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Lead Generation Companies Helping Sales Reps Avoid the Most Common Deal-Busters Nov. 1, 2011

Lead Generation Companies Marketing campaigns must target audience with right messaging, plus accurate information must reside in prospect database Establish results-oriented lead management process and contact database Develop campaigns to collect largest number of closed business leads Lead management affecting sales vs. sales reps affecting sales

Lead Generation Companies Conducting Adequate Research on Each Prospect Digging deep to find out prospect’s unique problems Keeping database up-to-date by regularly visiting the database by sales and marketing Have systems in place to segment leads in various stages of sales cycle

Lead Generation Companies Appropriately Timing Discussion Topics Focus on prospects pain points Relationship building and developing rapport with prospects, in turn garnering valuable information Budget issue raised only further along sales cycle Tailor communications with each prospects

Lead Generation Companies

About the Author Larry Fleischman is Director of Marketing for Televerde, a leading B2B provider of sales pipeline development solutions. For more information about Lead Generation Companies, visit .

Lead Generation Companies: Helping Sales Reps Avoid the Most Common Deal-Busters  

Lead generation companies help organizations develop the most effective processes. In B2B marketing, these processes revolve around relation...

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