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Median Price:

Days of market (Pending Sale):

A value that separates the upper half

The number of days that properties

of prices from the lower half of prices.

currently in escrow were on the market.

It can be interpreted like an average, however the extreme prices (high and

Month’s Supply of Inventory:

low) don’t hold undue influence.

The number of months it would take to sell all the properties listed for sale at

Average Price per Square Foot:

the current pace of sales and if no new

The price of each property divided by

listings entered the market.

their respective square footage then averaged across all properties sold in

Percent Under Contract:

the area for a given time period.

The ratio of properties for sale to properties pending sale.

Properties Sold:

The number of property transactions

Average Median Price for Last 12:

that closed and transferred ownership.

The Average Median Price for the Last 12 Months is sales data from 12 months

Properties Pending Sale:

ending in the identified month

The number of properties that entered escrow in preparation for sale.

Shadow Inventory:

Properties in Pre-Foreclosure, Bank Properties For Sale:

Owned or Auction as identified by

The number of properties on the

market and seeking buyers.

Orange County Micro Market Report : June 2013  
Orange County Micro Market Report : June 2013