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Public Relations & Management Services Our duty is to generate positive publicity for our clients to enhance their reputation. We specialize in direct speaking speaking engagements, media relations, press conferences, meetings and conventions, e marketing, press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, fact sheets, newsletters, films or videos, and fundraising campaigns. campaigns

EVENT MANAGEMENT Let us find the ideal place to host your corporate meeting, group reunion or annual convention in the destination of your choice. We manage your event from start to finish with a Teloi Inc. representative on site to assure that every special detail is attended to, and to ensure a very successful event is actualized within your budget and standards. standards.

SITE SELECTION SERVICES With our free travel destination destination and site selection service we work closely with you to select the hotel that best fits your group’ group’s needs and budget. We work with groups of ten rooms or more and secure the best possible facilities and services while providing you with time to focus on other details as we narrow down locations, secure competitive rates, and process hotel contract negotiations at absolutely no cost to you.


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