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Viral Inviter Tell-A-Friend Script

As a software package, the Viral Inviter is a comprised of several tell-a-friend script components.

Although it is very easy to install and operate, it is really a sophisticated software application that is capable of multiple automated functions.

The different script sub-components of Viral Inviter can be classified into at least three basic groups or categories:

1. The first group of scripts has something to do with displaying the interactive forms;

2. The second group of scripts is responsible for extracting or importing contacts, using the email login account provided by a new customer or subscriber;

3. The third group of scripts is responsible for the sending of attractive, personalized email invitations.

The different tell-a-friend script components of Viral Inviter are executable instructions that are structured as automated programs.

They really do not need to be frequently maintained or supervised because they can run on auto-pilot.

Once the software is installed and implemented, a viral marketing campaign can have a life of its own. The campaign can spread like a highly precise pandemic.

The scripts are designed to automate and speedup the sharing of information about a website through online social networks.

This means that a marketing campaign can attract highly targeted visitors that are most likely interested in the products being offered by a website.

Although the tell-a-friend script components of Viral Inviter cannot identify specific market niches and market demands, they can facilitate the deluge of market demands by providing a convenient way of spreading information.

If properly started with the right leads and with the help of Viral Inviter, a viral marketing campaign can potentially lead to deluge of targeted visitors.

This can be directly translated to certain number of customers generating revenues for a website.

The scripts may not be able to create the incentive or demand for the product but they can help in sustaining the flow of visitor traffic, which can be proportionally translated to certain amount of profits.

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Viral Inviter Tell-A-Friend Script