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with Power. one line unites us all–the gondola line between mountain Village and telluride.

From this line, a lot of good things come. but it takes a large amount of electricity—coal—to make those good things happen. we choose to continue with the good stuff, and choose to be smarter about the way in the future. we choose to invest in renewable, we operate the efficient energy, as part of the green gondola Project, to save you money and hopefully give you peace of mind that status quo will not do.

in that same Vein, you haVe the

Power to make ChoiCes, ChoiCes that will imPaCt the Planet

and, more imPortantly, you and your Family.

you have the power to choose to save money—to invest in renewable, efficient energy, and be a leader who demands that the way things were done yesterday isn’t the way things have to be done tomorrow.

eVery dollar you giVe to the

green gondola ProjeCt, 100% will be sPent making the

run more eFFiCiently.

Find a donation box outside of the station and drop in your change, a few bills, whatever you can afford. if you want to make a larger contribution—an cabin for the season or year and in individual, family or business—sponsor a that cabin is space to advertise your message.

to adoPt a Cabin today, Visit green gondola ProjeCt sPaCe is still aVailable, but limited.

Telluride Visitor Guide Summer-Fall 2012  
Telluride Visitor Guide Summer-Fall 2012  

A resource for visitors to Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado.