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2008 Stamp Issue Programme Subject to changes.

I am proud to present a new, exiting stamp issue programme from POST Greenland. In 2008 the Greenlandic stamps will in many ways be dedicated to science and discovery. Furthermore, more exiting series will continue to focus on Greenland’s importance for and connection with the rest of the world. Once again, our aim is to convey the great diversity of the Greenlandic culture through the stamps. The 2008 Greenlandic stamps are issued on the dates 31st January, 27th March, 19th May and 20th October. Three of the dates – 31st January, 19th May and 20th October – are subscription deliveries. The stamps of 27th March will be sent out in subscription along with the stamps of 19th May.

31ST JANUARY Two stamps in the popular EUROPA-series are issued with motives designed by painter, photographer and writer, Julie Edel Hardenberg. The theme of this year’s EUROPA stamps is most appropriately ”Letter Writing”. Julie’s two Greenlandic EUROPA-stamps reflect very beautifully on the depth that lies in the ”old-fashion” letter writing. A part from whole sheets, the EUROPA-stamps are also issued in a minisheet and in a self adhesive booklet. The series ”Modern Greenlandic Art” continues with three new stamps. In this second part of the series, the artists Ina Rosing, Bodil ”Buuti” Pedersen and Aka Høegh shows great examples of their art – on stamps.



19T H M AY)

Along with the other seven Nordic countries, POST Greenland rounds off the series ”Norden Mythology”. In this third part, the joint stamp themes are: ”Mythical places in the landscape” and ”Mythical images in the landscape”. POST Greenland’s two stamps are created by Naja Abelsen. Apart from whole sheets, the Norden-stamps are issued in a souvenir sheet as well as in the joint Nordic souvenir folder ”Norden Mythology 3/3”. This Norden-issue will be sold by the piece from the issue date, but will not be posted with subscriptions until 19th May.

19T H M AY


The additional value stamp of 2008 is issued for the benefit of the ‘working against tuberculosis’ in Greenland. Thus POST Greenland marks the 50th anniversary of the first

Greenlandic additional value stamp, which was moreover issued for the same cause. The all-around artist Miki Jacobsen has created the motive of the additional value stamp, which is also issued in a souvenir sheet. ”Fossils in Greenland” is a new series, which marks excellent archaeological and biological findings in Greenland. The series was drawn and engraved by Norwegian Martin Mörck. The first part of the series contains three stamps.

20T H O CT OBER The fourth part of our science series is a great tribute to – and the completion of – the International Polar Year. Three jubilees are celebrated with a stamp: The 50th anniversary of the first international geophysical year, the 75th anniversary of the Arctic Station in Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) and the 125th anniversary of the Arctic Station in Nuuk. The stamps, engraved by French Yves Beaujard, are issued in whole sheets as well as in a decorative souvenir sheet. The sixth part of the expedition series, drawn and engraved by Martin Mörck, is issued in cooperation with Posten Finland. The Finn Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld’s great arctic achievements in Greenland hereby get a well-deserved posthumous tribute. Aside from wholesheets, the expeditionstamps are issued as in a souvenir sheet and in an attractive souvenir folder. The stamp year is rounded off with the traditional greenlandic Christmas stamps, this year drawn by Linda Riber Sørensen. The stamps are issued in whole sheets and in a self-adhesive booklet. Finally, the year pack nicely ends the 2008 stamp year in Greenland. I hope that collectors all over the world will welcome our new Greenlandic stamps. We are looking forward to issuing them and sharing them with you. Yours sincerely, POST Greenland Per Svendsen General Manager


International Polar Year The last IPY folders At the beginning of 2007, POST Greenland – along with 7 other arctic countries – issued a beautiful souvenir folder on the occasion of the International Polar Year (IPY). The folder contains much useful information on the IPYprojects of the individual countries, along with the souvenir sheets issued by the 8 countries. Many of our customers have already bought the folder. POST Greenland is one of the only countries that, extraordinarily, still has a small quantity of folders in stock which can, therefore, still be purchased at POST Greenland Filatelia. Item No. 01303030. Price DKK 178.00.

Parcel Post run-up… In 2005 we marked the centenary of the first parcel post stamp and issued on that occasion an attractively illustrated book. It is not only a book about the stamps as it also gives invaluable information about the history of the postal services in Greenland as well as Greenland’s position in the modern world. The parcel post book can still be yours! POST Greenland, Filatelia, still have available a small quantity of this interesting book, written by Flemming Petersen. Use this opportunity to purchase a great story about an important part of Greenlandic history. Item no. 01303024. Price DKK 400.00 (incl. 1 free 50-kroner stamp and 1 free 175-kroner souvenir sheet). 3

Greenland had

great succ inParis

by Allan Pertti Frandsen

Collecting stamps is still one of the greatest hobbies in the world. This was really stressed in Paris during the ”61. Salon Philatelique d’Automne”, which took place on 8th – 10th November. ”Salon Philatelique d’Automne” is a dealer-exhibition, and the two postal services from Greenland and France were this year invited because of their joint issue on 8th November. The stamps of the joint issue – bearing the motives of Jean-Baptiste Charcot and Paul-Emile Victor – were very wanted among collectors at the exhibition. The achievements in the 20th century of these two arctic heroes are at the heart of many French collectors. The same goes for the ship “Pourquoi Pas”, where Charcot was the Captain and Victor the leader of the expedition. The joint issue between La Poste and POST Greenland was marked most festively through different speeches, among others from a technical advisor of the French President Sarkozy, who presented POST Greenland with a very beautiful and stylish vase as thank you for the coopeation. Furthermore, Mme A.M. Vallin-Charcot, granddaughter of Captain Charcot, and Mme Dahpné Victor, daughter of Paul-Emile Victor, were present at the opening. Both families were thus represented, which made the opening day even more perfect. The many collectors and invited guests, who were there at the opening, furthermore got the opportunity of hearing stamp artist and engraver, Martin

Stamps old stories in Forum


POST Greenland has once again been represented at the yearly stamp exhibition in Forum, Copenhagen, and this year the theme was “stamps tell stories”. It was nice to see so many happy faces stream down the main stairs in Forum, as the exhibition was opened on 8th November. Among the visitors in Forum was this year ”H. C. Andersen”, who read his fairytales to the many children visiting the fair. POST Greenland`s sales pitch was visited by a lively rush of people, who came to buy Greenlandic stamps as well as to meet our Greenlandic artists, Naja Abelsen and Linda Riber, who really brightened up the stand. The drum dancer Kassaaluk Qaavigaq also showed her skills as a collage artist in between her acts on the stage. This years competition for a ”umiak” (women’s boat) was won by Poul Blaafalk from Præstø (Denmark), who was presented with the prize in his home Sunday night.

Mörck, express his joy of meeting with the French collectors in this celebrative way. Later, Martin Mörck signed first day covers, souvenir folders and the two special etchings with motives in A4-size of Charcot and Victor respectively. POST Greenland still holds a small amount of both etchings in stock for sale by the piece. Price per etching is DKK 485.00. Item No. 01520805 for Charcot and 01520806 for Victor. All etchings are naturally signed by Martin Mörck. At POST Greenland, we are very proud of the praise we were given for the dynamic stand, which was among other things decorated with four real East Greenlandic blocks of inland ice; a great eye catcher that caught the attention of many guests. Many new collectors bought the new stamps and learned more about Greenland and our philately. Especially lifting at this exhibition in the French capitol city were the many female and the many young collectors. The number of visitors in Paris came to a total of 16,000. POST Greenland thanks the many guests at the exhibition and sends especially warm greetings to the sales employees at Theodore Champion S.A., who granted all of our guests a first class service. Furthermore, we thank La Poste for great cooperation during this joint issue between France and Greenland. Never before has POST Greenland issued stamps cooperating with such a large postal service.

by Finn Ib Larsen

Modern Greenlandic Art – part 2 One of Greenland’s brands and marks throughout the world is the vivid artists’ life, through which the culture and the society are expressed and given life by the many creative Greenlandic artists. This was the starting point when POST Greenland in 2007 began the art series that is now continued with three new stamps and an illustrative souvenir folder. The stamps are this time created by three internationally reputable female artists: Ina Rosing, Buuti Pedersen and Aka Høegh. Ina Rosing is the daughter of Jens Rosing, who was the artist behind one of the stamps in the first part of the series. Ina’s works are characterized by a vigorous and temperamental expression. Buuti Pedersen shared her hometown with POST Greenland, Filatelia for a number of years, and has earlier created motives for Greenlandic stamps. Her works are mostly done in strong colours and have often got a mythical expression. Last, but not least, we present a stamp by Aka Høegh, who is mostly inspired by nature and the old Greenlandic myths. With these stamps, we present to you yet another exiting piece of Greenland in the eyes of the modern art.

01100398 Modern Art II/1 Value: DKK 5.50 Issue Date: 31st January 2008 20 stamps per sheet Size: E-horizontal Artist: Ina Rosing Outside Measurements: 50.50 x 43.26 mm Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper PVA White Paper Typography: Dorit Olsen

Ina Rosing by Line brændstrup

In recent years a young increasing generation of Greenlandic artists have made their marks in the world of Danish-Greenlandic art. Their works express strength and independence besides freshness and new thinking. Danish/Greenlandic Ina Rosing is a very significant part of this artistic environment. Ina was born in 1965 in Denmark, where she also grew up. Since then, she has travelled and lived in Greenland for a period of time. From 1984 to 1991 she took an education at the school of architecture in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and has since then exhibited her works in many different parts of the world. Ina Rosing is the daughter of the “grand old man” of Greenlandic stamps, Jens Rosing, but long ago stepped out of her fathers shades, for instance when she created the motives of Greenland’s Christmas stamps in 1996, the EUROPA stamp in 2001 as well as a stamp in our science series on 1st October. Characteristic for her works is often vigorousness and dynamic; her pictures are spontaneous and temperamental. Now, she is the creator of one of POST Greenland’s three stamps in the second part of our art series, and this time she has dealt with her relationship to Greenland and her being Greenlandic. The stamp’s motive in many ways reflects the vigorousness and temperament, which is so characteristic for Ina’s works. She says about her own picture: ”I love the great vast country. The connection with nature, and the total superiority of nature, provides both strength and humility. Greenland has strong roots, “the good old days” are not far away, and yet Greenland is a part of the world and increasingly embraces the world and contributes with its own unique strengths. The girl in the picture runs with her hair loose. She is open and curious; she has her feet in the ground and her head up in the fresh wind. She represents the life force that I find is Greenland’s most important resource.”

Selected exhibitions: Greenlandic Art, Maison du Danemark, Paris, 1988 Thule Aribase, 1991 The Free, The Nordic, Copenhagen, 1991 Schloss Charlottenburg, The Nordic, Berlin, 1991 Billedstedet, Brovst, 1992 – 1993 Aurora, Biennale for Young Nordic Painters, Kunsthallen, Göteborg Artmuseum, shown in all Nordic countries, 1994 Aguillo, Contemporary Nordic Art, travelling exhibition in Europe, 1994 The Flying Kajak, Nordisk Konstcentrum, Travelling Exhibition, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, Greenland, 1993 – 1997 Union of Danish Art associations, travelling exhibition, 2002 – 2003 Munkeruphus, Dronningmølle, 2003 Selected one-man exhibitions: Roskilde Art association, 1991 House of Greenland, Copenhagen, North Atlantic House, 2004


FDC Moderne Kunst 220x155



Side 1

Bodil ”Buuti” Pedersen by Allan Pertti Frandsen

As one of the most established artists in Greenland, Bodil ”Buuti” Pedersen’s name has become well-known in the world of stamps. This stamp is her sixth design for POST Greenland since her stamp debut in 1995. Buuti Pedersen was born in 1955 in Qaqortoq (Julianehåb). For a number of years, she lived in Tasiilaq with her husband and children, and thus shared her hometown with POST Greenland, Filatelia. In 2006 Buuti and her family moved back to Qaqortoq, where she continues her artistic work in homely South Greenlandic surroundings. Buuti has a strong preference for the nature of Greenland. Especially, she likes to portray the animal life in harmonic and often playful situations. Her pictures are sensitive and dreamy. Security, calmness and unity are the key words. Furthermore, the unconscious come into play, and especially in her icon series – a popular Buuti-theme – the symbols appear. The polar bear is a central theme in Buuti’s visual art. Many readers of Greenland Collector and collectors of Greenlandic stamps will be able to recognise the characteristic polar bear with the closed, dreamy eyes, which is also the motive of her new stamp. POST Greenland had no difficulty in suggesting a suitable stamp-motive among all the magnificent works in Buutis wide-ranging art collection. The polar bear on the blue background radiates a breathtaking combination of dreams and the inherent magic of nature. Luckily, Buuti agreed with us in deciding which one of her works would look best on a stamp in this modern art series.

Although the main focus at each new issue is – and should be – the expressive stamp images, the stamps are far from the only products we have to offer. With each new issue, POST Greenland, Filatelia presents a wide selection of exiting philatelic products, for instance the beautiful postcards, which also reflect the motives of the stamps. In addition, maxicards and first day covers are among the most popular collector’s items. Here the stamp is presented together with the postcard or the special envelope, which most beautifully stresses the story behind each stamp. The interest in these products is great – and the possibilities are numerous.

Selected exhibitions: Sofienholm, Kgs. Lyngby, 1996 State Library, Frankfurt a.M., 1996 TIDE 96, artist-workshop, Vejle, 1996 Narsaq Museum, 1997 KIMIK, House of Greenlandic Arts ”Katuaq”, Nuuk, 1998, 1999 Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, 1999 Nordisk Glas 2000, Copenhagen, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, 2001 Nordic House, Faroe Islands, 2001 Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland, 2002 Northatlantic House, Copenhagen 2003-04


Selected one-man exhibitions: House of Greenland, Copenhagen, 1986 Narsaq Museum, 1988 Culture centre ”Piulasoq”, Qaqortoq, 1988 City Hall, Nuuk, 1988 National museum and archive of Greenland, Nuuk, 1994 Ammassalik Museum, 1997, 2001 House of Greenlandic Culture ”Katuaq”, Nuuk, 2000 Arctic Winter Games, 2001 Library, Tasiilaq, 2001

01100399 Modern Art II/2 Value: DKK 14.25 Issue Date: 31st January 2008 20 stamps per sheet Size: E – horizontal Artist: Buuti Pedersen Outside meassurements: 50.50 x 43.26 mm Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper PVA Typography: Dorit Olsen Dijon, France, 2003 Qaqortoq Museum, 2004 Selected grants: Northern Star Grant, 1999 NAPA/Nordic Institute, Greenland Greenland Home Rule SAS and Air Greenland’s travelling grants Johanne and Ejnar Flach-Bundegaard’s foundation Represented: The royal Danish Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. National Museum of Greenland Leiden Museum of Anthropology, Holland Narsaq County Narsaq Museum Kangerlussuaq Airport Greenland Home Rule Ammassalik Museum Ammassalik County Ammassalik Hospital Read more about Buuti Pedersen on her website

Aka Høegh by Allan Pertti Frandsen

For a number of years, Aka Høegh has taken up a significant position in the world of Greenlandic art. Long before her stamp-debut in 1986, her art had attracted well-deserved attention far beyond Greenland’s borders. Readers of this magazine will perhaps also remember her encouragement to creative cooperation and display, among other things through the project ”Stone and Man” in Qaqortoq, mentioned in Greenland Collector No. 1, Feb. 2002. Aka Høegh was born in Qullisaat on Disco Island in 1947. She is mainly self-taught, and has from time to time taken up guest studies on the Copenhagen Art Academy. Her artistic displays are numerous in the areas of painting, stone sculpturing, wood carving, mosaics, graphics etc. Her pictures often have a dreamy expression, expressed through floating brushstrokes of movement and flows. Aka’s art is influenced by nature and the Greenlandic myths and legends. Furthermore, man is the centre of her numerous works. She finds inspiration in man and in man’s life spirit and experiences. She is encouraged by the beauty in social meeting and the mere presence of man, and no less in the inner voice of the soul. ”All we see has a spirit”, is a well known quote of Aka. Her works are never political, but the life of the common man, as well as those badly off, encourage her to artistic display. As such the social heart beat of Greenland is expressed through the art of Aka Høegh. Aka has received various awards, for instance she is a Danish knight.

01100400 Moderne Art II/3 Value: DKK 30.50 Issue date: 31st January 2008 20 stamps per sheet Size: E – horizontal Artist: Aka Høegh Outside measurements: 50.50 x 43.26 mm White Paper Typography: Dorit Olsen Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper PVA

Selected exhibitions: Århus art building, 1974 Cultures meet, Greenland-Copenhagen-Paris, Danish Technical College, 1979 The Arctic, Unesco, Paris, 1983 Fall exhibition of Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 1984 House of Artists, Ukraine/USSR, 1986 Dalarnas Museum, Sweden, 1991 Anchorage, Alaska, 1993 The Flying Kayak, Nordisk Konstcentrum’s traveling exhibition, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, Greenland, 1993 – 97 North Atlantic house, Copenhagen 2003-04 SAK art building, Svendborg 2004 Selected one-man exhibitions: Qaqortoq, 1969 Gallery Lefsen, West Germany, 1972 Gallery Piteraq, Copenhagen, 1974 Land of the Ice, Reykjavik, 1983 Kotzebue, Alaska, 1986, 1990, 1993 Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin, 1988, 1990, 1995 Folks Theatre, Oslo, 1988 Fairbanks, Alaska, 1991 House of the Nordic Council, Copenhagen, 1993 Selected grants and awards: The Danish Art Foundation, 1975 and 2000 Danish Greenlandic Culture Foundation, 1976 Jens Rosing’s grant Nordic Cultural Foundation Heerup’s grant Eikhoff ’s grant Greenland’s Cultural Award,1989 The Nuna Foundation’s award, 1995 Wessel Art Foundation, 1996 Danish Knight, 1997 Honouring grant from the C.L.Davids Foundation 2003 Representation: The Royal Collection of Prints and Drawings The Danish Art Foundation The New Carlsberg Foundation The National Museum – Holland Greenland’s National Museum, Nuuk The National Museum – Iceland Qaqortoq Museum and a number of museums in Denmark.


Norse Mythology – The Bear of the Lake and The Rocks

- Two Greenlandic legends

27032008-A by Helene Tukula

On 27th March 2008 POST Greenland, Filatelia, together with the 7 other Nordic countries, issues the third and last part of the series “Norse Mythology”.


This time the topics are Mythical places in the landscape and Mythical images in the landscape. POST Greenland issues two of the Norden-stamps and a Souvenir Sheet, which is also issued in a joint Souvenir Folder. The latter is the third and last Souvenir Folder in the series. POST Greenland’s two stamps are about the legends ”The Bear of the Lake” and “The rocks”. The Bear of the Lake was a very big fantasy-bear, when it came in from the fiord it had its upper part of the body above the water. This legend has in Greenland several different titles, for example ‘The troll bear of the Lake’, ‘The bear of the Ocean’, ‘The dog of the Lake’ and ‘The monster of the fresh water’ – it varies from place to place. But the meaning with the legend remains the same, namely that the giant bear is a part of a shaman-trainee’s medium to achieve clairvoyant powers – all the knowledge in the world. The bear was one of many tests a trainee had to go through in order to become an angakkoq (shaman). An angakkoq should help the trial in bad times, among other things to cure ill persons, or, as an East Greenlandic storyteller once said; “It is to comfort those, who fears death and to cure illness, that we East Greenlanders learn to become angakkut (one angakkoq, two angakkut)”. The tests should make the trainee strong enough to survive through tough times in life. This legend is an East Greenlandic legend from the

district of Ammassalik. The legend of The Bear of the Lake is telling about, how the trainee with the help of his toornaarsuk/the power of the spirits (the shaman-trainee’s assistant) seeks his future spirit assistants, among which is also a questioning spirit. Each spirit-assistant had to be called three times. One of those was Nilersoq/The heavy-eater – The Bear of the Lake. The trainee rubbed two stones against each other, in the sun’s direction, to make the big fantasy-bear appear. The trainee got into a trance during the rubbing of the stones, and the giant-bear appeared from the water and ate the trainee. The bear, however, only ate his flesh and left the bones. When the flesh reappeared on the bones, he woke up naked. A while later the clothes came flying back to him, as the clothes cried – kia ka ka ka. The same cry would in the future send for the spirit assistant, when the shaman during a séance was in danger, or had to get help to come back to real life from his séance. The fact that the bear ate him and threw him up again was a test, so the shaman was capable of travelling into the centre of The Earth, while in trance, to ask the spirits of advice to heal an ill person. Meeting the different spirits was a test to help the shaman get into healing-trances and trances to exterminate tupilakker/evil spirits. The Rocks is a less well known legend about a kayaker’s meeting with the spirit in the rocks. The legend tells about the many adventures a traveller

meets during his some times dangerous and long travels. In the legend it was urgent for the kayaker to row through two rocks before they collapsed around him. In the old days, the kayak was a very important property for a sealer in Greenland, so he could go catching or travel far. It was very important that the traveller was good at paddling and make turns with the kayak alone in order to get above water very quickly if he capsized. If he came under water, it was of vital importance to get above water as quickly as possible. Otherwise he would drown. Therefore it was urgent for the kayakers to be such good kayakers that they could deal with any dangers they might meet. When a sealer was out kayaking, he was usually alone, and therefore had nobody to help him when the danger was in sight. Greenland has several myths and legends. All of them are telling about spirits and fantasy-animals, which the Inuit’s really believed existed, and as many people in East Greenland still believes in today. The legends were told in the long winter nights. In those days they had two types of tales: Tales of life and legends. The stories were told mostly for the sake of entertainment, and the children would fall asleep during these stories. Some adults still remember today, how much they looked forward to hearing these stories, when they were kids.

01100401 Norden Mythology III/1 – Mythical places in the landscape Value: DKK 7.00 Issue Date: 27.03.2008 50 stamps per sheet Format: B-horizontal Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper PVA

Top of the World

of Stamps


a ral powers inhabited and other supernatu places in The old Nordic gods there were certain their own. However, more mythical realm of feel their presence where humans could the Nordic landscape cult sites, burial grounds, places, for example Religious rites could strongly than other s or mountain areas. on perilous mountain unusual natural formation place, burial or a sacred tree human take place beside points between the and create meeting could sea, They at or special. journeys This made these places and supernatural worlds. dangerous. sacred, salutary or be experienced as


White Paper Artist: Naja Abelsen Typography: Dorit Olsen Outside measurements: 31.08 X 23.60 mm

he, hatten selbst überirdisc Götter und Mächte n Die altnordischen Orten der nordische e. An bestimmten erleben sagenhafte Wohnsitz die Mächte stärker die Menschen jedoch e Landschaft konnten n, Gräber, besonder bezog sich auf Kultstätte Riten, die als anderswo. Das Heilige Handlungen, an oder Berggebiete. Naturformationen en Bergtouren oder gefährlich auf Gräbern, von auf Hofplätzen oder zum Zusammentreffen n konnten, führten gaben einigen der See stattfinde ntreffen Derartige Zusamme oder Mensch und Mächten. heilig, wohltuend g. Sie wurden als Bedeutun e Orten besonder n. gefährlich empfunde


GY 3/3 NORDIC MYTHOLO 2008 Date of issue: 27 March Photos: xxxxxx Verlag GmbH, Germany Printing house: Prinz ations, 2008 Circulation: 16,000 Nordic postal administr Published by the eight



01100402 Norden-Mythology III/2 – Mythical images in the landscape Value: DKK 8.00 Issue Date: 27.03.2008 50 stamps per sheet Format: B-horizontal Printing Method: Offset Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper PVA White Paper Artist: Naja Abelsen Typography: Dorit Olsen Outside measurements: 31.08 X 23.60 mm 01106401 Souvenir Sheet, Norden-Mythology III Value: DKK 15.00 Issue Date: 27.03.2008

GI · Mytiska platser NORDISK MYTOLO GI · Mytiske steder NORDISK MYTOLO GI · Mytiske stader NORRØN MYTOLO A · Myyttiset paikat ilai uperisarsiorfiit MYYTTINEN POHJOL T NASSUIAATIT · Nunap UPPERISAAT PILLUGI NUNAT AVANNARLIT · Þjóðsögulegir staðir RÆÐI NORRÆN GOÐAF RA · Íbygd støð GUDALÆ K NORÐURLENDS

New Souvenir Folders

– Norden Mythology and Modern Art With the first issues of the year, two beautiful souvenir folders are issued: Modern Art II and Norden Mythology III. Both souvenir folders are attractive supplements to the stamps and tell more about the motives. The souvenir folder Modern Art II contains all three stamps in the second part of the art series. Furthermore the artists and their works are presented in text and pictures. The folder has a price of DKK 50.25, corresponding to the total face value included. Item No.: 01303034. The folder Norden Mythology III contains one mint copy of the new norden mythology souvenir sheet from all 8 Nordic countries, which are beautifully supplemented by text and pictures. Price: DKK 120.00. Item No.: 01303035. 9


Europa 2008 Letter writing

The theme of the 2008 EUROPAissue is ”Letter Writing”, a theme it is worth emphasising. The word letter is from time to time defined as a written announcement, which is delivered to another person. Through a letter, something precious and sincere can be shared with other people, and the possibilities are numerous. The history of writing letters goes far back. From ancient times, we know of written messages in the form of inscriptions on clay tables and since then, wax tables and papyrus sheets have also been used. All letters have a common thread – the fact that a written message is labelled with a destination and sent off to the lucky receiver. The introduction of letter writing gave whole new possibilities to communication between people than was the case before. Messages could now be delivered over far distances. Right through the Middle Ages this form

of communication between people developed and, as the material in the form of parchment and paper became lighter, letter writing became a popular activity. Through letters even the most personal and intimate thoughts can be expressed, and we can share them with our loved ones. Letter writing as an activity is still developing, and has even become electronical when we “e-mail” each other. Still, there is something special about writing a real old-fashioned letter with pen and paper. The artist behind POST Greenland’s two EUROPA-stamps, Julie Edel Hardenberg, also thinks so. She senses a certain atmosphere in connection with writing letters; something that goes on when the family – children and grown-ups – sit down together and write to someone they love. And also when they afterwards select the stamp, which then becomes the crowning glory of the letter. Julie’s two stamps are issued in traditional whole sheets, in mini sheets and in a stamp booklet containing 6 self adhesive copies of each stamp. Perhaps the crowning glory of your next letter?

01100396 EUROPA Letter Writing 1/2 Value: 5.75 Issue date: 31st January 2008 50 stamps per sheet Size: B-horizontal Printing method: Offset Paper: TRP Stamp Paper PVA White Paper Artist: Julie Edel Hardenberg Typography: Dorit Olsen Outside meassurements: 31.08 X 23.60 mm

01100397 EUROPA Letter Writing 2/2 Value: 7.50

01107396 Mini Sheet EUROPA Letter Writing/1 DKK 46.00

01107397 Mini Sheet EUROPA Letter Writing/2 DKK 60.00

01301216 Stamp Booklet No. 16 EUROPA Letter Writing DKK 79.50 Issue Date: 31.01.2008 Printing Method: Offset Paper: Avery 96/S2000/Kr130 (Contains self-adhesive stamps)










Tobias Ø

Narsatsiaq - ukkusissaq ukiuni tuusintilinni / Narsatsiaq - fedtsten gennem år tusinder

Yves Beaujard sc . / Nuka K Godtfredsen del. / 2007

Yves Beaujard sc . / Nuka K Godtfredsen del. / 2007


Nunarsuatsinni uumassusillit pisoqaanersaat ukiuni 3,8 mia.-ni / Verdens ældste liv 3,8 mia. år

Y v e s B e a u j a r d s c . / I n a Ro s i n g d e l . / 2 0 0 7








WIN DKK 10,000

Cast your vote for the Greenlandic Stamp of the Year It is once again time for POST Greenland’s vote for the stamp of the year. In 2007 a total of 19 new Greenlandic stamps were issued, beautifully reflecting the unique history, culture and nature of Greenland. Cast your vote for the Greenlandic stamp of the year and you will automatically be part of the draw for a grand prize of DKK 10,000 in cash. Cut this side of the page, fill it in and send it to below address. Or cast your vote online at Your vote must be in by 1st March 2008. Only one vote per person. Note also the offer on the back of this page! The result of the vote and the winner of the grand prize will be published in Greenland Collector NO. 2, April 2008 and on our website. To the left all 19 stamps from 2007 are displayed with G-No.

G-392 G-387


My vote goes to G-Nr.:

Name:______________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________ G-394 G-381


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Tobias Ø

Narsatsiaq - ukkusissaq ukiuni tuusintilinni / Narsatsiaq - fedtsten gennem år tusinder


Nunarsuatsinni uumassusillit pisoqaanersaat ukiuni 3,8 mia.-ni / Verdens ældste liv 3,8 mia. år

Phone:______________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________


Yves Beaujard sc . / Nuka K Godtfredsen del. / 2007

Yves Beaujard sc . / Nuka K Godtfredsen del. / 2007

Y v e s B e a u j a r d s c . / I n a Ro s i n g d e l . / 2 0 0 7



Vote online at or Mail to: POST Greenland, Filatelia. P. O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, Greenland. Fax: (00299) 98 14 32


BE A POST GREENLAND SUBSCRIBER Subscribe to year packs - and win a real East Greenlandic drum! The 2007 year pack contains all 19 stamps and 3 beautiful souvenir sheets issued through the year, inserted in an illustrated cover. The price for the year pack without the Parcel Post souvenir sheet is DKK 276.00, the exact total face value of the stamps. By becoming a subscriber to the year packs now, you get the opportunity to win a real East Greenlandic drum as shown on this page. Cut out this form, fill it in and send it to below address today. The special offer continues until 1st March 2008. ❑ YES PLEASE! I would like to order the 2007 year pack (without the Parcel Post souvenir sheet) at a price of DKK 276.00. At the same time, I subscribe to Greenlandic Stamp Year Packs from 2008 onwards. I can cancel my subscription at any time, and I pay upon receipt, according to the terms stated on page 15. I will take part in the draw for a real East Greenlandic drum.

Sverdrup-reprint sold out In the latest issue of Greenland Collector, we brought a piece about a reprint of the souvenir sheet featuring the motive of Otto Sverdrup. The original souvenir sheet was from 2004 and the reprint from 2006. The interest in this reprint has been overwhelming. We thank all of our loyal customers for their interest in and purchase of the reprint. However, this has meant that the reprint was already sold out on 14th December. There will not be another print run of the souvenir sheet with item no. 01106321 and a price of DKK 17.50. The souvenir sheet is thus officially sold out per 14.12.2007. Number of items printed will be published in the next Greenland Collector, April 2008.

Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ Zip Code: ___________City: _______________________________________ Country: _______________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________________________ Mail or fax to POST Greenland, Filatelia, P. O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND. Fax: (+299) 98 14 32. As a subscriber you enjoy among other things the following advantages: • Free magazine for collectors of Greenlandic stamps mailed 3 times a year. • Free Newsletter with my subscription delivery. • All mail from Greenland franked with real stamps and neatly cancelled. • Cancellation service for stamps and envelopes free of charge. • Yearly draw among all subscribers for a special prize. • And much more…


SI GNED ET C H I NGS by Martin Mörck As mentioned on page 4, you can now purchase two very special etchings made by the illustrator and engraver of the entire expeditions series. The artist Martin Mörck has signed all etchings, which are offered in limited edition by POST Greenland. Just 250 of each etching were made. The price each signed etching is DKK 485.00. Item No. 01520805 for Charcot. Item No. 01520806 for Victor. Use the enclosed order form or place your order online at

Final Sale – 31st March 2008 The following stamps and philatelic products will be withdrawn from our sales list on 31st March 2008, provided that they are not sold out prior to that date. Any remaining stock will be shredded.

01100306. 12.03.2003 Expeditions I/1 Saunder’s Island DKK 15.00

01100367. 22.05.2006 Edible Fungi II/3 Arctic Puffball DKK 10.00

01100307. 12.03.2003 Expeditions I/2 Knud Rasmussen DKK 21.00

01100373. 09.09.2006 Galathea 3 DKK 9.75

01100342. 17.01.2005 EUROPA ”Gastronomy” DKK 11.75

01106306. 12.03.2003 Souvenir Sheet ”Expeditions I” DKK 36.00

01100345. 20.06.2005 Navigation IV/3 Sarpik Ittuk DKK 18.50

01106319. 14.05.2004 Souvenir Sheet Crown Prince Frederik & Mary DKK 10.50

01100346. 20.06.2005 Navigation IV/4 Triton DKK 23.00 01100348. 20.06.2005 Science I/1 Geological Mapping DKK 7.25 01100349. 20.06.2005 Science I/2 Ikka Columns DKK 9.25 01100363. 29.03.2006 Norden – Mytology II/2 ”Asiaq” DKK 13.50

01106359. 29.03.2006 Additional Value Souvenir Sheet Children in Greenland DKK 24.00

01107337. 17.01.2005 Minisheet, Edible Fungi I/1 Arctic Scaper-Stalk Bolete DKK 42.00

Searching for great

Greenlandic-stories Greenland Collector is first and foremost a magazine about our beautiful stamps and exiting philatelic products. But it is more than just that! It is also the opportunity to tell the stories of the Greenlandic cultural heritage. Considering our growing circle of readers, our ambition is to be even better at finding the great stories about Greenland and about the stamps, so we can tell you even more about this magnificent country. We are searching for the great Greenlandic-Stories, and for the first time, dear readers, we now pass the torch to you … The possibilities are many: Experiences with Greenland, reports on why you are collecting stamps and much more. The choice is yours. So, if you have a great story to share with our readers, you have now got the chance of having your voice heard in Greenland Collector. Stories that end up in the magazine are rewarded with a philatelic surprise. Send your Greenland-story to:

01107338. 17.01.2005 Miniaheet, Edible Fungi I/2 Arctic Crab Brittlegrill DKK 48.00 01301213. 17.01.2005 Stamp Booklet No. 13 Edible Fungi I DKK 73.00

POST Greenland Filatelia P. O. Box 121 3913 Tasiilaq GREENLAND Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 E-mail:

News from POST Greenland

Greetings from Santa Claus Dear collectors and readers, Santa Claus in Greenland does NOT offer philatelic services. Franked letters for cancellation with the day cancellation ’2412 Santa Claus Greenland’ are instead to be sent to my dear friends in POST Greenland, Filatelia, who are helping me grant this service. Next time will be at the end of 2008. All the best to you all and a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Santa Claus


8.-10. MAJ 2008

Exhibition Cancellation Up until the end of May 2008, POST Greenland will participate in the following stamp exhibition: • ”18. Internationale Briefmarken-Messe”, Essen, 8th – 10th May. A special Greenlandic cachet will be produced for this exhibition. Envelopes to be cancelled with this cancellation must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than the day before the opening of the exhibition. POST Greenland will also be represented at: • ”Allerød Jubilee Exhibition”, 19th – 20th January. • ”Exchange in Vig”, Vig, 3rd February. • ”Exchange day”, Næstved, 17th February. • "Frimynt", Helsingborg, 12th April. NOTE: No special Greenland cachets will be produced for these four exchange days / exhibitions.


New rates for money transactions and additional services from 14th January 2008 Effective from 14th January, POST Greenland will alter the prices for money transfers and additional services. Chance of money transfers: Postal Orders: Domestic in Greenland changes from DKK 50.00 to 56.00. To Denmark changes from DKK 60.00 to 66.00. Immediate – Postal Orders: Domestic in Greenland changes from DKK 175.00 to 200.00. In payment Forms/Joint In payment Forms: To Greenland and Denmark changes from DKK 21.00 to 23.00. Changes in rates for additional services: Registered letters (worldwide) changes from DKK 52.00 to 56.00. Indication of value – letters & packets (worldwide): First DKK 3,000 changes from DKK 64.00 to 68.00. Following DKK 1,000 from DKK 5.00 to 7.00. Cash on delivery – letters & packages: Domestic in Greenland changes from DKK 20.00 to 23.00. Denmark changes from DKK 40.00 to 50.00. Changes in other prices: Jet mail: Basic price up to 1 kg changes from DKK 375.00 to 400.00. Following kilo domestic in Greenland changes from DKK 40.00 to 50.00. Following kilo to Denmark changes from DKK 80.00 to 95.00. PDF-file (in Danish only) with the new rates of 14th January can be downloaded here:

Read in the next Greenland Collector No. 2 April 2008… • Fossils in Greenland • The Greenlandic adventure • Winner of the competition and the election of Greenlandic Stamp of the Year • Additional Value Stamp 2008 • And much more…

W or th

Please send your orders / amendments to: POST Greenland, Filatelia P.O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND Phone: (+45) 70 26 05 50 and (+299) 98 11 55 Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 Email:

k n ow in g … Switzerland: Postscheckamt, Office de cheques postaux, Ufficio dei conti correnti postali, 4040 Basel. Account No.: 40-6773-5. IBAN: CH37 0900 0000 4000 6773 5, BIC (SWIFT code): POFiCHBE

Any change in name, address and/or subscription must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than 5 weeks prior to an issue.

How to pay: On payment - please, make sure you always state your name and your customer number. Your payments can be made by giro to one of the accounts mentioned below, by credit card, by international reply coupons or by cash in Danish Kroner, Euro or US Dollars only. It is no longer possible to pay by cheque.

Denmark: BG Bank A/S, Girostrøget 1, 0800 Høje Taastrup, Account No.: 9541-940 4120 IBAN: DK98 30000009404120, BIC (SWIFT code): DABADKKK Sweden: Postgirot Bank AB (publ), Vasagatan 7, 105 06 Stockholm. Account No.: 41 45-9. IBAN: SE9795000099602600041459, BIC (SWIFT code): NDEASESS Norway: Postbanken, Kunderegister Bedrift, 0021 Oslo. Account No.: 7878.06.55312. IBAN: NO44 78780655312, BIC (SWIFT code): DNBANOKK Finland: SAMPO BANK, UNIONINKATU 22, 00075, SAMPO. Account No.: 800016-70617928. IBAN: Fi2580001670617928, BIC (SWIFT code): PSPBFiHH

Fees for registered letters and parcels despatched from Greenland The fee for registered letters within Greenland or to Europe (including Denmark and the Faroes) is DKK 52.00. E.g.: Postage for a registered letter stamped with DKK 7.50 (max. 20 g) comes to a total of DKK 59.50. For surcharge on mail to overseas countries, see:

Germany: Postbank, Niederlassung Hamburg, Überseering 26, 22297 Hamburg. Account No.: 541414200, BLZ 200 100 20. IBAN: DE03 2001 0020 0541 414200, BIC (SWIFT code): PBNKDEFF

NOTE: Please do not write your order on a giro transfer form as these are processed electronically.

Giro bank transfer:

One-year deadline for complaints Any complaint concerning stamps or philatelic items purchased from POST Greenland must reach POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than one year from the last day of the month in which the items were despatched. The date of the postmark, or possibly the invoice, indicates the date of despatch.

The Netherlands: Postbank NV, Account No.: 3487172. IBAN: NL92 PSTB 0003 4871 72, BIC (SWIFT code): PSTBNL21

United Kingdom: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank plc., Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside, Liverpool GIR 0AA. Account No.: 358 7118. IBAN: GB69GIRB72000003587118 Luxembourg: Postes et Telecommunications, Division des Postes, Service des Cheques Postaux, Secretariat, 38 Place de la Gare, 1090 Luxembourg. Account No.: 26606-28. IBAN: LU18 1111 0266 0628 0000, BIC (SWIFT code): CCPLLULL France: La Poste, Centre Régional des Services Financiers, de la Poste en ile-de-France, 16 rue de Favorites, 75900 Paris. Account No.: 250.01 F020. IBAN: FR51 3004 1000 0100 2500 1 F02 022, BIC (SWIFT code): PSSTFRPPPAR Credit cards: VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard, JCB, Dankort. Cash: Danish Kroner (DKK), Euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD) only - to be sent by registered mail.

Net Payment within 30 days Payment of our invoices is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Please, note that the registration of your payments will take approximately two weeks or more. Therefore, you may receive an invoice with a balance which does not include your recent payments. Exchange of Stamps POST Greenland, Filatelia, exchanges only old stamps (stamps no longer on our sales list) into new stamps (stamps on our sales list) at the customer’s choice. No more than 3 exchanges free of charge at maximum DKK 100.00 each, per customer per year. When exceeding a total of 3 x DKK 100.00, POST Greenland, Filatelia, will charge a fee of 45% of the nominal value. The fee of 45% must always be paid in cash and is not payable by other stamps. The maximum annual value of stamps for exchange per customer must not exceed DKK 50,000 in nominal value. For further information, please contact POST Greenland, Filatelia. All information on prices, fees etc. is subject to printer’s errors.

Postal order IRC (IBRS) International reply coupons: value DKK 8.00 each.

Publisher: POST Greenland - Editors: Line Brændstrup, Chief Editor. , Allan Pertti Frandsen, Kenneth Liedtke, Helene Tukula, Finn Ib Larsen - Layout & Printing: Datagraf - ISSN: 1397-8632 - Cover Photo: Erwin Reinthaler

We are the people you reach, whenever you write, fax, email, or telephone POST Greenland, Filatelia. We look forward to offering our continued assistance with your philatelic enquiries.

Helene Tukula Sales Assistant Danish, English

Karoline Josvassen Customer Service Greenlandic, Danish

Kristian ”Karé” Pivat Assistant Clerk Greenlandic, Danish

Søren Sand Kristensen Head Clerk Danish, English, German

Kenneth Liedtke Sales Assistant Danish, English, German

Line Brændstrup Customer Service Manager Danish, English, German

Finn Ib Larsen Administration & Logistics Manager Danish, English

Pertti Frandsen Philatelic Manager Danish, English, German

Juullimi ukiortaassamilu pilluaritsi At the beginning of the new year, we send you our warmest Christmas and new year’s greetings from everyone here at POST Greenland, Filatelia. 2007 was a good philatelic year, and we have been happy to help you with your orders and other philatelic enquiries. We wish all of our loyal customers, readers and co-operative partners a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are looking forward to hearing from you in 2008!

New T-shirts with stamp reproductions You can now buy two stylish high-quality white t-shirts from POST Greenland. One carries a reproduction of our stamp G384, which illustrates the beautiful sledge dog team. The second carries the motive of the Amnesty International Additional Value Stamp G377. The two T-shirts are available in the sizes 12 years to XXXL. Item no. 01520427 – 440. DKK 89.00 each t-shirt. You can order by phone (+45) 7026 0550, fax 00299 98 14 32 or online at

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