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Stamp booklets

- clever and unique

As a special stamp product POST Greenland issues two stamp booklets every year. The first stamp booklet was issued in 1989. Since then a total of 25 stamp booklets were issued, including 11 Christmas stamp booklets. Both the Christmas stamp booklets and ordinary stamp booklets have always been very popular among our customers and collectors. Buying stamp booklets is the clever way of purchasing stamps! You will get a small stock of stamps of the most common values that you can use as you need them. For a couple of years already the stamp booklets have come with self-adhesive stamps, which has given a lot of positive feedback for being very handy and useful – self-adhesive stamps make franking letters and postcards easier than ever. For collectors, stamp booklets are particular interesting since the stamps – apart from a few exceptions – come in co-print, i.e. stamps of different face values are placed side-by-side on one page. Therefore, many collectors already do subscribe to stamp booklets – and for most of them stamp booklets simply are a must for their collection to be complete.

If you would like to have stamp booklets in your collection, too, then now is your chance to subscribe to these special items! Sign up now for a stamp booklet subscription – and get one of the first stamp booklets issued FOR FREE. Send or fax the order form with your subscription for stamp booklets (301) before 30th March 2007. You will receive your free booklet and your subscription will cover all stamp booklets POST Greenland will issue in the future, starting from 2007 and including the new stamp booklet “EUROPA – Scouts” as presented on page 6. Please mark your order “GC0701”. For an overview over stamp booklets currently available from POST Greenland please have a look at the stock list or visit – and order as long as stocks last! 

Stamp Issue Programme 2007 In 2007 POST Greenland will participate in four important joint issues. Moreover, we will launch a new art series. In addition, we are happy to present a stamp featuring the Crown Prince Family in Greenlandic national costumes.

First Issue – 15th January 2007

The 2007 additional value goes to the UN International Children’s Convention, which Amnesty Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) wishes to present to the Greenlandic population. The stamp artist is Julie Edel Hardenberg. POST Greenland resumes the issuing of stamps in the EUROPA series. The 2007 theme is Scouting. With this issue we introduce a new and very talented Greenlandic artist, Nuka K. Godtfredsen. Two EUROPA stamps, a stamp booklet and two mini sheets will be issued. West-Nordic Council is an assembly in which The Faeroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland are co-operating. Next year Greenland will take over the presidency. This stamp issue constitutes the first of four joint issues in 2007. Ina Rosing has, very artistically, illustrated the hydroelectric power station at Buksefjorden south of Nuuk (Godthaab). In 2007 the celebration of the International Polar Year (IPY) will start with a joint issue (souvenir sheets only) among all the Arctic postal administrations, with the exception of Russia. POST Greenland focuses on two IPY projects: Ice Core Drilling and Urbanisation. Martin Mörck has engraved our two very beautiful IPY stamps according to these themes. In connection with the IPY stamps we will publish a special IPY book containing the 8 souvenir sheets, one from each of the Arctic postal nations. The book will be released on 22 February 2007. Additionally, POST Greenland is happy to present the above-mentioned stamp featuring the Crown Prince Family in Greenlandic national costumes. The photograph was taken by Steen Evald.

Second Issue – 21st May 2007

Our PARCEL-POST series will be completed with a 100 Kroner stamp, replacing the stamp G150 issued in 1992. This new 100 Kroner stamp can be inserted in our PARCEL-POST book. The completion of the series is marked with the issue of a souvenir sheet containing all three PARCEL-POST stamps. The new art series will be launched, too. Our most famous stamp artist ever, Jens Rosing, will initiate the series. AnneBirthe Hove, another current and well-known Greenlandic

stamp artist, also participates in this issue, along with the very interesting and talented Linda Riber Sorensen. The art series will be complemented with a very beautiful souvenir folder containing background information on the artworks and the artists.

Third Issue – 1st October 2007

Our science series will continue, revealing unique scientific discoveries relating to Greenland. This time the themes are: The oldest recorded life on Earth, soapstone from one of the world’s finest soapstone quarries and Tobias Island. The latter was discovered only a couple of years ago, resulting in an expansion of Greenland’s territory in the north east. SEPAC, Small European Postal Administration’s Co-operation, will release a joint issue to commemorate the introduction of the SEPAC logo and the many years co-operation. The SEPAC stamps are comparable with ‘Norden’ or EUROPA stamps. The stamp is designed by Nuka K. Godtfredsen. The science stamps and the SEPAC stamp will be forwarded in subscription along with our final stamp issue of 2007.

Fourth Issue – 8th November 2007

POST Greenland’s last issue in 2007 involves a joint issue with La Poste of France. We will, among other things, mark the centennial year of Paul-Emile Victor. In addition, we are proud to present one of the most famous French explorers, Jean-Baptiste Charcot and his vessel “Pourquoi Pas? IV”. As in the earlier issues in the series, we will also issue a matching souvenir sheet and a souvenir folder. Our very talented engraver, Martin Mörck, has engraved the exceptionally beautiful designs. Our traditional Christmas stamps will complete the 2007 stamp year in a sweet and cheerful manner. The two charming Christmas designs are created by Ivalu Risager. We look forward to issuing our beautiful 2007 stamps – and wish you will enjoy the stamps and the stories behind them. Yours sincerely, POST Greenland Per Svendsen General Manager

a m n e s t y i n t e r n at i o n a l

Amnesty Kalaallit Nunaat brings UN Children’s Convention into focus

01100377 Additional Value stamp “Amnesty Children’s Convention” Value: DKK 5.75 + 0.50 Day of issue: 15. January 2007 50 stamps per sheet Format: B horizontal Artist: Julie Edel Hardenberg Printing Method: Offset Paper: Sopal Outside Measurements: 31.08mm x 23.60 mm.

01106377 Additional Value Souvenir sheet “Amnesty Children’s Convention” Value: DKK 25.00

From the 15th of January 2007 a special stamp will be available in Greenland, designed by the artist Julie Edel Hardenberg. The stamps additional value of 50 Øre (DKK 0,5) will support Amnesty Kalaallit Nunaats (KN; Greenland) work to spread knowledge and awareness of the United Nations Children’s Convention in Greenland. Amnesty KN has had plans for several years to publish the Children’s Convention as a book in a Danish and Greenlandic translation. The book is not only to include the whole Convention’s paragraphs and addendums but also commentaries by Greenlandic experts and institutions on what commitments The Greenlandic Home Rule has taken on by signing the Children’s Convention. By issuing the book Amnesty KN wishes to contribute in the promotion of the Convention in Greenland. The aim is to bring all levels and sectors within the public administration to an understanding of how they can and have to co-operate in order to realise the Convention’s goals and obligations. The book will hopefully be a useful instrument to gain insight into what the Conventions actually holds and how to apply the paragraphs. The Convention should be considered just as much by everyone who is involved in decision making, be it the Home Rule ministers or members of parliament, institutions, administrative bodies or local politicians: They are all obliged to ensure that their decisions have a perspective also for children. Moreover, Amnesty KN will intensify the work

to gain access to the media for children. Children need to have their say and their rights have to be respected and protected. Amnesty KNs work is mostly financed by member fees and grants from different public and private funds. The additional value from the sale of the stamp will be a welcome backing and much needed economic support to continue our endeavours for the rights of children in the Greenlandic society. Amnesty International is the world’s largest and strongest network of human rights advocates, who share a hope for righteousness and a belief in that, together, we can make a difference. The core aim in the work of Amnesty is to uncover, document and systematically and impartially investigate human rights violations throughout the world. Results are published with the aim to generate public pressure on decision makers to stop any violations. Amnesty International was founded in 1961 and has today more than 1,8 million members world wide. The organisation is completely independent of commercial, political or national interests. Amnesty Kallaalit Nunaat was founded following a public meeting in Narsaq in 1992. The main office is located in Nuuk and there are more than 100 members and supporters spread all over Greenland. Amnesty Kalaallit Nunaat. Roland Thomson. Chairman. For more information you can write to:

About the author: Roland Thomson has been working for human rights since 1964, when he attended Amnesty Internationals establishing in Denmark. Later he was originator of the foundation of an AI branch on the Faroe Islands that he led for several years. He founded Amnesty Kalaallit Nunaat in 1992 when he lived in Narsaq and has been working for the organisations aims both as chairman and board member. AI KN has been based in Nuuk since 1994.

West Nordic Council

1997-2007 In 2007 the West Nordic Council will celebrate its 10-year-anniversary. The celebrations will be held in august 2007 in Nuuk at the Councils yearly meeting. At the same time I am very pleased about the West Nordic postal administrations’ initiative for this joint stamp issue on the occasion of the jubilee. The West Nordic Council is a parliamentary co-operation organ consisting of each 6 members of the parliaments of Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. At the WEST Nordic Council’s yearly meeting recommendations are passed on to the three countries’ parliaments: the Greenlandic Landsting, the Faroese Lagting and the Icelandic Alting. The Council itself has no legislative power. However, the recommendations weigh high, also because they usually are carried unanimously by the countries’ parliaments. The topic of this West Nordic joint stamp issue is sustainable energy production. At the West Nordic Councils Energy Conference in 2004 in Iceland, the Council put alternative energy sources into focus. The Greenlandic stamp is an artistic interpretation of the hydro electric power plant at Buksefjorden, near Nuuk. Hydro power is probably on of the best examples for sustainable energy production. The construction of the plant was a huge investment for Greenland, but it has proofed right and worth it. The West Nordic countries have a lot in common with regard to their location in the North Atlantic Ocean, their use of natural resources and their industries. In terms of population, however, the countries are so small that it can be difficult for them to b heard in

larger, international negotiations. In this respect, the Nordic Council is invaluable. The old saying that unity gives strength, is remarkably reflected by the Council when it comes to negotiations on a larger, international scale. On behalf of the West Nordic Council I would like to thank the West Nordic postal administrations for the respect and the attention they show the West Nordic Council with their joint stamp issue. And to the West Nordic Council: Congratulations on the 10-yearjubilee. I am looking forward to the continuous co-operation within the Council in the years to come.

About the author: Jonathan Motzfeldt, born 25 September 1938 in Qassimiut, Qaqortoq. Teacher degree from Greenlandic Seminary 1960. Cand. Theol. Copenhagen Univeresity, 1966. Chairman of the Greenlandic Parliament and of the West Nordic Council. Jonathan Motzfeldt was Greenland’s first Home Rule Prime Minister from 1979 – 1991 and again from 1997 – 2002. No one else has ever had this position longer in Greenland’s history. Jonathan Motzfeldt has had a large number of offices through the years. He has an honorary doctorate in political sciences and he is chairman of the Danish-Greenlandic Autonomy Commission. Jonthan Motzfeldt has been a member of the West Nordic Councils board since 2002 and was elected chairman for the second time last summer.

By Jonathan Motzfeldt Chairman West Nordic Council

01100380 West Nordic Co-operation Hydro power Value: DKK 5.00 Day of issue: 15.01.2007 50 stamps per sheet Format: B – horizontal Artist: Ina Rosing Printing Method: Offset Paper: Sopal Outside measurements: 31.08mm x 23.60 mm.

Photos: Hans Chr. Lennert

By Pertti Frandsen, Administration & Logistics Manager.

The Scouting Movement in Greenland PostEurop marks the centennial year of the founding of the worldwide scouting movement. The common theme for the 2007 EUROPA stamps is the Scouting Movement and its History in Each Issuing Country. All over the world the scouts are personified by legendary Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the world’s first scouting movement in 1907. In Greenland the scouting movement is represented by Kalaallit Nunaanni Spejderit Kattuffiat / Grønlands Spejderkorps. The Greenland Guide and Scouts Association was founded in 1943. The head office is located in Nuuk (Godthaab). The Greenland Guide and Scouts Association works according to Baden-Powell’s ideas and principles of educational and developing labour among children and young persons, adapted to the distinctive Greenlandic culture and mentality, with the necessary understanding and respect for social and ethical values. The Greenland Guide and Scouts Association undertakes tremendous work in order to motivate children and young people throughout Green-

land with a multitude of ideas for a healthy and mentally challenging hobby. Today The Greenland Guide and Scouts Association has guide and scout groups in eight Greenlandic towns and one settlement. For more information on the Greenland Scouting Movement, log on to Background information on the new stamp artist who created the scout designs: Nuka K. Godtfredsen, born in Narsaq in 1970, is a brand new name within Greenlandic stamp art. In Greenland we know Nuka from his cartoon ”Andala”, a treasured figure among the readers of the Greenlandic newspaper ”Sermitsiaq”. The complacent Andala, a typical “man of the world”, challenges his readers in the most humorous manner, giving us a glimpse of everyday life and resourcefulness as it materialises in this northern part of the world. In addition to “Andala” Nuka K. Godtfredsen has created a wide range of graphical works within e.g. book publishing. 01301215 Stamp Booklet No. 15 EUROPA Scouting DKK 79.50 Issue date: 15.01.2007 Printing method: Offset Paper: Avery 96/S2000/Kr130 (contains self-adhesive stamps)

In general: Issue date: 15.01.2007, 50 stamps per sheet, Size: B – horizontal, Artist: Nuka K. Godtfredsen, Printing method: Offset Outside measures: 31.08 mm x 23.60 mm, Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper pva. 01100378 EUROPA Scouting 1/2 Value: DKK 5.75

01107378 Mini sheet EUROPA Scouting 1/2 Price: DKK 46.00

01100379 EUROPA Scouting 2/2 Value: DKK 7.50

01107379 Mini sheet EUROPA Scouting 2/2 Price: DKK 60.00

2007 INTERNATIONAL To mark the International Polar Year 2007, POST Greenland presents two stamps with the following issues: Ice Core Drilling in Greenland. From 1996 to 2003, NGRIP (North Greenland Icecore Project) has drilled the icecap and researched ice cores. This has resulted in climate data older than 30,000 years. Urbanisation in Greenland shows today’s population in an urban environment and people’s movement and creativity over time.

Ice Core Drilling One of the larger Danish-lead projects in connection with the International Polar Year 2007 is to drill a deep ice core through Greenland's icecap high up north at position 77.7 N, 50 W. The project is called NEEM (North EEMian Project), and its aim is to extract an ice core that contains undisturbed ice from the whole EEM-period (middle ice age 115,000-130,000 year before now) and a part of the previous ice age, which ice is older than 130,000 years. The drilling location was chosen after a precise study of radar measurements, ice core data and ice flow models. It is crucial for

our understanding of coming climate changes to reveal the climate of the EEM-era, since EEM was a period, which was warmer than it is now. EEM-epoch's climatic development can, therefore, give us a clue of, how the climatic conditions may evolve in the future with global warming. The especially warm climate in the EEM-period is also interesting, because this alone can be attributed to natural climate changes. The ice core project suggested here is an important international aim, and 14 countries have reported as being interested partners of this

01100381 International Polar Year – Arctic 1/2 Ice Core and Climate Value: DKK 7,50

project. New nations in the ice core and climate research are China and (South) Korea. The drilling will be done with a drill developed by Danes, but the group undertaking the drilling is composed of international researchers. The camp will host 25 scientists, who will measure the first climate parameters while in the field. They will also cut pieces out of the ice core to measure and study greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of past times. The assays will be examined in the research laboratories which are located in all the 14 countries that participate.

01100382 International Polar Year – Arctic 2/2 Urbanisation Value: DKK 8,00 Artist: Naja Abelsen

Issue Date: 15.01.2007 40 stamps per sheet Format: F Printing Method: Combination Paper: TR4 Engraving: Martin Mörck Outside Measurements: 33.44 mm x 28.84 mm

POLAR YEAR (IPY) Urbanisation and life in towns in Greenland


All over the world, people move to the large cities. Seen from a global perspective, which shows that the number of cities with more than 1 million inhabitants increases rapidly, Greenlandic large cities such as Nuuk, Sisimiut and Ilulissat are very small. And many people, therefore, find it hard accepting them as urban environments. But the Greenlandic large cities have in defiance of their small size and scattered placing an unavoidable importance for Greenland’s development, since the majority of the population lives there. The Greenlandic cities have become the essential centres of power


and platforms for cultural creativity, for political organising, for a growing youth culture with Internet cafés, rap and graffiti, for enterprising pioneers and for big, financially strong companies. Training seekers, the unemployed, people craving welfare, tourists, guests, hunters, investors and cultural institutions all contribute to the special dynamic of city life. The extension of infrastructure and the general migration to the cities has created slum areas as well as housing districts with attractive views of the sea. The Greenlandic cities have become a place for multiplicity, conflict, experiments and

01106381 Souvenir Sheet International Polar Year – Arctic Value: DKK 15,50 Issue Date: 15.01.2007 Paper: TR4

opportunities, and by that they share fellowship with other large cities of the world. The large city is, thus, more than just a rational centre for streams of people and values in Greenland. Here important new cultural identities and self-knowledge in a globalised world will be set in motion. About the author: Frank Sejersen, senior lecturer, MSc, PhD University of Copenhagen Eskimology and Arctic Studies (

01303030 Souvenir folder International Polar Year – Arctic Issue Date: 22.02.2007 Incl. one mint sample each of the 8 IPY souvenir sheets Read more about the folder on the back cover of the magazine.

New Philatelic Manager as of 1st February 2007 At the end of January 2007 Søren Rose resigns from his position as Philatelic Manager with POST Greenland. With great success Mr. Rose has led POST Greenland’s philatelic department during the last seven years. As new Philatelic Manager as of 1st February, Mr. Pertti Frandsen has been designated. Mr. Frandsen has been employed with POST Greenland since 1997 and has been deputy head (Administration and Logistics Manager) for POST Greenland’s philatelic department since the year 2000.

New rates for letters and parcels as of 15th January 2007

Frimærker i Forum Review


”Living Stamps” was the slogan for the stamp fair ”Frimærker i Forum” that was held for the 18th time from 10th – 12th November 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark. And there was indeed life in the big exhibition hall between all the stands and booths that stamp dealers, collector’s clubs and postal administrations had set up and filled with stamps, Christmas Seals and accessories. Once more there were plenty of events for all ages. At POST Greenland’s booth, researchers Ole Bennike and Naja Mikkelsen informed about their research at Kap København and during the Galathea 3 Expedition, both projects featured on Greenlandic stamps issued in 2006. The second theme for the exhibition was Mythology which was vividly illustrated by Kassaaluk Qâvigaq who enchanted POST Greenland’s visitors with drum dance and mythical stories and legends from North Greenland. Two of our talented stamp artists were present as well: Naja Abelsen and Linda Riber both signed First Day Covers, stamps and Souvenir Sheets. At POST Greenland’s booth, polls for voting for the best Greenlandic stamp of 2006 were opened and a great many guests and collectors cast their votes during the show. A real draw for all exhibition visitors was the lottery for a trip to Greenland, sponsored by POST Greenland, Frimærker i Forum and the travel agent Nordic Adventure. The lucky winner can look forward to four days of adventure in Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) in West Greenland. POST Greenland would like to take the opportunity to thank the close to 6,000 visitors, who came to see the exhibition and everyone who contributed to the good atmosphere during the show.

Effective from 15th January POST Greenland adjust their prices for sending letters and parcels. As an example, the rate for a priority letter up to 20 grams domestic in Greenland will raise from DKK 5.50 to DKK 5.75. The rate for the same letter to be sent from Greenland to Europe will increase from DKK 7.00 to DKK 7.50. Please refer to below chart for the new rates effective from 15th January 2007.

Letters – Airmail (A – Prioritaire) Max weight




20 100 250 500 1000 2000

5.75 10.25 20.50 38.50 61.50 95.50

7.50 14.25 28.00 53.50 87.75 166.50

8.00 30.50 69.50 119.50 228.50 419.25

g g g g g g

*) Including Denmark, Iceland and the Faroes **) Including Canada

Letters – by ship (B - Economique) Max weight




20 100 250 500 1000 2000

5.50 8.50 14.25 32.50 32.50 46.25

6.50 10.50 21.75 35.50 57.25 100.25

7.00 16.25 44.50 88.25 161.25 294.00

g g g g g g

*) Including Denmark, Iceland and the Faroes **) Including Canada

You can download a pdf-file with the new rates from (in Danish only)




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During 2006 POST Greenland has issued a total of 18 new stamps showing the diversity of Greenland’s culture, nature, history and society. Now you can vote for your favourite – cast your vote for the Greenlandic Stamp of the Year 2006 poll. The Grand prize to be drawn among all voters is DKK 10,000 in cash. Cut this side of the page, fill in and send to below address. Your vote must be in by 1st March 2007. Please also note our special offer on the back of the page! Note: Only one vote per person. The result of the poll and the winners will be published in Greenland Collector No. 2, April 2007 and on our website at where you also may cast your vote online. To the left all stamps from 2006 are displayed with their G-No.




My vote goes to G.-No.

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POST Greenland’s New Year Offer Subscribe to Year Packs – and receive one Year Pack for FREE! The Year Pack 2006 contains all 18 stamps and 3 souvenir sheets issued in 2006, inserted in a nicely illustrated cover. The price is DKK 270.50 corresponding to the total face value included. Order the Year Pack 2006 now and become a subscriber to Year Packs or expand your existing subscription to cover Year Packs. As a gift, you will receive an older Year Pack, not on the stock list any longer. Cut this form, fill in, and send to below address – and become a Greenland Collector today! This offer is valid until 1st March 2007.

on 31st March 2007 The following stamps and souvenir sheet will be withdrawn from our stock list on 31st March 2007, provided they are not sold out prior to that date. Any remaining stock will be shredded. 01100319 14th May 2004 Crown Prince Frederik and Mary 1/2

❑ YES, PLEASE! I would like to order the Year Pack 2006 at a price of DKK 270.50 and I would like to take out a subscription to Greenlandic Stamp Year Packs from 2007. I can cancel my subscription any time, and I pay upon receipt, according to the terms stated on page 15. I will receive an older Year Pack from POST Greenland as a free gift.

01100320 14th May 2004 Crown Prince Frederik and Mary 2/2 DKK 5.50


01100350 20th June 2005 Science I/3 DKK 10.00

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01106340 17th January 2005 Additional Value “Save the children” DKK 23.00

Phone:_______________________________________________________ If available, customer no.: ________________________________________ Signature:____________________________________________________ Mail or fax to POST Greenland, Filatelia. P.O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND. Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 As a subscriber I enjoy the following advantages: • Free magazine for Collectors of Greenland Stamps mailed 3 times a year • Free Newsletter with my subscription delivery. • All mail from Greenland franked with real stamps and neatly cancelled. • No order fees, free shipping* • Cancellation service for stamps and envelopes free of charge • Yearly draw among all subscribers for a special prize

Sold out item: Mini Sheet Sledge Dogs In July 2006 the mini sheet 01107304 sledge dogs sold out. 6.849 copies of the mini sheet have been sold.

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in the next

Greenland Collector Nr. 2 April 2007:

• Parcel Post stamp III • Modern Art • Three new stamps in the science series • SEPAC • Results and winner of Best Greenlandic Stamp 2006 poll • Winner of subscribers draw • And much more

Galathea 3 in Nuuk Text: Søren Rose, Philatelic Manager · Photos: Malînánguaq M. Mølgaard

On the 9th September 2006 POST Greenland issued a special stamp on the occasion of the maritime research expedition Galathea 3’s visit to Greenland. The stamp shows scientists onboard the expedition vessel Vædderen, being busy securing sediment cores from the sea bed in south Greenland. To mark the expedition a special expedition card was issued in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. A team of scientists and crew, with Senior Researcher Ph.D. Naja Mikkelsen leading, cancelled the cards with a special expedition cancel onboard the ship on the way from Narsarsuaq to Nuuk. That was a job well done and POST Greenland wishes to thank everyone at Galathea 3 for their co-operation.

whole sheet of the new Galathea stamp by Philatelic Manager Søren Rose.

The day of issue was Saturday, the 9th September when the stamp officially was presented aboard the Vædderen while anchoring in Nuuk. The expedition leader Morten Meldgaard and Naja Mikkelsen received each a framed

The expedition card has been very popular among the expedition crew as well as collectors from around the world. There are only few copies left of the card that can be ordered with item. no. 01520855. Price DKK 50.00.

Afterwards, the Expedition Vessel was open to the public and everyone could buy the new stamp, first day covers and the expedition card. The presentation was a big success with almost 300 people. POST Greenland would like to thank the crew for the event and wishes the expedition all the best for the remaining passage. According to the schedule the ship will arrive in New Zealand at the beginning of 2007 and will return to Copenhagen in April.

The Crown Prince Couple and Prince Christian 15th October 2005 was a day of celebration all over the Danish Commonwealth. On that memorable day H.R.H. The Crown Princess gave birth to a son. The birth took place in Copenhagen at The National Hospital of Denmark. The people soon dubbed the boy ‘The Little Prince’. At the christening, which took place in Christiansborg Slotskirke on 21st January 2006, the boy was christened Christian Valdemar Henri John, Prince of Denmark. The Danish Monarchy has always been extremely popular in all parts of Greenland. Accordingly, there is a straight line from the first royal visit by King Christian X in 1921, through his son King Frederik IX and all the way to our present monarch Queen Margrethe II. The Greenlanders have always given the Royal Family a deep and heartfelt welcome. The last time this happened was during the Crown Prince Couple’s Greenland expedition during the summer of 2004, a few months after the couple’s wedding. The happy news concerning H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary’s new pregnancy reached Greenland a long time ago. We rejoice, along with the rest of the Danish Commonwealth, at the prospects of Prince Christian becoming a big brother in 2007. As the Crown Prince Couple’s first-born child, H.R.H. Prince Christian will enter the order of succession after H.R.H. The Crown Prince. With this commemorative stamp POST Greenland celebrates the heir to the Throne of the Danish Commonwealth. In addition, we congratulate the Crown Prince Couple on becoming a family.

01100383 The Crown Prince Family Value: DKK 14.25 Issue date: 15 January 2007 40 stamps per sheet Size: G – horizontal Photo by Steen Evald Printing method: Offset Outside measures: 39.52 mm x 28.84 mm Paper: TR8 Stamp Paper pva


POST Greenland Filatelia on the World Wide Web By Holger Amelung

Based in the small town Tasiilaq on an island at the rough East Coast of Greenland, it is fair to say that POST Greenlands philatelic department is located at one of the world’s extremities. The journey to Tasiilaq is long and time consuming, and in most cases the weather is in control of all aircraft traffic to the area. On the internet, however, Filatelias website is just as accessible as every body else’s. advanced technology has created the much cited global village, where distances disappear. It takes only a few clicks to visit Filatelia at, no matter where in the world you log on to the internet. Since 1995 POST Greenland, Filatelia has had its own website that since has been renewed and improved several times. The current website was launched in August 2005 and it is constantly

being updated with information and facts about Greenlandic stamps and philately. Users can chose their preferred language from Danish, English or German. At you can read the latest news from POST Greenland, you can download new and older issues of our subscriber’s magazine Greenland Collector as pdf-file for free and you can read about the stamp artists and much more. You can sign up for our e-mail newsletter that keeps you informed about new issues, compaigns and special offers. On the website you will also find our onlineshop where you can order all stamps and philatelic products from our stock list. The shop has different sections for each product category so it is easy for you to find and order what you are looking for. Please note that you need a

credit card (VISA, Master, JCB, Dankort) to pay for online orders. It is also possible to take out a subscription for Greenlandic stamps and you may request your existing subscription or your postal address to be changed. As a special service you may also check the balance of your stamp account and the latest transactions (invoices and payments) and your subscription details. To use this service you need to apply for a login, which you can request online. You will then receive an email within short time with your login ID and password and then you are ready to log on and check your account whenever you want to. Go to today and see what you can discover – open 24 hours, all year round.

News from POST Greenland


Exhibition cancellations Up until the beginning of May 2007, POST Greenland will participate in the following stamp exhibitions: • ”Internationale Briefmarken-Börse”, Munich, 1st – 3rd March. • ”Jysk Frimærkemesse 2007”, Fredericia, 10th – 11th March. • ”Nordjunex 07”, Trollhättan, Sverige, 20th – 22nd April. • ”17. Internationale Briefmarken-Messe”, Essen, 3rd – 5th May.

POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than the day before the opening of the respective exhibitions.

Special Greenlandic cancellations will be produced for all these exhibitions. Envelopes to be cancelled with these special cancellations must be received by

NOTE: No special Greenland cancellations will be produced for these exchange days or for the jubilee exhibition.

POST Greenland will also be represented at: • ”Byt i Vig”, Vig, 4th February. • ”Byttedag”, Næstved, 18th February. • ”Jubilæumsudstilling”, Guldborgsund, 24th – 25th February.



Please send your orders / amendments to: POST Greenland, Filatelia P.O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND, Phone: (+45) 70 26 05 50 and (+299) 98 11 55 Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 Email: Any change in name, address and/or subscription must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than 5 weeks prior to an issue. NOTE: Please do not write your order on a giro transfer form as these are processed by computers. How to pay: On payment - please, make sure you always state your name and your customer number. Your payments may be made by giro to one of the accounts mentioned below, by credit card, by international reply coupons or by cash in Danish Kroner, Euro or US Dollars only. It is no longer possible to pay by cheque. Giro: Denmark: BG Bank A/S, Girostrøget 1, 0800 Høje Taastrup, Account No.: 9541-940 4120. IBAN: DK98 30000009404120, BIC (SWIFT code): DABADKKK Sweden: Postgirot Bank AB (publ), Vasagatan 7, 105 06 Stockholm. Account No.: 41 45-9. IBAN: SE9795000099602600041459, BIC (SWIFT code): NDEASESS Norway: Postbanken, Kunderegister Bedrift, 0021 Oslo. Account No.: 7878.06.55312. IBAN: NO44 78780655312, BIC (SWIFT code): DNBANOKK Finland: SAMPO BANK, UNIONINKATU 22, 00075, SAMPO. Account No.: 800016-70617928. IBAN: Fi2580001670617928, BIC (SWIFT code): PSPBFiHH The Netherlands: Postbank NV, Account No.: 3487172. IBAN: NL92 PSTB 0003 4871 72, BIC (SWIFT code): PSTBNL21 Switzerland: Postscheckamt, Office de cheques postaux, Ufficio dei conti correnti postali, 4040 Basel. Account No.: 40-6773-5. IBAN: CH37 0900 0000 4000 6773 5, BIC (SWIFT code):

We are the people you reach whenever you write, fax, email, or telephone POST Greenland, Filatelia. We look forward to offering our continued assistance with your philatelic enquiries.

POFiCHBE Germany: Postbank, Niederlassung Hamburg, Überseering 26, 22297 Hamburg. Account No.: 541414200, BLZ 200 100 20. IBAN: DE03 2001 0020 0541 414200, BIC (SWIFT code): PBNKDEFF United Kingdom: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank plc., Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside, Liverpool GIR 0AA. Account No.: 358 7118. IBAN: GB69GIRB72000003587118 Luxembourg: Postes et Telecommunications, Division des Postes, Service des Cheques Postaux, Secretariat, 38 Place de la Gare, 1090 Luxembourg. Account No.: 26606-28. IBAN: LU18 1111 0266 0628 0000, BIC (SWIFT code): CCPLLULL France: La Poste, Centre Régional des Services Financiers, de la Poste en ile-de-France, 16 rue de Favorites, 75900 Paris. Account No.: 250.01 F020. IBAN: FR51 3004 1000 0100 2500 1 F02 022, BIC (SWIFT code): PSSTFRPPPAR If you are not resident in Denmark and use our account 1199-940 4120, you will be charged a handling fee for each transaction by Euro Giro. Credit cards: Dankort, Eurocard/MasterCard, JCB, VISA Cash: - DKK, Euro or US Dollars only - to be sent by registered mail Postal order IRC (IBRS) - International reply coupons: - value DKK 7.50 each from 15/01/2007 DKK 8,00 each. One-year deadline for complaints Any complaints concerning stamps or philatelic items purchased from POST Greenland must reach POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than one year from the last day of the month in which the items were despatched. The date of the postmark, or possibly the invoice, indicates the date of despatch.

Ilka Gerken Sales Assistant German, English, Danish.

Anitta Kofoed Senior Clerk Greenlandic, Danish

Helene Tukula Trainee Danish, English

Fees for registered letters and parcels despatched from Greenland The fee for registered letters within Greenland or to Europe (including Denmark and the Faroes) is DKK 45.00. E.g.: Postage for a registered letter stamped with DKK 7.00 (max. 20 g) comes to a total of DKK 52.00. For surcharge on mail to overseas countries, see: Net Payment within 30 days Payment of our invoices is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Please, note that the registration of your payments will take approximately two weeks or more. Therefore, you may receive an invoice with a balance which does not include your recent payments. Exchange of Stamps POST Greenland, Filatelia, exchanges only old stamps (stamps no longer on our sales list) into new stamps (stamps on our sales list) at the customer’s choice. No more than 3 exchanges free of charge at maximum DKK 100.00 each, per customer per year. When exceeding a total of 3 x DKK 100.00, POST Greenland, Filatelia, will charge a fee of 45% of the nominal value. The fee of 45% must always be paid in cash and is not payable by other stamps. The maximum annual value of stamps for exchange per customer must not exceed DKK 50,000 in nominal value. For further information, please contact POST Greenland, Filatelia. All information on prices, fees etc. is subject to printer’s errors. Publisher: POST Greenland - Editors: Søren Rose, Chief Editor; Pertti Frandsen, Lene Skov Meyhoff, Holger Amelung, Ilka Gerken - Layout & Printing: Datagraf - ISSN: 1397-8632 - Cover Photo: Steen Evald

Kenneth Liedtke Sales Assistant Danish, English, German

Kristian »Karé«  Pivat Assistant Clerk Greenlandic, Danish

Holger Amelung Customer Service & Marketing Manager German, Danish, English

Pertti Frandsen Administration & Logistics Manager Danish, English, German

Juullimi ukiortaassamilu pilluaritsi At the beginning of a New Year we would like to send out these Season’s Greetings. It has been a most enjoyable experience to receive and deal with all your philatelic inquiries throughout 2006. POST Greenland, Filatelia, wishes all our loyal collectors, readers and co-operative partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to being at your service in 2007!

Do not miss! At you can get a free MP3 download of the notes illustrated on the Christmas stamps. Do not miss! At The melody is the Greenlandic Christmas hymn “Guuterput qutsinnermiu”, written by Rasmus Berthelsen (1827-1901), great-great-great-grandfather to stamp artist Julie Edel Hardenberg. Enjoy!

ARCTIC IPY 2007 New joint souvenir folder to be issued on 22nd February 2007 The year 2007 has been declared Arctic International Polar Year, IPY, which will put science and research in all arctic countries into international focus. The Polar Regions essentially influence the earth’s climatic trends. And the Greenlandic icecap holds plenty of details about the world’s climatic evolution over thousands of years. To raise awareness for the activities and the international research during the IPY, eight arctic countries have decided to issue a series of IPY stamps. The following countries have joined the issue: USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The stamps illustrate a wide range of research activities that are in process in each country or that the countries are engaged in during the IPY or trough long term projects. All eight countries’ souvenir sheets featuring these IPY stamps will be issued in a specially designed and illustrated souvenir book on 22nd February 2007. This booklet documents each country’s projects by interesting articles and colourful photographs. All texts are written in English and each country has its article also in its own language which emphasises the international character of IPY. The books 50 pages are spiral-bound and the book contains one mint IPY Souvenir Sheet of each of the participating countries. You can pre-order your copy of the book already now. Item no. 01303030 DKK 178.00. NOTE: Subscribers will receive the souvenir folder with the issue of 21st May 2007. Read more about IPY at

POST Greenland · Filatelia · Tlf.: (0045) 7026 0550 Fax: (00299) 98 14 32 · ·


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