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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility At Teleperformance, we are experts in people interactions. We believe in a simple solution to achieve our goals: happy employees make happy customers, which, in turn makes happy clients and happy shareholders.

Our unique focus on people is part of Teleperformance’s DNA. This cornerstone of our strategy is the reason why we take social responsibility so seriously. Our employees are key to our success, and the Group is committed to being an employer of choice in our market, with dedicated programs spanning employee engagement, well-being, diversity and inclusion, human rights, training and development, as well as health and safety. As a large global employer, with 300,000 employees in 80 countries, we have conscience of our impact on local economy and local employment. We are active participants in helping create jobs around the world through actions that include the Global Impact Sourcing Initiative.

We have launched two corporate initiatives, Citizen of the World (COTW) in 2006 and Citizen of the Planet (COTP) in 2008, which seek to help the less fortunate and protect our environment. Our employees, supported by management, take part in volunteer activities and donate goods and money to support these causes. At a global level, we have pledged our commitment to make the world a better place. We are a signatory of the By continuing browsing our website, you agree to the use of cookies to United personalize our Global services and provide a better codes experience. For more information how we use Nations Compact, and you havewith developed and policies in line with theabout ten principles Continue associated with it. cookies and to manage your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy Share

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TP remains committed to these activities and supports our employees in working to create a better world. If you have any questions about our corporate social responsibility activities, or suggestions about how to improve or other concerns, please contact us at

Consult our codes and policies:

Code of Conduct

Contains the fundamental principles for assisting and guiding TP employees in respecting the laws and regulations.

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Code of Ethics

The objectives of this Code are to define the rules, conduct, actions, behavior, and relationship that we shall adopt.

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy Applies to candidates for employment, all employees of the Companies, and certain third parties.

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Global Compact: A Strategic Policy Initiative of the United Nations The Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative of the United Nations to align businesses with human rights, labor, environmental, and anti-corruption principles. It is a commitment that ensures markets, commerce, technology, and finance advance to benefit economies and societies worldwide. We are a signatory of the UNGC since 2011.

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Click here for Teleperformance’s registration in the UN Global Compact and letter of commitment. To help us embrace and adhere to the universal principles of the UN Global Compact, we formally launched our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (“Global CSR Committee” or “Committee”). This Committee is responsible for creating and overseeing the worldwide Group CSR strategy efforts, including developing the necessary policies and ensuring compliance. 

Teleperformance Vigilance Plan.

Teleperformance is fully committed to providing a unique work environment, and earns recognition from independent entities on a regular basis.

Employee Engagement

Training & Development

Diversity and Inclusion

To drive employee engagement, the group has

In 2018, the group provided more than 42

We have the largest multicultural team in the

developed several programs focusing on

million hours of training, representing an

market. Our strength lies in our ability to

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wellbeing, satisfaction and community

increase of 25%. We have developed several

celebrate one another's differences. We stand

improvement, including Passion4U, a global

training programs such as JUMP, TP University,

together in the name of equality, empathy,

initiative to promote wellbeing and reduce

TP Academy, eInstitute, Foundations program

respect, kindness, and inclusivity. Consult our

stress, Teleperformance Sport Club, and For Fun

Consult our Work with Us section for more

Diversity & Inclusion policy.

Festival, a global arts contest.


Health and Safety

Premises standards

Global Impact Sourcing

The health and safety policy rolled out by the

Since 2009, Teleperformance has deployed a

Global Impact Sourcing is a service delivery

Group goes beyond local regulatory

Global Premises Standard which provides

model within the business process outsourcing

requirements. In addition to focusing on

blueprints and detailed guidance on Lighting,

industry and is defined as employing individuals

employer and employee responsibilities, it also

Acoustics, IT & Security, Safety, Proximity and

who would otherwise have limited prospects for

aims to increase awareness of workplace

Hands-on-Management, Sustainable

employment. In 2014, Teleperformance

hazards and promote the use of preventative

Development and Employee Wellbeing in all

committed to creating 5,000 IS jobs over five

measures for all parties involved. Consult our

areas of our centers.

years. This goal has been surpassed, with the

Health & Safety policy.

majority of these individuals being employed in developing countries like Egypt, India, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, and Tunisia.

E-Sat The annual employee satisfaction survey measures Teleperformance employee’s satisfaction and engagement since 2008. By listening to our people, we monitor our employees’ satisfaction and build adequate action plan to improve.

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Teleperformance Charitable Initiative Citizen of the World (COTW) was established in 2006 as Teleperformance's charitable initiative to help the world's most vulnerable infants and children meet basic survival needs and ultimately reach their individual potential. Our core objectives are to make Teleperformance’s charitable efforts systematic and participative for all Teleperformance people and entities; to unite in a worthy, common cause compatible with local needs; to maximize giving levels and encourage our colleagues, clients, and other audiences to join our significant humanitarian commitment; and to elevate the pride, loyalty, and satisfaction of our people.

COTW - Numbers at a Glance

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To t a l d o n a t i o n s US$

40,101,087 in total donations* to help underprivileged people or victims of

To y s d u r i n g h o l i d a y s

Feeding programs

Computer donations




underprovileged infants and children

infants and children were fed through

computers were donated to

received toys during the holiday season

Citizen of the Planet: A Global Corporate Initiative

natural disasters

several monthly feeding programs

impoverished schools

It is our commitment to minimize negative environmental impacts by acting in a sustainable manner to ensure future generations have the Includes total donations from November 1, 2016 - December ability to meet their own needs. Citizen of the Planet (COTP) is a global 31, 2018 *Total donations includes cash + in-kind + services corporate initiative, implemented in 2008, aimed at ensuring that Teleperformance operates in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. In a combined effort we commit to helping our planet by improving facilities to create "sustainable sites" (i.e., water, paper and other waste reductions) and strive for "paperless" environments, as well as recycling, and incentivizing energy and atmosphere improvements. Teleperformance encourages its sites to continuously improve their impact on their local habitats. 

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A key focus is to  track and minimize our overall carbon footprint per employee on a worldwide basis by reducing energy consumption, paper use and solid waste generation, air travel, and water use. Teleperformance also invests in indoor environmental quality refinements, alternative transportation, and employee education and involvement to extend green efforts to their homes and neighborhoods in addition to the workplace.

Carbon Footprint

0.712tons carbon footprint per employee


5.52% consumption reduction in 2018

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It's our commitment to minimize negative environmental impacts by acting in a sustainable manner



p y

to ensure future generations have the ability to meet their own needs. Paper consumption

Water consumption

In 2018, our total measured carbon



emissions were 160,319 tons, with a

decrease in 2018

decrease in 2018

carbon footprint per employee (CFE) of 0.712 tons.

Interactions can move the world. Each one of them can open opportunities to improve, rebuild, and renew trust.

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2018 Highlights and CSR Report

Verego SRS Certification

Read here the 2018 Highlights and CSR Report

Strong results across five key areas evaluated are the highest in the industry.

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Integrity and Commitment: The UN Global Compact Companies and corporations all over the world continuously work on their strategies, goals, and processes, with the well-being and safety of their employees and clients in mind.

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social responsibility Teleperformance  

At Teleperformance D.I.B.S. social responsibility is a part of our DNA. Our employees, supported by management, take part in volunteer activ...

social responsibility Teleperformance  

At Teleperformance D.I.B.S. social responsibility is a part of our DNA. Our employees, supported by management, take part in volunteer activ...