Telemarketing is a tool that many companies use to improve their business. Telemarketing is not just about cold calling or sending mass emails to businesses; it is much more than this. Telemarketing is a unique way of marketing your product, service or company through personal contact with potential clients or customers. Telemarketing is a crucial aspect of any successful business and you will need to train yourself in order to be able to market effectively using personal contacts. There are many training courses available online and offline for you to gain a Telemarketing Certification which is recognised by the majority of businesses. Telemarketing can be used to promote new products or services and can also be used to enhance current offerings. With a proper understanding of how telemarketing works you will be able to develop new business by using proven strategies. Telemarketing can be used to improve existing sales, generate new business and even cater for emergency situations. Telemarketing can bring b