速 by saving work in the X file format. Once imported, Compix Persona lets you resize the images and apply key frame animations to achieve a complex, sophisticated look in 3D.

3D Real-Time Rendering 3D text and shapes created directly in Compix Persona as well as imported 3D objects from third-party applications can be placed directly into the playlist for real-time playback. No pre-rendering is necessary.

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ways to use

Standalone Downstream Compix Persona can be used as a standalone broadcast graphics system without any additional video hardware, wiring, or other technical equipment. With our built in downstream keyer, you can send your video stream directly into our system, overlay it with your custom graphics, and send the final combined output to the destination of your choice. Everything you need to add your special graphic touch is included with the Compix Persona system, so plug it in, turn it on, and go!

Switcher Upstream Connected in the traditional upstream configuration, Compix Persona can also be used in traditional video production facilities as well. Compix Persona creates professional SMPTE-compliant broadcast quality graphics, providing both video key and fill outputs simultaneously and in real time. Compix Persona can also be used with any digital video switcher available on the market today. Whether in a new or an existing production setup, Compix Persona can be connected directly into your facility’s existing video switcher and provide the advanced graphics for all your production needs.

+ Photo Courtesy of Panasonic Corporation l Model AV-HS450N

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Broadcast Graphics Is Our Top Priority Compix has been passionate about broadcast graphics for twenty-five years. This is our topmost - and only - priority. Designing broadcast graphics systems requires expertise from the world of computer artistry and live production technology. When we design our products, we keep two very unique types of users in mind – the graphic artist and the operator. Over the years, Compix has been dedicated to combining both worlds to bring you the world’s highest quality, most affordable, and easy to use broadcast graphics solutions. Broadcast graphics is our sole passion and we give it our sole dedication.

n o i s s a true p Compix Media Persona 18 l 19

And Moreâ „ Advanced 2D Features

Ready-to-Use Templates

HD/SD Switchable

Dual Power Supply

4:3/16:9 Format Conversion

Render to Disk (NLE)

Powerful yet easy-to-use 2D creation features and in-depth animation effects

Simple to sophisticated lower thirds, crawls, and full-page graphics

Switch your HD/SD setting in the software without requiring system reboot

500 watts, hot swappable, dual cords with audio failure alarm

Easily change your format conversion to widescreen or standard ratio

Render your graphic page as an image sequence for use with any non-linear system

Backwards Compatible with GenCG

Embedded and AES Audio

Unicode Character Support

Virtual Preview

Windows 7 OS

Dual Operations Support

Embedded and discrete AES audio capability (16 channels)

Support for multiple languages

Preview how your graphics will look on air from your VGA screen

Windows 7 is Compix Persona’s default OS. Enjoy the latest technology.

Edit new or existing pages while on-air

GPI Trigger

Unlimited Font Choices

Digital and Analog Clocks

Live Edit Preview

Safe Areas and Grid Display

Smart Text Import

Standard GPI trigger functions for remote control

2000 fonts pre-installed, any true type font can be imported

Counters, stopwatches and clocks in both digital and analog styles

See the changes being made to your edit canvas in the output in real-time

Custom safe area guides and grid display, as well as canvas designs

Import with stringed texts, name lists, lyrics and scriptures with predetermined settings

Users of Compix GenCG can import their existing .gcg format files into Compix Persona

Compix Media Persona 20

Compix Media Persona 21

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