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8 Reasons Why You Should Switch To VoIP Solutions Is your business considering switching from traditional communication mode to VoIP solutions? If you are still stuck with traditional telephone services, it’s time your business opts for VoIP. You’ll be surprised to see that all this while you had been spending extra money, for no additional features. Voice over Internet Protocol – most popularly known as VoIP- is steadily being adopted as the ideal business solution for enterprises looking to make the most of technology andmaximize efficiency. More recently, VoIP technology has grown impressively and has been a helping hand for businesses that allows them to grow with it. Reports suggest that small businesses are increasingly adopting VoIP solutions for improving the relationship between their business and customers. Benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Ability to connect via Cloud One of the major benefits of VoIP in today’s fast paced world is its ability to connect via Cloud. As all the voicemails and contacts are made available over the cloud, business can easilyaccess the necessary information no matter where they are. Data can even be accessed from one’s mobile phones. As more and more people turn towards smart phones to keep a daily track on their business, the ability to access information needed for business is a major benefit. No Extra Lines A traditional landline service requires you to use dedicated phone lines, not to mention the extra cost for service and maintenance. In a VoIP service, all your voice callsare broadcast over an internet connection which lets you cut down on those extra telephone lines for maximum business efficiency and minimized cost. Essential Features Basic upgrades like call-waiting, caller ID and conferencing are essential features of all VoIP solutions. And because it is easy to install and maintain, you will save a lot of money over monthly services fees. Voicemail to Email Voicemail to email transcription sends voicemail messages to your email by transcribing it into text. This is more convenient as it gives you the flexibility to read your emails at a preferred time, without having to worry about missing an important message. Call routing + Convenience

Call routing pushes a call to a list of numbers when there is no one to attend, before it gets routed toa voicemail.With VoIP solutions, your employees can receive calls on their mobile phones or laptop, when they aren’t around their land line. No more rushing to the nearest land line to attend business calls. VoIP solutions ensure better productivity and absolute business continuity during emergencies. Auto Attendant Auto attendant – popularly known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is another great feature found in premium VoIP services. It acts as a kind of electronic receptionist whoallows interaction between the caller and a menu, where the caller can choose a specific extension to reach a particular department or person. A business seems more professional with this kind of approach. Monitoring and Barge-In VoIP helps you guide and monitor the on-call performance of your employees' with barge and whisperfunctionality. With barge, you can overhear atelephonic talk between your employee and a client without disrupting the conversation. You can decide whether or not you want to alert them about it. Employees can also be provided with tips andadvice while they are on callwith a client, without letting the client know. Call Detail Reports Data tracking is critical for any business. Cloud-based VoIP solutions give out accurate information about the bandwidth utilization that help you determine your company's data usage, time, and energy periodically. The detailed call reports provide you with details about your company's call history, duration, and destinations.

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch To VoIP Solutions  
8 Reasons Why You Should Switch To VoIP Solutions  

Is your business considering switching from traditional communication mode to VoIP solutions? If you are still stuck with traditional teleph...