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Greenland I – IV

These four folders contain four stamps each, as well as descriptions of the featured ships; with the complete set you will receive the 16 ship stamps, issued by POST Greenland from 2002 to 2005. Learn about the history and development of Greenlandic navigation from the period of sailing ships to modern cargo and passenger navigation! Navigation I 01303010 DKK 28.00 Navigation II 01303014 DKK 49.25 Navigation III 01303020 DKK 51.00 Navigation IV 01303023 DKK 52.75

Arctic Vikings More than a thousand years ago the first Vikings came to Greenland in the wake of Eric the Red from Iceland. The Vikings settled in Southern and SouthWestern Greenland, where they engaged in agriculture and fishing. Soon they began to sail even further west, where they discovered America 500 years before Columbus. This folder throws light on an epoch of the history of Greenland which was long forgotten and which is still mysterious. The folder contains the 12 stamps and 3 souvenir sheets issued between 1999 and 2001 Item No. 01303008 DKK 146.50

Edible Plants and Fungi in Greenland Four souvenir folders with stamps featuring edible Greenlandic plants and fungi. With descriptions and pictures as well as very tasty recipes for the respective plants and fungi. Bon appetit! Edible Plants I 01303019 DKK 55.00 Edible Fungi I 01303021 DKK 36.50 Edible Plants II 01303026 DKK 31.00 Edible Fungi II 01303028 DKK 45.00

PHOTO: Keith Stanley.

A World Exhibition on a LARGE Scale:

“Washington 2006” The World Exhibition in Washington D.C. is under way. Take

part in POST G reen land ’ s competition at “Washington 2006” – and win an East Greenlandic ice bucket. For several years the promoters of the Washington Philatelic Exhibition, Inc. have extensively advertised this philatelic international event. There is no mistaking the ambition. Under the slogan “Stamps – and so much more” the promoters quite simply aim to make “Washington 2006” the best World Exhibition of Philately ever! Plain speaking, one can certainly say. With the strong backing of the American Philatelic Society, American Stamp Dealers Association, and not least FIP (Féderation Internationale de Philatélie), they are sure to succeed in mounting a highly interesting exhibition. On 27th May, the Washington Convention Center – in the heart of D.C. - will open its doors to the World Exhibition running until 3rd June.

In a 500,000 square foot area, the participation of Post Offices from a variety of countries worldwide as well as countless dealers and other traders are expected. Apart from philatelic competitions and exhibitions of rarities, there will be a literary competition. Apart from this, the themes of “Washington 2006” will be: • The role of the Post Office in uniting the nation • Children – they are our future • Conveyance of mail in the 21st century POST Greenland will be represented at a joint stand with the other six Nordic Post Offices. Here POST Greenland will benefit from the many good experiences gained by the Greenlandic Home Rule during last year’s successful cultural campaign during “Festival of Greenland” at the Museum of National History, also in Washington D.C. On this occasion many visitors had a really good opportunity to become better acquainted with Greenland and our culture.

World Philatelic Exhibition 27. maj - 3. juni 2006

POST Greenland looks forward to welcoming even more visitors at our stand at “Washington 2006”. There will be lots of good offers for both new and old customers. All visitors taking out a subscription or increasing their existing subscription to POST Greenland’s year packs will automatically take part in the draw for the beautiful East Greenlandic ice bucket, shown on the picture. This draw will take place on the last day of the exhibition at closing time. In addition, there will be a draw for 20 “consolation prizes” in the form of beautiful year packs from POST Greenland. The winners of the ice bucket and the other prizes will be published on and in the next issue of Greenland Collector, October 2006. See you there! Read more on

Chinese award for POST Greenland POST Greenland has won a new award. Yet again it was our very popular EUROPA stamp from 2004 which won glory. This time the distinction came all the way from China where, at the end of 2005, the “Organizing Committee of the Annual Poll of the Best Foreign Stamps” held their fourth annual evaluation of foreign stamps in Beijing. POST Greenland’s EUROPA stamp of 2004 received a particularly high distinction in the category “Best Participant”.

POST Greenland is very proud of Greenland stamps achieving such high esteem in China.

Musk Wool – Soft and Exquisite Text: TELE-POST (Source: · Photos: TELE-POST

”Musk wool is one of the finest materials for knitwear and many other things. Someone walking in the rain wearing a cardigan of musk wool will not get wet.” – Jensigne Kreutzmann from Maniitsoq says. Last year the good characteristics of musk wool were described in the magazine “Dansk Husflid” (Danish Arts and Crafts). The background for the article was a test of the water-repellent characteristics of musk wool. The journalist who wrote the article had made a knitted cap and cardigan of musk wool and was very enthusiastic about the result. Jensigne became interested in the wool in 1995, when she took part in a course in the treatment of musk wool. In 1996 she and her husband went to Kangerlussuaq, where they collected musk wool. They bought five musk ox hides, but they soon needed more.

Buy Greenlandic


Keep Warm

”The most important purpose of treating musk wool is to use the resources of our land better. That is why we started work with the wool,” Jensigne says. Approximately 800 musk oxen are caught a year and the major part of the hides are just thrown out as waste. The couple

therefore took a welcome initiative when they started work with the wool. At first they tested their ground by making different products with the wool. “Musk wool is a perfect product for Greenlandic conditions. It keeps out the cold for a long time and is incredibly well suited to our climate,” Jensigne says. As part of the development of a better and more isolating sleeping bag, the couple took part in an experiment arranged by the Arctic Centre. Their suggestion was a sleeping bag lined with musk wool. The couple achieved an impressive 2nd place for their innovative idea.

Great Interest



After some years, the couple began arranging courses in the treatment of musk wool. Today courses are held in Kangerlussuaq and are organised in collaboration with the Cultural Representative of The Greenlandic Home Rule Government, Thue Christiansen. The enterprising couple have also, with success, held courses in the

settlements of Maniitsoq Municipality: Napasoq, Atammik and Kangaamiut. The courses were of one week’s duration. Apart from these, courses have also been held for people from the coast, not least for the sheep farmers in Southern Greenland. There is great interest in the courses and participants come from all over the coast.

MIJO Qiviut In 2002 Jensigne and Ole took the plunge and became independent starting the company MIJO Qiviut. MIJO stands for Maniitsoq, Ivik, Jensigne and Ole. Qiviut means wool. “In 2003 we also contributed to making work-promoting measures for the unemployed in the municipality of Maniitsoq, when we bought a total of 135 hides and employed 8 people,” Jensigne says. They have now established co-operation with a company in Denmark with the right equipment for treating musk wool. In order to make the wool stronger, the company adds 10% sheep wool, after which the musk wool is returned to MIJO in Maniitsoq, ready for knitting. Today MIJO Qiviut permanently employs 3 knitters.

The treatment of hides is in itself a lot of work. First the wool is handpicked from the hides and then it has to be hung up to dry. After drying, the longest wool is sorted out to be spun into yarn. The last time, MIJO sent wool to the company in Denmark, the outcome was 13 kilos from 30 musk oxen. Pictured here is Ole Kreutzmann.

Extra: Artistic postcard and envelope by Julie Edel Hardenberg The artist Julie Edel Hardenberg is a creative soul. Many of our readers will know her as the designer of our popular jubilee stamp “50th Anniversary of Norden Stamps” (G364), which was issued on 16th January. But, apart from the design of this jubilee stamp with a value of DKK 19.50, Julie has also designed a very beautiful postcard and a complementary envelope. POST Greenland is now issuing the envelope and the postcard which were Julie Edel Hardenberg’s original ideas for the FDC and maxicard in connection with the stamp “50th Anniversary of Norden Stamps” (G364). The envelope and postcard are available with or without Julie’s Norden jubilee stamp – in a limited edition of one thousand copies each. May be ordered via our order form 50 aar Norden



Side 1

FDC 2006

Artistic Postcard “Norden Stamps – 50th Anniversary” 01520850 DKK 6.00

Artistic Envelope “Norden Stamps – 50th Anniversary” 01520851 DKK 6.00

Collector’s Maxicard “Norden Stamps – 50th Anniversary” (datestamped) 01520860

Collector’s Envelope “Norden Stamps – 50th Anniversary” (datestamped) 01520861


On 22nd May 2006 POST Greenland is issuing the last three stamps in the series “Edible Fungi in Greenland” featuring the fungi: The Gypsy, Saffron Milk Cap and Arctic Puffball. Below is a description of the individual species by Fungi Expert Lindhardt Larsen. The Gypsy (Rozites caperatus) (Qaarajuartoq) Cap: 4 to 15 cm in diameter, dome-shaped to flat, dry, especially young fungi have a farinaceous, whitish covering, particularly towards the centre; otherwise smooth, light (yellowish) brown to brown ochre. Gills: Emarginated, rather dense with serrated edges, pale at first, later brown from spore dust. Stem: 5 to 20 cm tall and 1 to 3 cm thick, cylindrical, dry. Young fungi have a whitish, farinaceous covering like the cap. Otherwise the stem is smooth with a lighter ground colour than the cap and has a thick skin-like, plain ring, which is often loose. Flesh: Pale brown, with a pleasant smell and a mild taste. Distribution: Found on rich moors around dwarf birch, rare in birch scrub, usually found in clusters. Quite common near the fiords of Southern Greenland as far north as Nuuk. Use: An excellent edible fungus when cooked. Suitable for cold storage,

01107365 Mini Sheet Edible Fungi II/1 – The Gypsy DKK 44.00 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 STAMP PAPER PVA

but even better after drying. The gypsy can be mistaken for some inedible cortinarius, but these have a glutinous cap and stem and lack the skin-like ring, the serrated gills and the whitish, farinaceous covering.

Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius dryadophilus) (Immulik) Cap: 4 to 10 cm in diameter, low dome-shaped with curved-in, heavily tomentose edges, greasy when moist and with stuck-on plant remains, cream-coloured. Older fungi are light ochre yellow. Gills: Affixed, dense, yellowish white. Whitish milk juice. Spore dust whitish as in other Arctic milk caps. Stem: 2 to 5 cm tall and 1 to 2 cm thick, greasy, has (approximately) the same colour as the cap. Flesh: Thick and very firm, whitish, slowly turns reddish purple on breaking, luscious-aromatic smell, stronger when cooked, mild taste. Distribution: Very common, particularly on dry, gravelly ground on moors,

01107366 Mini Sheet Edible Fungi II/2 – Saffron Milk Cap DKK 56.00 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 STAMP PAPER PVA

01100365 Edible Fungi in Greenland II/1 – The Gypsy (Rozites caperatus) DKK 5.50

01303028 Souvenir Folder Edible Fungi in Greenland II DKK 45.00 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Contains two each of the three stamps in the series

01100366 Edible Fungi in Greenland II/2 – Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius dryadophilus) DKK 7.00

around willow or mountain avens. Widely distributed in most of Greenland. Use: Excellent edible fungus, especially when fried. Magnificent milk cap (L. repraesentaneous) has a cap with coarse scales, young specimens are ochre yellow with coarser tomentose-bearded edges. It is also edible, but of no particular value. Saffron milk cap is suited for cold storage, but hardly for drying, which makes it somewhat tough.

  01100367 Edible Fungi in Greenland II/3 – Arctic Puffball (Calvatia cretacea) DKK 10.00

Arctic Puffball (Calvatia cretacea) (Pujualak) Fruit body: 5 to 12 cm in diameter, from almost globular to flattened. Outside layer: For a long time white, covered by coarse, angular warts, decreasing in size towards the broad, foveolate base. On maturity the outside layer peels off and a smooth, silky grey, papery inside layer remains like a bowl. Flesh: At first firm and white, with a faint smell and a mild taste, later soft and olive green. On maturity the flesh is transformed to a tomentose, powdery, chocolate brown spore substance; the spores are spread by the wind. Distribution: Quite common, especially in the northernmost parts of Greenland, on moors and fell-fields, on calcareous, open and sunny ground, often around mountain avens. Use: There are several similar species, all edible when young and still white inside. They can probably be eaten raw, but should be cooked. Suitable for cold storage. Ever since antiquity, puffballs have been used for stopping haemorrhages by placing freshly sliced puffballs against the wound.


General Information: Issue date: 22.05.2006 40 stamps per sheet Format: G horizontal Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 STAMP PAPER PVA Artist: Nina Spore Kreutzmann Typography: Per Ingemann Outside measurements: 39.52 mm x 28.84 mm 01301214 Edible Fungi in Greenland II Stamp Booklet No. 14 DKK 75.00 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Printing Method: Offset Paper: Avery 96/S2000/Kr130 Contains self-adhesive stamps

Alfred Wegener

(1880-1930) in Greenland TEXT: Jörn Thiede, Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research) (AWI) · PHOTOS: AWI


On 1 November 1930 the famous German researcher of the Greenlandic ice cap and author of the theory of ‘continental shift’, Alfred Wegener, celebrated his 50th birthday on the station “Eismitte” (Middle Ice). A few days later he was involved in a fatal accident together with his Greenlandic companion Rasmus Villumsen during their return march to the West coast. Based on the experiences of a pre-expedition in 1929, plans were made to operate meteorological stations throughout all seasons in order to completely measure and register the changing seasonal weather conditions for the first time. The stations were located on the West coast (at Ummannaq) and the East coast (in the Scoresbysund estuary) as well as on the vertex of the Greenlandic ice cap at an altitude of about 3,000 metres, and operated under the most difficult working conditions. Despite Alfred Wegener’s tragic death, the expedition was concluded successfully in 1931 with an abundance of scientific findings. As a young man Alfred Wegener was a member of the Danmark Expedition (1906-1908) led by Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen and assisted in the exploration of North East Greenland, where he had to witness the tragic death of three participants. In 1912/1913, after spending the winter at the station “Borg” on the East coast, he crossed the Greenlandic ice-shield at its widest extension on an expedition led by Johan Peter Koch during which he got into

life-threatening situations on several occasions. This expedition inspired him to undertake his two final Greenlandic expeditions in 1929-1931, which could only be concluded successfully due to the generous help of many Greenlanders and Danish officials. The memory of these expeditions is still kept alive today by a commemorative plaque and an exhibition in the museum of Ummannaq. Under the title “The Origin of Continents and Oceans” Alfred Wegener published the scientific basis for his theory of ‘continental shift’. The book was published in 1915-1929 in four editions written by himself and made him world-famous. Although Alfred Wegener was unable to find scientific evidence in support of all his theories, this is due to the times in which he lived, rather than a lack of scientific proof. Consequently, he almost had neither data nor samples of the sub soil of the oceans, nor the necessary geo-physical data on the characteristics and the dynamics of the deeper layers of the Earth’s core. Therefore, during his lifetime, he could not overcome the resistance of his scientific opponents, yet his hypothesis has experienced a remarkable renaissance in the past decades due to the results of improved plate tectonics. Alfred Wegener achieved world fame through his expeditions to Greenland and his scientific books and thereby made a significant contribution to our understanding of the functioning of the Earth.

01106371 Souvenir Sheet Expeditions in Greenland IV – Alfred Wegener DKK 20.75 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Paper: TR4

Quote by Alfred Wegener: "I searched for diamonds and found a pearl”

Special Cancellation and Joint mobile Post Office at the A lfred W egener I n stitute - in C ollaboration with D eutsche P ost On 22nd May both a German and a Greenlandic special cancellation will be introduced. This will happen at a special event at a German – Greenlandic mobile post office at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Northern Germany. This will take place at a ceremony to celebrate the issue of our commemorative stamp G371 and our souvenir sheet 01106371 featuring the German Arctic explorer Alfred Wegener. On this occasion, Deutsche Post and POST Greenland will each present and use a special cancellation, which will be in use on this one day only.

The event will take place from 11 am to 5 pm, the first hour being scheduled for welcomes, lectures, speeches as well as the presentation of the stamp, the complementary souvenir sheet, the special cancellations and the above-mentioned complementary products of the issue. From noon, it will then be possible to buy the new issue – and get all the various stamp products signed by the artist, of course. The sale and the signing by Martin Mörck will take place in a special joint “post office”, set up for the occasion, as a co-operation between Deutsche Post and POST Greenland. The address of the event will be: Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Foyer E, Am Handelshafen 12, 27570 Bremerhaven GERMANY. Both Deutsche Post and POST Greenland hope that a lot of collectors and visitors will come to the Alfred Wegener Institute on this special issue date. Envelopes to be cancelled with this special Greenlandic cancellation are to be sent to POST Greenland, Filatelia, and must be received by us no later than Friday 19th May 2006.

 01100371 Expeditions in Greenland IV – Alfred Wegener DKK 20.75 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 40 stamps per sheet Format: G-horizontal Printing method: Steel Engraving Paper: TR4 Engraving: Martin Mörck Typography: Per Ingemann Outer measures: 39.52 mm x 28.84 mm 01303029 Souvenir Folder Expeditions in Greenland IV – Alfred Wegener DKK 20.75 Issue Date: 22.05.2006 Includes one mint souvenir sheet by POST Greenland

PHOTO: Alfred-WegenerInstitut/Reinhard Görner

The host of the event at the Alfred Wegener Institute will be Director Professor Dr Jörn Thiede, while Deutsche Post will be represented by the Co-ordinator of “Erlebnis Briefmarken, Nord” (Experience Stamps, North) Dieter Stephan. Philatelic Manager Søren Rose will represent POST Greenland. The designer of the stamp and the souvenir sheet – the Norwegian, Martin Mörck – will also be present to sign stamps, souvenir

sheets, souvenir folders, first day covers and maxicards.


Sheep Farming in Greenland over 100 Years 10

BY Kaj Egede, President of The Agricultural Council of Greenland · PHOTO: John Rasmussen

“When the Directorate contacted me about taking over the sheep farming experiments in Greenland, so that the herewith connected expenses were to be covered by the Greenlandic Common Fund, at first I did not want to accept as I was not a professional. But, when my superiors, whom I consulted, advised me to accept the honorary office, I agreed. …When the Directorate sent me the first flock for sheep farming experiments, it wrote on 7th September 1906 that two rams and ten lambs had been despatched. But one lamp died during the journey. …Thus only nine lambs arrived at Frederiksdal on 17th October 1906” This was written by the Rev. Jens Chemnitz, who was in charge of the first official sheep farming experiment in Greenland. The quotes are from the year-book of the Greenlandic Society of 1919. The experiment succeeded beyond all expectations and resulted in an actual sheep farming and educational centre being established

for future sheep farmers in Qaqortoq in 1915. Approximately 175 Icelandic sheep were imported to this centre. The precondition of sheep farming is the very nourishing summer vegetation, consisting of a variety of grasses, herbs and scrub, of the Alpine landscape of Southern Greenland. The Alpine landscape causes vegetation to be at its peak most of the summer; to begin with in the extensive valleys and later in the mountains. The accessibility of the very lush vegetation results in a high growth rate of lambs. On the down side, the industry is hampered by the long winters, resulting in a long period of winter feeding. In the beginning, sheep farming was a supplement to sealing; but by 1924 a farm based on sheep farming was established in the settlement of Qassiarsuk. Since then the industry has progressed steadily. Initially, sheep farming was conducted extensively, the sheep were outside most of the year and a very limited amount of winter fodder was harvested. This method of extensive farming meant that the sheep population

01100372 100 Years of Sheep Farming in Greenland DKK 7.50 Issue date: 22.05.2006 50 stamps per sheet Format: C horizontal Printing Method: Offset Paper: Sopal Stamp Paper pva Artist: Naja Abelsen Outside measurements: 40.40 mm x 23.60 mm was severely reduced several times as a result of hard winters. During the last 30 years sheep farming has been intensified. Stocks are fewer – but much larger: 400 ewes on average. They are kept with the sole object of achieving a high production. A hundred years ago nothing was grown for the production of winter fodder. Today 920 hectares of fields are used for producing winter fodder and the sheep are kept stalled for about five months. Many competent women and men, Danish as well as Greenlandic, have contributed to this – a hundred years ago completely unknown – industry developing into becoming an important factor in the way of life and culture in Southern Greenland.

CHRISTMAS SEAL - PLEASE NOTE Since 2005, SCHULTZ A/S in Denmark has been responsible for all distributions and sales of the Greenland Christmas Seal on behalf of Juullip Nipitittagaa (The Greenland Christmas Seal Committee). All enquiries regarding subscriptions to or orders for the Greenland Christmas Seal should be addressed to: SCHULTZ A/S Ursula Benali Tel.: (+45) 4322 7275 Fax: (+45) 4363 1969 E-Mail:


you know that ...

POST Greenland’s stamp G360 (DKK 26.50), issued on 16th January 2006, must not to be mistaken for a stamp in the EUROPA series? This year, POST Greenland has chosen, just like Iceland Post, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the issue of the first CEPT stamps of a common European design.

We have every reason to thank these men and women.

PHOTO: Rolf Müller

In Greenland Collector No. 3, October 2006, you can read about : • The Next Three Stamps in the Science Series • The Christmas Stamps • The Year Pack 2006 • Introduction of “Frimærker i Forum ‘06” • Sales Figures from our Final Sale on 31st March 2006 • 2006 Subscribers Draw • Participate in the Stamp Poll for the Greenland Stamp of the Year 2006 • Final Sale on 30th November • And much more


2005 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results By Holger Amelung, Head of Sales

TEXT: Søren Rose, Philatelic Manager · PHOTO: Louise Dyring Nielsen

For over 50 years “Save the Children” has operated in Greenland and been responsible for initiatives supporting children and juveniles, such as drop-in centres and other worthy projects. In Nuuk and Qaanaaq there are local departments of “Save the Children”, which play a very active part in the support of children and juveniles in the local area. The efforts of “Save the Children Denmark” and the local departments of “Save the Children” in Greenland often receive a positive mention in Greenlandic media. “Save the Children” has been one of the most popular additional value themes of stamps in Greenland. POST Greenland was therefore delighted to be able to present DKK 200,000 to “Save the Children”. This sum is the total additional value deriving from the sale of the additional value stamps 2005. On 6th March, General Secretary of “Save the Children”, Denmark, Mimi Jakobsen was presented with the cheque by General Manager Per Svendsen, pictured on the left, and Philatelic Manager Søren Rose. The designer of the additional value stamp is the very talented Greenlandic all-round artist Miki Jacobsen. Apart from designing small works of art for stamps, his artistic work ranges from paintings to interesting masks in a variety of materials. We know that “Save the Children” intends to build on their many good experiences and successes of previous charity projects for the benefit of children and juveniles in Greenland. POST Greenland congratulates “Save the Children” on the fine sum of money – and for the future wishes the organisation all the best with its great charity work in Greenland. Read more about “Save the Children” on

Customer Satisfaction Survey Filatelia 2005 80



60 in percentages


POST Greenland Donated DKK 200,000 to “Save the Children”

In Greenland Collector No. 3, September 2005 we encouraged our customers to take part in a customer satisfaction survey by completing a questionnaire. The questions could also be answered on Filatelia’s website: In the questionnaire the participants were to give marks for their degree of customer satisfaction in the following categories: a) stamps, b) customer service, c) Greenland Collector, d) the overall quality of POST Greenland and Filatelia. In addition, several customers chose to write a short positive or negative comment, as well as suggestions and ideas for improvements. All replies have been counted and analysed. The result is extremely positive: Nearly 95% of the participants replied that they were either very satisfied or satisfied with stamps, customer service, Greenland Collector and the overall quality of Filatelia. Many have also praised us for franking all our letters and packages with stamps and many participants in the survey praised Greenland Collector for being an extremely interesting philatelic publication with topical articles and a varied selection of themes. Below you will find a graph illustrating the results for individual categories.

Customer Service



Greenland Collector


Overall Quality




Very satisfied


Neither satisfied or dissatisfied


Very dissatisfied

To Filatelia, the very positive response is a great motivating factor and we shall continue to work at offering our customers an even better service, issuing an interesting collectors’ magazine and ensuring a high design quality level for our stamps, to make collecting POST Greenland stamps even more attractive. We would like to thank all participants who took time to respond to the survey. We have made a draw amongst the participants for 50 philatelic gifts, which have already been sent direct to the winners.

2005 2005 2005 2005

Collector from the USA Wins 2005 Grand Prize in Draw for Subscribers From our thousands of subscribers worldwide, Michael Ball and his wife Cecilia from Arizona, USA, were drawn as the lucky winners of the grand prize of POST Greenland, Filatelia's 2005 draw: a genuine handcrafted East Greenlandic ice bucket. When notified by e-mail, Michael could hardly believe it. Excited about the prize, he replied that he was “a complete nut about Greenland and the Arctic”. Later, on the phone, Michael told me that he has a complete Greenland stamp collection, including all PARCEL POST stamps. He started collecting Greenland stamps in 1980 and has bought some of his stamps from dealers and others at auctions. It was only in 2003 that he became a subscriber with Filatelia. Michael says, "Receiving the stamps at face value with convenient payment by credit card makes it easy and fun to keep one's collection up-to-date." His subscription also includes a few copies for his small collector's shop of stamps, coins and other collector’s items from Arctic countries. He runs the shop as a part-time business together with

his wife, who shares his passion for Greenland. Unfortunately, so far, they have never had the chance to travel to Greenland themselves. "Visiting Greenland is one of our major goals for the coming years", Michael says. At their home, Michael and Cecilia have a library with plenty of books about the Arctic and in their hall visitors are greeted by a 13-feet tall stuffed polar bear. No doubt the ice bucket will be a welcome addition and fit perfectly into this setting. Congratulations to Michael and Cecilia from all the staff at Filatelia. The following 10 subscribers received a consolation prize: the book “Stamps Tell the Story of Greenland” and a badge featuring a dogsled and POST Greenland’s Logo: Also in 2006, POST Greenland will have a subscribers draw. If you are not already a subscriber and would like to take part in the draw for a beautiful prize, then take out a subscription with POST Greenland, Filatelia, now.





Final Sale

on 30th November 2005 we can now publish the following sales figures:


Item No. 01100293 01100294 01100295 01100296 01100311 01100313 01100314 01100315 01100316 01100329 01100331 01100335 01100336 01106251 01106259 01106273 01106299 01106308 01301109

Title ”Nordlyset” ”Hvidbjørnen” ”Stærkodder” ”Haabet” Comb ”Emma” ”Gamle Fox” ”Godthaab” ”Sonja” Additional Value Stamp ”FGB” ”Constance” Christmas Stamp 1/04 Christmas Stamp 2/04 Souvenir Sheet – Vikings I Souvenir Sheet – Vikings II Souvenir Sheet – Vikings III Souvenir Sheet ”ICES 100 Years” Souvenir Sheet ”Santa Claus” Christmas Stamp Booklet No. 9

DKK 2.00 4.00 6.00 16.00 0.25 6.75 7.75 8.75 26.00 5.00 + 0.50 6.50 5.00 5.50 23.00 29.75 20.50 26.00 22.00 63.00

News from POST Greenland On Monday 16th January 2006 POST Greenland started using a ‘roller’ cancellation at the Post Office of 3910 Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord). As this information failed to meet our deadline for Greenland Collector, No. 1, January 2006, it is still possible to have envelopes datestamped with this first day cancellation. Envelopes must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than Friday 26th May 2006.

Exhibition Cancellations From 16th to 31st December 2005 POST Greenland was represented at the exhibition PHILEXPOLE 2005 in Paris. Also this information failed to meet our deadline for Greenland Collector, No. 1, January 2006. It is, therefore, still possible to have envelopes cancelled with this special cancellation. Envelopes must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than Friday 26th May 2006. Up until the end of September 2006, POST Greenland will participate in the following stamp exhibitions: • “Birdpex og Motiv 06”, Nørresundby, Danmark, 29th – 30th April. • “16. Internationale Briefmarkenmesse”, Essen, 4th – 6th May. • “Washington 2006”, Washington D.C., 27th May – 3rd June. • “Rotary Int’l. Convention 2006”, Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Danmark, 11th – 14th June. • ”National Frimærkeudstilling”, Hornslet, Denmark, 23rd – 24th September.

Issue Date 24.06.2002 24.06.2002 24.06.2002 24.06.2002 16.06.2003 20.10.2003 20.10.2003 20.10.2003 20.10.2003 14.05.2004 18.10.2004 18.10.2004 18.10.2004 13.08.1999 21.02.2000 05.02.2001 21.10.2002 20.10.2003 18.10.2004

Sales 253,299 280,069 285,478 172,744 361,352 201,123 139,878 230,745 126,391 128,195 103,345 146,863 137,739 97,245 99,585 97,700 89,878 58,372 26,125 ESSEN



cachet d'exposition Kalaallit Nunaat Grønland

4.-6. MAJ 2006

Special Greenland cancellations will be produced for all these exhibitions. Envelopes to be cancelled with these special cancellations must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than the day before the opening of the respective exhibitions. Apart from the above listed exhibitions, POST Greenland will also participate in the following exhibitions up to the end of September: “Frimynt 2006”, Helsingborg, Sweden, 22nd – 23rd April; “Svedala”, Svedala, 16.-31.12. 2005 cachet d'exposition Sweden, 9th September; “Hørsholm Frimærkeklub 40 år”, Hørsholm, Kalaallit Nunaat Denmark, 10th September. Grønland PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO special cancellations for these exhibitions.

25th Anniversary of the National Society Handicapped and Disabled People


On Friday 7th July 2006 Kalaallit Nunaanni Innarluutillit Piginnaanikitsully Katuffiat (The National Society for Handicapped and Disabled People in Greenland) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. POST Greenland will commemorate the jubilee with a special cancellation. Envelopes to be cancelled with this special cancellation must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than the day before the jubilee.



Please send your orders / amendments to: POST Greenland, Filatelia P.O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND, Phone: (+45) 7026 0550 and (+299) 98 11 55 Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 Email: Any change in name, address and/or subscription must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than 5 weeks prior to an issue. NOTE: On payment - please, make sure you always state your name and your customer number. Please do not write your order on a giro transfer form as these are processed by computers.

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How to pay: Your payments can be made by giro to one of the accounts mentioned below, by credit card, by international reply coupons or by cash in Danish Kroner, Euro or US Dollars only. It is no longer possible to pay by cheque. Giro: Denmark: BG Bank A/S, Girostrøget 1, 0800 Høje Taastrup, Account No.: 1199-940 4120. IBAN: DK98 30000009404120, BIC (SWIFT code): DABADKKK Sweden: Postgirot Bank AB (publ), Vasagatan 7, 105 06 Stockholm. Account No.: 41 45-9. IBAN: SE9795000099602600041459, BIC (SWIFT code): NDEASESS

4040 Basel. Account No.: 40-6773-5. IBAN: CH37 0900 0000 4000 6773 5, BIC (SWIFT code): POFiCHBE Germany: Postbank, Niederlassung Hamburg, Überseering 26, 22297 Hamburg. Account No.: 541414200, BLZ 200 100 20. IBAN: DE03 2001 0020 0541 414200, BIC (SWIFT code): PBNKDEFF United Kingdom: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank plc., Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside, Liverpool GIR 0AA. Account No.: 358 7118. IBAN: GB69GIRB72000003587118 Luxembourg: Postes et Telecommunications, Division des Postes, Service des Cheques Postaux, Secretariat, 38 Place de la Gare, 1090 Luxembourg. Account No.: 26606-28. IBAN: LU18 1111 0266 0628 0000, BIC (SWIFT code): CCPLLULL France: La Poste, Centre Régional des Services Financiers, de la Poste en ile-de-France, 16 rue de Favorites, 75900 Paris. Account No.: 250.01 F020. IBAN: FR51 3004 1000 0100 2500 1 F02 022, BIC (SWIFT code): PSSTFRPPPAR If you are not resident in Denmark and use our account 1199-940 4120, you will be charged a handling fee for each transaction by Euro Giro.

Cash: - DKK, Euro or US Dollars only - to be sent by registered mail

Finland: SAMPO BANK, UNIONINKATU 22, 00075, SAMPO. Account No.: 800016-70617928. IBAN: Fi2580001670617928, BIC (SWIFT code): PSPBFiHH

Postal order IRC (IBRS) - International reply coupons: - value DKK 7.50 each.

Switzerland: Postscheckamt, Office de cheques postaux, Ufficio dei conti correnti postali,

Fees for registered letters and parcels despatched from Greenland The fee for registered letters within Greenland or to Europe (including Denmark and the Faroes) is DKK 45.00. E.g.: Postage for a registered letter stamped with DKK 7.00 (max. 20 g) comes to a total of DKK 52.00. For surcharge on mail to overseas countries, see: Payment within 30 days Payment of our invoices is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Please, note that the registration of your payments will take approximately two weeks or more. Therefore, you may receive an invoice with a balance which does not include your recent payments.


Exchange of Stamps POST Greenland, Filatelia, exchanges only old stamps (stamps no longer on our sales list) into new stamps (stamps on our sales list) at the customer’s choice. No more than 3 exchanges free of charge at maximum DKK 100.00 each, per customer per year. When exceeding a total of 3 x DKK 100.00, POST Greenland, Filatelia, will charge a fee of 45% of the nominal value. The fee of 45% must always be paid in cash and is not payable by other stamps. The maximum annual value of stamps for exchange per customer must not exceed DKK 50,000 in nominal value. For further information, please contact POST Greenland, Filatelia.

Credit cards: Dankort, Eurocard/MasterCard, JCB, VISA

Norway: Postbanken, Kunderegister Bedrift, 0021 Oslo. Account No.: 7878.06.55312. IBAN: NO44 78780655312, BIC (SWIFT code): DNBANOKK

The Netherlands: Postbank NV, Account No.: 3487172. IBAN: NL92 PSTB 0003 4871 72, BIC (SWIFT code): PSTBNL21

despatched. The date of the postmark, or possibly the invoice, indicates the date of despatch.

One-year deadline for claims Any claims concerning stamps or philatelic items purchased from POST Greenland must reach POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than one year from the last day of the month in which the items were

All information on prices, fees etc. is subject to printer’s errors.

Publisher: POST Greenland · Editors: Søren Rose, Chief Editor; Pertti Frandsen, Lene Skov Meyhoff, Holger Amelung, Silvia Dix · Layout and print: Datagraf · ISSN: 1397-8632 · Cover photo: Olivier Gilg

We are the people you reach whenever you write, fax, email, or telephone POST Greenland, Filatelia. We look forward to offering our continued assistance with your philatelic enquiries.

Silvia Dix Ilka Daniela Sales Assistant Gerken German, English, Sales Assistant Danish. German, English, Danish.

Lene Skov Meyhoff Correspondent Danish, German, English.

Helene Tukula Elev Trainee Danish, English

Kristian »Karé«  Pivat Assistant Clerk Greenlandic, Danish

Moses Utuange Senior Clerk Greenlandic, Danish

Holger Amelung Head of Sales German, Danish, English.

Pertti Frandsen Head of Production Danish, English, German

Books about Greenland – highly interesting and educational! Greenland stamps tell little stories about Greenland. They show small details of the unique culture and nature of this giant land. In connection with selected stamps, POST Greenland has issued a series of interesting books. Read more about the books on this page and order for yourself or as a gift for someone you are fond of. For further information and to order online, see 100th Anniversary of PARCEL POST stamps in Greenland A new exclusive book issued in 2005 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of PARCEL POST stamps. The book contains the first of three stamps in the series “100th Anniversary of PARCEL POST Stamps” with space to insert the two subsequent stamps in the series. The author, Flemming Petersen, describes the interesting history of the PARCEL POST stamps in connection with the birth and development of modern Greenland at the beginning of the 20th century. The book contains many beautiful illustrations and is tri-lingual: Danish, English, German Item no.: 01303024 DKK 400.00 (incl. postage and the first jubilee stamp G357, value DKK 50.00).

SHIPS IN GREENLANDIC WATERS OVER 1000 YEARS This book in two volumes tells the proud history of navigation in Greenland. With great insight Ole Ventegodt describes the development of Greenlandic navigation from sailing ships to modern cargo and passenger ships throughout the centuries. Apart from many beautiful pictures, each volume contains 8 stamps featuring ships, issued by POST Greenland between 2002 and 2005. The books are available in English, Greenlandic, Danish and German. Volume I Item no. 01303015 DKK 179.00 plus postage. Volume 2 Item no. 01303022 DKK 199.00 plus postage (500 grams each, 1000 grams for both).

Special offer for new subscribers: Start your Greenland collection now and receive the book “Stamps Tell the Story of Greenland” free of charge! Take out a subscription to at least one of the following categories: A) Stamps and souvenir sheets B) Stamps and stamp booklets C) Souvenir sheets and stamp booklets D) Stamps and souvenir folders or E) Year pack. Use the order form, e-mail or telephone us! Mark your new subscription: “Stamps Tell”. You can also read about the campaign on

Postal rates for 500 / 1000 grams in DKK: Greenland 36.50 / 58.50 Europe 51.00 / 83.50 - Overseas 113.75 / 217.50

Offer! Storage box free of charge: On the purchase of both volumes you will receive a storage box for both books, free of charge (value DKK 59.00). This offer is also valid if you have previously bought one of the two volumes. Mark your order: Free storage box!

Stamps Tell the Story of Greenland Nearly a “classic”, a must in every collection about Greenland. The book has more than 150 pages filled with information about the history, culture, nature and society of Greenland. It contains many beautiful colour photographs and historic photographs in black-andwhite and shows a large selection of Greenland stamps issued in the 20th century. The book is available in Danish, English and Greenlandic. Item No.: 01520600 DKK 79.00 plus postage (1000 g).

POST Greenland · Filatelia · Tel .: (0045) 7026 0550 Fax: (00299 98 14 32) · ·


SUPSCRIPTION MAGAZINE fOR COLLECTORS Of GREENLAND STAMPS • VOL.11 • NO. 2 • APRIL 2006 A f ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? · P H O T O : ? ? ? ? ? ? ?...

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