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Vol. 67, No. 1 • Monday, August 26, 2013

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Transfer subjects added CLIFF IRELAND THE TELESCOPE

The Chancellor’s Office Course Repetition Guidelines stated that since 2011, changes were made to limit the number of times students can enroll in the same as well as similar performing arts, visual arts, kinesiology and physical education A student who passes a class cannot take it again, according to Palomar College’s new enrollment policy for

Palomar College has added three new subjects to the Transfer with a Guarantee Degree program for the Fall 2013 semester. Journalism, Early Childhood Development and Business Administration have now been included with the Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) program. Combined with the previously approved disciplines of Psychology, Sociology and Mathematics, Palomar College now offers six transfer degrees that students can use as an option if they are considering transferring to a Cal State University (CSU). Signed into law in 2010, SB1440, the Student Transfer Achievement Act (STAR), was established to guarantee California Community College students admittance into a CSU with a junior status, while at the same time earning an associate’s degree. Under the AD-T, both the Associates of Arts Transfer (AA-T) and the Associates of Science Transfer (AS-T)



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Photo Illustration by Paul Francis, Jr./Telescope

New policy taking effect Repeatability restrictions limit life-long learning at Palomar CHRISTINE FORONDA THE TELESCOPE

SUMMER RECAP See what happened over the summer of 2013 • Page 5

A student who passes a class cannot take it again, according to Palomar College’s new enrollment policy for Fall 2013, which includes new restrictions for course repeatability. Course repeatability, according to Faculty Senate President Gregory Larson, initially referred to a course

a student can pass with an A, B, C or P and then are able to take again in a later semester. “Many dance, art and kinesiology courses have historically been repeatable,” Larson said. “There has always been some sort of limit to how many times a course can be passed with a C or better. Most, if not all repeatable courses, are allowed to be passed either two, three or four times, depending on the course.”


Construction at Escondido campus in progress MARISSA MILLOY THE TELESCOPE

DR. JACK KAHN A new dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences has been named. Read his profile and what his plans are for the future. • Page 6

Palomar’s satellite campus in Escondido was completely renovated over the summer. Planning for reconstruction began two years ago, and the campus was closed for the summer session so construction personnel could complete renovations. Tom Medel, acting manager for the Escondido center, said prior to the updates the campus lacked a collegiate feel. “It lacked areas where students could study, socialize and feel part of a campus. Many students would come to class and then head home soon after. Now they can stay here and utilize the services we have to offer,” he said. What was once a makeshift campus made up of an old renovated strip mall, now looks

much more like a center for learning. Updates were done to classrooms, hallways, and parking lots and all classrooms received technological upgrades. A new student common area was built where students can socialize, study or relax between classes. The student services area was also redone so enrollment, counseling, and assessment staff are able to provide better quality service to students. Engineering student Gabriel Fonseca gave “kudos” to the construction company for completing construction in just one summer. “Three months to build a whole school, I think that’s pretty awesome,” he said. “I really do like the way it looks, especially with all the coloring, rebranding and everything, and I like how the parking lot looks.”


Construction workers install landscape at the Escondido campus on Aug. 21 • Cliff Ireland/Telescope

The Telescope 67.1  

The Telescope Newspaper / Volume 67 / Issue 1 / Aug. 26, 2013 /

The Telescope 67.1  

The Telescope Newspaper / Volume 67 / Issue 1 / Aug. 26, 2013 /