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Enhanced Safety Features Increased Productivity Less Maintenance Higher Reach Longer Life

The new benchmark in the industry. PAT E N T E D

Gen uine

World’s Best Drywall Lifts™ USA Brand

Pictured here with optional Loading Attachment.

industry e h t f o er n À e d e h T For over 40 years Telpro Inc. has been providing the rental industry and its customers, with the World’s Best Drywall Lifts™. Since 1973, the PANELLIFTŽ Brand Drywall Lift has lifted millions of sheets of drywall to the ceiling. We have continuously adapted our equipment to make it work better for both the operator and the rental dealer. Our patented rental-rugged frame mounting system and adjustable cradle design make the PANELLIFTŽ faster and easier to assemble and disassemble, minimize customer damage, reduce maintenance & repair issues, and increase rental service life for increased ROI. We are continuously working hard to provide premium equipment that safely and reliably handles the harsh environments subjected by rental customers. He a

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Sheet size & capacity

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r it e Torque Lim

The PANELLIFTÂŽ Model 439 by Telpro Inc. is the ULTIMATE commercial grade drywall lift designed and built in the U.S. VSHFLĂ€FDOO\IRUWKHGHPDQGV RIWKH5HQWDOLQGXVWU\ Since its introduction, The PANELLIFTÂŽ Model 439 has received tremendous acceptance among our Rental customers. Many are converting their entire stock over to this low maintenance, chain drive model. This new multipatented unit does what other drywall lifts only dream of doing.

Still innovative. The FKDLQGULYHWHFKQRORJLHV, used for years in our professional drywall lifts, is now coupled with a manual winch and safety WRUTXH limiter. The Model 439 will reach heights of ¡� and still load at the low height of just 35 inches. This means that you will no longer need extensions to reach 95% of the lids. If you need to go higher - you can add the model 154 (18 inch) Extension to reach almost 16 feet; making the PANELLIFTŽ Model 439 the KLJKHVW UHDFKLQJ OLIW LQ WKH LQGXVWU\. The KHDY\GXW\ FKDLQV mean that you will never have to replace brass sheaves or cables again. Damaged lifts from overloading is a thing of the past and customer safety is increased. The SDWHQWHG WZRZD\RYHUORDGSUHYHQWLQJWRUTXH limitermeans that your renter will not be able to use this machine on loads that are

1@ 4’ x 16’

unsafe or not designed for the PANELLIFTŽ. The tripod is also equipped with QHZLQFKFDVWHUV making the 439 PXFK HDVLHU WR UROO RYHU REVWDFOHV RQ WKH ÀRRU 7KH  can still be XVHGRQZDOOVRUIRUKDQJLQJ+9$&GXFW work just like our other units. Reduce loading drywall to MXVW LQFKHV RII WKH ÀRRU E\ DGGLQJ WKH RSWLRQDO /RDGLQJ $WWDFKPHQW (shown above)- your customers will love you for it and continue to come back!

Max. Standard Reach


Reach w/ Extension 154


Will it last? We have machines that are still in use after 15 to 20 years in rental and have produced over 3,000% return on their investment. The new PANELLIFTŽ Model 439 will revolutionize the rental industry yet again. We’re even backing the patented drive train lift system with a \HDU OLPLWHG ZDUUDQW\ for the rental industry.

Standard Load Height

35 inches

Load Height with Loading Attachment

4 inches

Our machines out perform any other lift out there, that’s why drywallers ask for the PANELLIFTŽ by name. Drywall lifts aren’t an add-on product line for us - they’re our specialty. We build them for people who need and expect their equipment to last. We don’t expect to be the least expensive. We do, however, strive to build the very best drywall lifts in the world, because in the end quality always costs less. So if Safety, Quality, Longevity, Product Performance, High ROI, and Customer Satisfaction are what you value - we encourage you to wait no longer and upgrade your drywall lifts to the new PANELLIFTŽ Model 439.

Net Weight

124 lbs

Load Rating

200 lbs

Storage & Transport Stand Available

Lift Mechanism

Multi-stage Telescoping Chain Drive

Duty Grade





1065 Add the Drill DriveTM to your manually operated PANELLIFT® and convert it into a fast - powered machine without the high cost. Telpro Inc. introduces the new patent pending Model 1065 Drill DriveTM Adapter to convert manual cranking PANELLIFT® brand drywall lifts into dual powered lifts. Couple the Drill DriveTM with the new revolutionary Chain Drive PANELLIFT® Model 439 and you can have a lift that can do it all! No World’s Best Drywall Lifts extensions to add, no cables or sheaves to replace, and with the ne

Gen ui

USA Brand

Panellift® Model 439 with 1065 Drill DriveTM

Drill DriveTM adapter - it becomes faster and more effortless to install drywall. Use a corded or cordless drill to power lift your drywall into place. The dual action (manual or powered) provides ultimate versatility. Use a drill when you want the power to quickly raise sheets or manually crank it when you want pinpoint precision or when you don’t have a drill on hand. The Drill DriveTM is a great addition to your PANELLIFT®.

Virtually Effortless Lifting All Day Long

Just ‘cause the parts are there, doesn’t mean it’s put together right. Looking For A Drywall Lift? Make sure you get a brand drywall lift from Beware the Frankenlift™ Trust your overhead lifting needs to the people who’ve been designing, building & supplying the World’s Best Drywall LiftsTM for over 40 years.

Anything less can be kind of scary.

7251 S 42nd St • Grand Forks, ND 58201 1-800-448-0822 • w w w. t e l p r o i n c . c o m

PANELLIFT® Drywall Lift Model 439 Time for a CHAINge Flyer  
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