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INSANITY Contrary to what you may think, I am not insane. Contrary to what you may think, I really do live in my own world, Populated by magical men and enchanted girls, Contrary to what you may think, The world doesn’t have to be so dark; not if you imagine it a different way; Like you used to. Contrary to what you may think, The voices aren’t bad; The voices keep me from being bad Contrary to what you may think, Silence isn’t golden; Silence is death, Contrary to what you may think, my “fictional characters” all get along. And contrary to what you may think, My “fictional” characters make for better company than you do.

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Blame Distortion A common feature of humans seeking to absolve themselves of responsibility is to assign blame to someone else. Usually, this is performed in the individual's self interest. Now consider the above in the context of the corporate media and advertising. If it is the ruling business class who controls these mediums of information, then the blame for society's ills will be assigned in the ruling class' best self interest. One can see this in the narrative regarding welfare. For the past four years, welfare benefits to those who are not elderly, working, or disabled have been around 1.6% of the US federal budget. To some of affluence within this country, this spending is promoted as evidence of the poor living off the backs of the rich. However there is strong evidence to the contrary. Average CEO to average worker pay in 2013 was 331:1. Since it is improbable that the CEO is putting in 331 times more hours than his average employee, it holds that the majority of his salary is the product of his employees' labor, not his own. Judging by this massive transfer of wages, it is only reasonable to conclude that some should be given back to the poor as reimbursement. However, through the corporate media and advertising, the population is encouraged to blame those on the bottom (who do little yet receive money) compared to those on the top (who do little yet receive a fortune).

WTO Seattle 1999, Steve Kaiser

Credit: Lancaster New Era The Pipeline If you haven't heard already, a natural gas pipeline is being planned to go through Tucquan Glen nature preserve here in Lancaster County. The project is being planned out by Williams Partners (a Tulsa Oklahoma Company) and is still in the preliminary phase, however the current mapping of the project shows it running along the Susquehanna River. Interestingly, the pipeline, named the Central Penn Line, in non-essential to transporting natural gas, and would only provide a shortcut between the Leidy Line and the Transco Main Line. Due to the location of the pipeline, any accident or leakage would likely have some catastrophic implications on the surrounding area. Williams Partners safety record is also quite spotty with 18 incidents over the past five years, for which they were fined nearly $2.4 million. The pipeline will also be transporting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region, which uses the environmentally destructive process known as fracking (hydraulic fracturing) to extract the gas. Many reports have been made by those situated in the region of poisoned drinking water and heavily polluted streams. If you would like to oppose the project, you can leave a comment at FERC (the federal energy regulatory commission) at with the Docket: PF14-8000 . Don't ask me how effective that will be though.

Dear Reader,

Control: Part 2 With regards to physical crackdowns, the first thing to note is how the majority of effective political action is stifled. For instance, the most effective way for the public to exert their influence is to take direct action (e.g. a strike, occupation, blockade, property destruction, etc.). Historically, this form of action is often the most heavily criminalized and cracked down upon by those in power. Examples include The Boston Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, Alice Paul’s hunger strike, etc. Unfortunately, these sort of crackdowns result in the kind of action which empowers people to make decisions for themselves being shut out, and instead for an alternative to be promoted: politely asking those in power. Usually, when this tactic is applied. the person in power has no more incentive to do the right thing than they would have had under normal circumstances. This would lead some to say that countries such as the United States are only aesthetically a democracy; real decisions are mostly made by those in power.

I think it’s time we should sit down and relate that isn’t on a metaphorical level of bullshit. I want to write about something that means something to me, but can only be explained in this format, a letter. A letter makes it seem more loving, more passionate. As if I’m writing to you across the sea, hoping to come home and have you jump into my arms. I want to speak of my blind desire, my blind passion. As a writer, I can say that I’m in love with everyone and everything. This may be me seeing through rose tinted glasses, strangled by naivety and ignorance, but that is something I’m comfortable to live with. This life we’re living is meant to be lived in a strange swoon of passion and amority. Stuck in a stupor of pulchritude. Drunk on sweet tears and sorrow. Through bloodshot eyes drowned with tears we’re able to see on the other side of the plain. Do not let your eyes glaze over with ennui. My pain is my passion, my suffering is my vivant. I have stumbled upon soft blades, surrounding me as forests of leaves. The wet dew feels as if it is the sweat of my lover’s hot body pressed against me. I have yelled atop of my lungs in the noir nights stark naked. I have ran in the nude with Eden’s children. And they are as sinful as me. With love and godspeed, A mad and tortured soul

For Lack of a Better Word

Genuine Thoughts

Caught in slums of self righteousness. Dwindling sticks studded with diamonds. Striking the skulls of the stupid, inane. They hollow out words only to insert them in their craniums. Ignoring vast intellects to have more self value. To love oneself, {You’re fine darling} To have confidence, {Grand I tell you} That’s fine by me. However to hold your hangman’s noose so high as to pull you up, That’s sinful, and father shan’t be proud. However, I shall be content, Allowing this. For we’re all at fault. Finding words only fall, But remain fossilized in the ground. Only hoping to learn from our historical accounts I pray.

We are sinners, Touching each other, Gnawing on human meat. Bleeding for the quality of pornography. Breathing in the smoke of hell’s fires. Swearing cursing our parent’s values, In the search of words that might one day be our own. Bashing and buttering up fat pigs that destroy us. Fucking and loving in the most offensive quality, That it might bring us to laughing in hysterics. Insane, turning screws, and thinking with only the slight of mind. Screaming in passion, moaning in pain, for what we have done, We have done with utter movement, never slowing in velocity. Breathing breathlessly taking in huge swigs of air. Releasing ourselves between exhales, Staying right here.

Television Substitute