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How to Become a Telehealth Nurse?

What Is Telehealth Nursing? Telehealth nursing is a service provided to a client or patient, assessing their needs by phone and determining if emergency care is needed. After interviewing and assessing the condition of the patient, Telehealth nurse determines the appropriate intervention including counseling the patient to administer self-care at home, advising the patient to go immediately to an urgent care or emergency room setting, or following a protocol that advises a client to perform a specific treatment.

A telehealth nurse needs to be knowledgeable and competent in nursing skills to be able to perform an over the phone assessment, evaluation, referral, or give advice to patients and/or family members. Is It a Work at Home Job? The answer may be either yes or no; some jobs do allow you to work from home while other jobs have you working from a certain call center area. You can work from home after a training period. You can also work home while being employed by someone else that offers benefits, health insurance and pays your taxes for you. But it doesn’t mean that you can work from your

bedroom or kitchen. Strict HIPPA laws apply here that insist that you must work in a separate room with a door that closes with no distractions such as kids or dogs barking.

Can You Become Certified In Telehealth Nursing?

Not anymore because accreditation for Telehealth stopped in 2007. Though nurses who were accredited then will still be considered certified but when it comes time for re certification they will be certified as an Ambulatory Care Nurse because Telehealth is recognized as a sub specialty under Ambulatory Care and AAACN (American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing) will be the industry leader in Telehealth Nursing practice. If you are interested in developing a career in Telehealth, learn all you can about ambulatory care which include education in triage, patient education, pain management and case management. You may also learn Hospital Television by visiting

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How to Become a Telehealth Nurse?