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Dear Reader We are delighted to present one of the greatest philatelic novelties from POST Greenland. As something out of the ordinary we will issue two self-adhesive Christmas stamps in the last Greenland issue of the year, each inserted in its own block in a stamp booklet. We have chosen to issue self-adhesive stamps to make it even more user friendly for our customers. Further on in the magazine you can read a small article about the introduction of our new selfadhesive stamps. Among other positive initiatives, news and changes for this issue it is worth mentioning a new format for our Christmas stamps, which have been printed in a double B-format (horizontal). Following a number of requests from our customers we have modified our order form significantly, and from now on it will contain our entire stock list. The new order form should make it much easier to order both new and existing items. Our new T-Shirt has been on the market for a couple of months and has already sold well, due to both the motif and also because of its availability in many sizes, even small children’s sizes. We also

have an exciting novelty for those of our collectors who are interested in golf. For the past couple of months POST Greenland has experienced a huge success with golf balls featuring a print of our postal logo as well as an illustration of a stamp. Autumn has come to Tasiilaq as in many other places in the northern hemisphere, a somewhat tedious time of year, during which most people have brought their boats ashore, impatiently awaiting the coming season – the white and beautiful winter in Greenland. On a personal note I left Tasiilaq in July after a 5-year stay in the town. I will miss my sledge dogs, navigating between the large icebergs in the fiords and the amazing nature, which encircles the small and richly coloured town of Tasiilaq. I have moved to Nuuk to become a more active part of the postal management. I am looking forward to the new conditions in Nuuk with the forthcoming challenges. I am also looking forward to gaining exciting experiences with fishing, whale watching and reindeer hunting. Besides the fact that Nuuk offers some of the grandest and most beautiful alpine conditions in Greenland, Nuuk also has a wide range of cultural

attractions, which the entire family is looking forward to participating in. For a long time it has been a tradition for POST Greenland to issue the last stamps of the year in connection with the opening day of „Frimærker i Forum“ (Stamps in Forum). This year’s issue takes place almost a month before Forum, where we want to give a hearty welcome to all our customers of many years, as well as new customers at POST Greenland’s sales booth. It is worth mentioning that we will present a maritime environment at the exhibition, since we will focus on our beautiful ship stamps, which we issued back in June. Read more about the exhibition inside the magazine. Even though it is rather early, on behalf of POST Greenland, I would like to wish all our customers and business partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the native land of Santa Claus. I hope you enjoy the Greenland Collector and our new philatelic products. Yours sincerely, Søren Rose Philatelic Manager

New Postal Product from POST Greenland –

Self-adhesive Stamps 3 It is with great pride and joy that POST Greenland introduces a great philatelic novelty in Greenland – self-adhesive stamps. It is a decisive step towards the fast process of change, which underlies the issue of self-adhesive stamps. More and more postal services throughout the world are complying with the customers’ demands and are also taking on board the consequences arising from the international postal development. Thus, they are today issuing self-adhesive stamps. POST Greenland has conducted a thorough analysis of the circumstances concerning self-adhesive stamps on the postal market. After careful consideration we have decided to start out cautiously and are therefore only introducing the selfadhesive stamps in a Christmas stamp booklet. The new stamp booklet with self-adhesive stamps replaces the traditional Christmas stamp booklet with regular stamps. However, the Christmas stamp booklet has

the same format as our previous Christmas stamp booklets. It was essential for us to minimize the differences there may be between selfadhesive stamps and traditional stamps. Thus, among other things we have chosen to use the same type of paper for the selfadhesive stamps: HS8. Furthermore, we have made sure that these stamps can also be washed off envelopes and cards the traditional way to be inserted into a stamp collection later on. The stamp format – double B horizontal – has nothing to do with the development of the self-adhesive stamps. The format was solely founded on the design on the

Christmas stamps which we found to be more appropriate for the beautiful piece of craftsmanship that Kunuk Platoú has put into the stamps. We will monitor the development of these first Greenland self-adhesive stamps with great attention. The introduction of the selfadhesive stamps will result in a marked improvement of the handling of stamps for our customers. With this initiative we hope the new Christmas stamp booklet will be well received.

New stamp artist behind the Christmas stamps

Kunuk Platoú


It is the young illustrator and film director, Kunuk Platoú, who has created the motifs for the two Greenland Christmas stamps this year. In Greenland, Christmas is also called „Lysenes Fest“ (The Celebration of Lights), which is not surprising when you consider how dark it is around Christmas time in the arctic regions. You really do need to turn on lights in the dark and this is also very much the case in Greenland when Christmas approaches. In almost every home, the electric lights of the Star of Bethlehem shine from the windows throughout the Christmas month. It is a small, however, and not insignificant detail, which Kunuk has captured in his Christmas stamps. 2002, incidentally, was the year in which Kunuk tried his strength for the first time against the many challenges that come with the art of designing stamps. Altogether, three of the 15 new stamps issued by POST Greenland this year bear witness to Kunuk’s characteristic and artful line. The first stamp by Kunuk was the Greenland „Europa“ stamp, G297, denominated DKK 11.00, issued on 24 June. The Christmas stamps are issued in the traditional whole sheets as well as stamp booklets with self-adhesive stamps. Below, we bring a Christmas greeting from Kunuk to our collectors and readers of Greenland Collector. By Kunuk Platoú, Illustrator and Film Director

My name is Kunuk Platoú. I was born in 1964 in Kangaamiut. When people ask me where I come from, I usually answer: „I am

from Nuuk“. As a child I lived in many different places in Greenland. Since my father was a clergyman and served in various parishes in Greenland, we moved around a lot. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Ever since my parents discovered my artistic interests they have supported me in every way. As a child I often looked at stamps through a magnifying glass. I could spend a very long time studying the fine lines. When I was given the task of drawing stamps, it brought back some wonderful childhood memories. When Christmas time approaches, the expectation of the great day, Christmas Eve, the coldness, the snow, the darkness and all the memories gush forth. When I was asked to depict Christmas on a small stamp, it was the atmosphere from childhood I wanted to illustrate. I have striven to capture the atmosphere of those days. At the moment I am living in Denmark and I have had some difficulty evoking the old Christmas spirit when living so far away. It has been an exciting process having to recall the atmosphere from childhood and maintaining it. It has been even more difficult to create the „Europa“ stamp, since there is no such thing as a circus in Greenland. I acquired the inspiration through experiences from my childhood in Denmark. Once again the atmosphere is what matters most to me. I have tried to transform the atmosphere from my childhood circus into a Greenlandic version. Thus, the theme of both stamps is „atmosphere“. At the moment I am working on a manuscript, which I hope will be completed some day in the future. My main interests have

always been myths and stories. Without revealing too much, I can say that the manuscript is based on an old Greenlandic story which I would like to make into a real film.

01100301. Christmas stamp 1/02 21.10.2002. DKK 4.50

01100302. Christmas stamp 2/02 21.10.2002. DKK 4.75

01301107. Christmas booklet no. 7 21.10.2002. DKK 55.50 NB: The booklet contains self-adhesive stamps Date of issue : 21 October 2002 Printing method : Offset Engraving : Martin Mörck Format : Double B – horizontal Outside measures : 62.16 x 23.60 mm Paper : Yellow fluorescent 30 stamps per sheet


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S TA M P O F T H E Y E A R Once again we call upon our collectors, readers and others who are interested to vote for the most beautiful stamp of the year. Each of the 15 stamps issued by POST Greenland during 2002 is up for vote. See the reproductions of the stamps on the backside of this coupon.

addition, we will hold a draw for 10 „consolation







Greenland philatelic gifts. As always, we will make the draw from all the ballots received. Take part in voting for the „2002 Greenland Stamp“. Fill in this coupon and mail it to POST Greenland, Filatelia in Tasiilaq. Deadline for forwarding your ballot is Friday 24 January 2003. The winner of the first prize and the winning stamp will be announced in the Greenland Collector, No. 1, February 2003, as well as at

sealskin-covered cushions for the couch. In


of two beautifully designed East Greenland


craftsmanship. This year’s first prize consists

P.O. BOX 121

in the shape of some beautiful Greenland


Once again we will have a draw for first prize


Only one vote per person is allowed.




Email: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Country: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Postal code.: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Customer number, if any: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Only one vote per person is allowed


My vote goes to:

G-288 G-293 G-298

G-289 G-294 G-299


G-290 G-295 G-300

G-291 G-296 G-301

G-292 G-297 G-302

Visit „Frimærker i Forum“ in Copenhagen 8 - 10 NOVEMBER 2002 The polar bear, POST Greenland’s beautiful attraction kindly on loan by Greenland Tourism, will be back to visit Copenhagen when POST Greenland takes a stand at the exhibition „Frimærker i Forum“ (Stamps in Forum) from 8 – 10 November 2002. This year we have broken with several years’ tradition, namely the last Greenland issue of the year, which usually takes place in connection with the annual exhibition. In 2002, our last issue of the year will take place almost an entire month before the Forum. This means our customers will have had plenty of opportunity to become acquainted with our new stamps before the exhibition and thus will have every opportunity to add to their collection at the Forum. Every stamp and item in our stock list will be for sale, just as we will bring along plenty of new issues, and of course, especially now with Christmas approaching rapidly, plenty of Christmas stamps in the traditional whole sheets and Christmas booklets with the new self-adhesive Christmas stamps. We will have everything at our sales booth where, according to the traditional practice, it will also be possible to have your Greenland stamps cancelled with our special exhibition cancellation made for „Frimærker i Forum 2002“. At this year’s exhibition we want to focus on the June issue of the ship stamps and we will present a maritime environment at our sales booth. Our theme is the maritime

environment in Greenland and the sales booth will be decorated with collections loaned to us by museums as well as private people. You will find many exciting activities at POST Greenland’s sales booth: lectures, entertainment, a workshop with Greenlandic artists doing crafts as well as competitions with the chance to win Greenlandic craftwork. We will bring along the Christmas mailbox again this year, through which you may send yourself – or others – a Christmas greeting from the native land of Santa Claus, Greenland. You can also buy exhibition cards and regular Christmas postcards at POST Greenland’s sales booth. We look forward to welcoming „old“ as well as new customers at „Frimærker i Forum“ from 8 -10 November! Practical information: Place: „Forum“ in Copenhagen Julius Thomsens Plads 1 1925 Frederiksberg C Entrance fee: An entrance fee will be charged. Opening hours: Friday 8 November 2002: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday 9 November 2002: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday 10 November 2002: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Stamp Programme 8

During 2002 we introduced two brand new philatelic products: mini sheets and self-adhesive stamps. These are initiatives which will continue throughout 2003, a year in which we expect a great deal with regard to the postal market in Greenland. However, both products will continuously be evaluated in such a way that we will always be able to comply with postal requests in the best possible way. I am very pleased to be able to introduce an exciting stamp programme for 2003 which offers beautiful stamp motifs as well as highly interesting subjects. For the presentation of the stamp programme of 2003 we have chosen to show selected sketches of the upcoming stamps.

12 March 2003 We begin 2003 with a very beautiful issue of 3 stamps – a presentation of the most superb portraits of Greenlandic sledge dogs, illustrated by Naja Abelsen and engraved by a new engraver in a Greenlandic context, Lasse Sjöblom from Sweden. The sledge dog illustrations have been applied to 3 stamps. Naja’s fine lines make one almost want to pet the dogs.

The last two stamps represent the inauguration of an entirely new series. The theme is „Expeditions in Greenland“ and the series involves joint issues with a range of countries which have had historical or important expeditions in Greenland. Thus, the first issue is a joint issue with Post Danmark which marks the great „Literary Expedition“ of 1902-1904 in Greenland. The motifs are illustrated and engraved by Martin Mörck.

20 October 2003

The first four stamps in our October issue make up the continuation of our very beautiful series of „Navigation in Greenland“. Martin Mörck is a unique artist and has already illustrated and engraved the next 4 ship stamps in the series, which are named „Emma“, „Fox“, „Godthaab“ and „Sonja“. Kunuk Platoú is responsible for the last

16 June 2003 The first stamp in the June issue is the additional value stamp of 2003. In 2003, the additional value will go to „Santa Claus of Greenland“. I am pleased to be able to reintroduce Lis Stender (formerly Lis Skafte) as the stamp’s artist and this time with a theme which is a personal favourite of Lis’. The next issue will mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the town of Qaanaaq in the shape of anniversary stamps. The artist behind the stamp is Ina Rosing whom we already know from various stamps. The next theme in the summer issue is the „Europa“ stamp 2003 on the theme of „Poster art“. The last stamp in the June issue is the continuation of the „Cultural Heritage“ series by Anne-Birthe Hove. Anne-Birthe continues her own beautiful style by presenting beautiful illustrations of Greenland then and now.

stamp issue of the year, which are our Christmas stamps. With an elegant and simple line Kunuk yet again manages to show a warm and happy Christmas spirit in Greenland. 2003 also offers the regular stamp booklets, souvenir sheets and the Year Pack. Furthermore, we will issue a range of souvenir folders, which will provide additional exciting background information and illustrations of the stamps. I hope the stamp programme of 2003 will be well received. Yours sincerely, Per Svendsen General Manager

New Definitive Stamp The present series of definitive stamps in Greenland began in 2000. The artist behind the beautiful portrait of Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II is the Norwegian engraver and artist Martin Mörck. Rigmor Mydtskov, the Danish Court photographer, shot the photography from which the engraver’s work originated. : 21 October 2002 : Two-coloured steel engraving Paper : Yellow fluorescent Engraving : Martin Mörck Original photo : Rigmor Mydtskov Format : F – horizontal Outside measures : 33.44 x 28.44 mm 40 stamps per sheet

To date we have issued 6 denominations in the series: DKK 0.25, 4.50, 4.75, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00. On 21 October a new denomination will be added to the series: DKK 0.50.

In accordance with a joint agreement, POST Greenland is handling the distribution and sale of the Greenland Christmas Seal again this year. Juullip Nipitittagaa, the Greenland Christmas Seal Committee, will issue the Seal. Orders, changes of address or questions concerning your Christmas Seal subscription should be directed to: Juullip Nipitittagaa The Greenland Christmas Seal Committee Phone: (+299) 98 18 33 Fax: (+299) 98 18 34

Date of issue Printing method

01100298. 21.10.2002 Definitive 2002. DKK 0.50


Dear subscriber,

This year we choose to present all our customers, who subscribe to Greenland stamps, with a small gift. The gift is a size A4 map of Greenland 1:11.800.000, bought at Saga Maps. Our „Europa“ stamp G250 with the well-known Greenlandic polar bear is illustrated on the map. Our postal logo is placed near the same spot as the philately is situated in Greenland - Tasiilaq. For further information or to buy other maps from Saga Maps, please visit: We hope you will enjoy the map. Yours sincerely, POST Greenland

The 2002 Christmas Seal

True to tradition, The Greenland Christmas Seal Committee would like to keep the motif as well as the artist a secret until the actual issue date of the Christmas Seal. This year, the Christmas Seal will be presented on 30 October. The 2002 Christmas Seal will be sold in whole sheets of 30 pieces, denominated DKK 30.00 per sheet. Use the back of this order form to make your order. REMEMBER: If you already subscribe to Greenland Christmas Seals you do not need to send in this order form. In this case you will receive your subscription shortly after the issue date. Methods of Payment – The Christmas Seal Committee Payments to The Greenland Christmas Seal Committee must be made to: The Bank of Greenland, P.O. Box 1033, 3900 Nuuk, GREENLAND. Account No.: 6471 – 1406970 or to: BG Bank A/S, Girostrøget 1, 0800 Høje Taastrup, DENMARK. Account No.: 1199 – 6 0072868. Naturally, payments may still be made in cash, by cheque, credit card or by international reply coupons made out to: The Greenland Christmas Seal Committee, P.O. Box 19, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND. You may pay for your 2003 Christmas Seals in advance, provided you enclose a note about it. It is not possible to use POST Greenland’s giro account numbers in Denmark and abroad, since the Greenland Christmas Seal Committee and POST Greenland are two separate companies.



GREENLAND ............................................ Country:

3913 Tasiilaq . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Town: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Post code:

P.O. Box 19 ............................................ Address:

Seal Committee

The Greenland Christmas

pre-order now!


at DKK 30.00. Total DKK: .............

Year Pack 2002



YES PLEASE. I would like to order ........ sheets of Christmas Seals

Juullip Nipitittagaa


Affix NB: If you already subscribe to the Greenland Christmas Seal, you do not need to send in this order form.

POST Greenland’s

The total of 15 stamps and the 2 souvenir sheets which POST Greenland issues during 2002 are now available for sale in a beautifully designed Year Pack. As something out of the ordinary the Greenland Year Pack is issued in a horizontal format and not in the traditional vertical format.

The mystical and – for some – uncanny Greenlandic masks decorate the cover of the Year Pack. These wooden masks and drums of the Greenlandic drum dance embody central cultural elements of the unique Greenlandic culture. For this reason, these significant cultural characteristics were issued on stamps in 2002 in Anne-Birthe Hove’s enchanting line as a continuation of her popular stamp series "Greenland’s Cultural Heritage". Both the mask and the drum are described in words and pictures in the Year Pack 2002. Enjoy the illustrations and the descriptions – not to mention the stamps by POST Greenland. Buy Post Greenland’s Year Pack 2002 which includes both souvenir sheets. 01304002. 21.10.2002 Year Pack 2002 DKK 167.00

To be issued on 21 October 2002 – but may be pre-ordered now


International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, celebrates its 100-year anniversary. Joint issue by POST Greenland, Postverk Føroya and Post Danmark.

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, ICES celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year. The postal services of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark celebrate this with a joint issue. It is a well-known fact that all three countries in the Greenlandic, Faroese and Danish commonwealth have strong associations with the sea. For example, fishing in the Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic waters are of great importance to the people of Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland to this very day and many of the relations between the three countries have often

taken place at sea. So what could be more obvious than to issue a beautiful souvenir sheet, which illustrates the relation between the three countries in the commonwealth, from Greenland via the Faroe Islands to Denmark? Of course, the ICES souvenir sheets issued by the three postal services are not identical. The souvenir sheet by POST Greenland contains the two Greenland ICES commemoratives, G299 and G300 denominated DKK 7.00 and DKK 19.00. The stamp motifs on the two Faroese and the two Danish stamps are, however, featured

as decoration in POST Greenland’s souvenir sheet, but not as stamps. The reverse is the case in the ICES souvenir sheets by Post Føroya and Post Danmark, in which case the stamp motifs of the other countries figure as decoration in that particular postal service’s own souvenir sheet. Moreover, all three souvenir sheets by the postal services are available in the special ICES joint issue souvenir folder, denominated DKK 56.50 – face value of all three of the souvenir sheets.

Date of issue Printing method

: :

01303011. 21.10.2002 100 years of ICES. Joint issue Souvenir folder. DKK 56.50

Paper Engraving Format Outside measures 40 stamps per sheet

: : : :

01106299. 21.10.2002 100 years of ICES. Joint issue Souvenir sheet. DKK 26.00 Souvenir sheet printed in offset. Stamps, however, are in steel engraving and offset.

Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, England and the USA. The network of oceanographers gathers information about the maritime eco-system. Thus, the knowledge we have already obtained of the seas has improved. The information forms the basis of impartial, apolitical counselling. The counselling is subsequently employed by the 19 member countries, which supply economical and scientific support to ICES in the effort of maintaining the North Atlantic and the adjacent seas.

The counselling In the maritime field, ICES is the main supplier of counselling to the governments and the international legislative powers who maintain the North Atlantic and the adjacent seas.

21 October 2002 Steel engraving and offset (combination) Yellow fluorescent Martin Mörck G – vertical 28.44 x 39.52 mm

Facts about ICES • ICES is an abbreviation of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. • ICES is an international organisation which is in charge of coordinating and promoting the exploration of the sea in the North Atlantic and the adjacent seas: The Baltic and the North Sea. • ICES is a meeting place for more than 1,600 oceanographers from 19 different countries in the North Atlantic area. The 19 member countries are: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France,

Contains samples of the ICES joint issue souvenir sheets by POST Greenland, Postverk Føroya and Post Denmark respectively

The promotion ICES publishes scientific information and counselling in reports and publications, e.g.: ICES Journal of Marine Science on CD-ROM – and on their website:


The Greenland Shark The Greenland Shark The Greenland Shark The Greenland Shark

By Juaanna Platou and Qillaq Danielsen, Upernavik


The Greenland Shark lives in vast numbers in the Greenlandic waters. It lives off other marine animals. In waters with the Greenland Halibut, the shark is a constant threat to the fish. Thus, the Greenland Shark is often found in territorial waters with large stocks of fish where it has plenty of food.

During the days of the Greenland Trade Department, its liver was traded and the Greenland Shark was caught as a means of production. Nowadays the shark is mostly caught to be exterminated because it is a great inconvenience for the fishermen. In North Greenland, however, it is caught by the halibut fishermen and hung on racks to be used as dog food – the dogs love the dried meat of the Greenland Shark. When sharks gather in too vast numbers in certain halibut fishing areas, they become too much of an impediment to long line fishing (fishing with strong nylon lines

at a length of hundreds of meters in stead of the ordinary fishing lines, ed.). The sharks bite through the long lines and in certain fishing spots it is common for the fishermen, during the ice fishing of the winter, to only leave their lines in the water for up to two hours. The northern part of Greenland has a fairly large stock of Greenland Sharks, e.g.: Avanersuaq (the northernmost municipality in Greenland, ed.). If halibuts are to be fished in this area, the long lines can only stay in the water for two hours. If you leave the lines in for more than two hours, you risk losing the lines you have put a good deal of preliminary work into. It may even happen that a large shark takes the bait on the line, and the fishermen will subsequently have to strenuously haul the shark up on to the ice if they are very unlucky. If you travel a bit further south, outside of Upernavik and its surroundings, you can leave your lines in the water for up to 24 hours during the winter. However, you may also experience cut-off lines or lines that have caught a shark on one of the hooks, although this rarely happens. In Qaanaaq, we went shark fishing during the spring of 1999. The meat was to be hung on racks for dog food. The fishing area for halibuts is not far from Qaanaaq and at that spot we went fishing for sharks. The material used for fishing sharks is exactly the same as the material used for fishing halibuts. The only difference is that you use a wire instead of a hawser. You have

The Greenland Shark The Greenland Shark to use a wire of approx. 10 meters, which is chained to a stone at the end. You fasten hooks at every other fathom. Above the hooks we fastened a can of rotten meat as bait, even though we had applied bait to all the hooks. There were so many sharks that our long lines, which we left in the water all night, had caught numerous sharks. Of all the sharks we caught several were only left with their heads because other sharks had been feeding on them. We take that as evidence of the vast number of sharks.

The sharks we caught were hauled in using a tackle. We caught sharks every day. Every now and then we even had five at a time on the hooks, but sometimes there only was one. Even though it is hard work fishing for sharks, it is always exciting. Sometimes you

become rather exhausted when an extremely large shark is among the catch. Then you have to use a lot of strength to haul it in! In those places in Greenland where you are allowed to keep sledge dogs, shark fishing is a great resource for the production of dog food. Shark fishing meant for the production of dog food makes it unnecessary to import dog food from abroad. We also have plenty of other raw materials from the ocean, which can be used if only you have the will to go fishing for them. We gained a lot from the shark fishing as we experienced it. Even though it is hard work to fish for them, there is still something splendid about it. We often went with the dog sledge to the place where we used to fish during the fine weather. When we had hauled in the lines one at a time, and it was evident that numerous sharks had taken the bait, we hauled them in using the tackle or using our own strength. Since the shark is a dangerous predator, we kill them on the spot using a knife as soon as they appear to make sure they do not harm us. Having hauled them on to the ice, we cut off the meat and only leave the head. The rest is placed on the sledge and when we get home, the meat is carved into thin straps and hung from a wooden scaffold.

01100299. 21.10.2002 100 years of ICES. Joint issue The Greenland Shark. DKK 7.00

The Redfish

The redfish is very common in the North Atlantic. Here it lives in the open waters at very large depths and close to the bottom on the sloping banks. The redfish can be found from the Skagerrak via Scotland and Spitsbergen to the Barents Sea, in a belt across the Atlantic Ocean around Iceland and Greenland to the east coast of North America. In the Greenlandic waters it can be found both at the west and at the east coast as well as in the fiords and in the Davis Strait and the Denmark Strait. It is not common further north than Uummannaq on the west coast. Important spawning grounds for the redfish can be found off the west coast of North Norway and in the Irminger Sea, southwest of Iceland. Around Greenland there are three different species of redfish: Atlantic redfish (Sebastes marinus), deep-sea redfish (Sebastes mentella) and Norway redfish (Sebastes viviparus). Norway redfish is only found in small stocks at the east coast. Deep-sea redfish are separated into two different types: Demersal deep-sea redfish and oceanic deep-sea redfish. All three species of redfish spawn during the months of April – May across the Reykjanes Ridge, southwest of Iceland. After the spawning, most of the spawn is carried by the sea current to grow around East and West Greenland. Illustration: Martin MÜrck

The redfish is a very slow growing species of fish. On average it takes 14-15 years from the time the redfish is born until it has reached its shortest hauling size of 35 cm. Likewise, it takes approx. 18 years for a redfish to gain a length of 40 cm, at which time it is able to reproduce. Similarly, an Atlantic cod reaches a size of 40 cm in approx. 3-4 years. The main range of Atlantic redfish are found on the continental shelf around Iceland, the Faroes and South Greenland. It occurs at depths of up to 500 meters. Demersal deep-sea redfish also occur on the continental shelf, though at greater depths. The redfish on the stamp G300, denominated DKK 19.00, is a Sebastes mentella, which is a deep-sea redfish. Read more about the redfish through our source:

01100300. 21.10.2002 100 years of ICES. Joint issue The Redfish. DKK 19.00


News from POST Greenland POST Greenland will participate in the following exhibitions during the period October – November 2002

• „Nordjunex“ in Stockholm, Sweden, from 23-24 November 2002.

• „Nordia 2002“ in Kristianssand, Norway from 10-13 October;


• „Int. Briefmarkenbörse“ in Sindelfingen, Germany from 25-27 October;

For each of the five exhibitions, we have developed a Greenland special cancellation. Envelopes to be cancelled with these cancellations must, as always, be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia no later than one day before the opening of the exhibition in question.

3900 Nuuk (Godthåb) 3910 Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) 3911 Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) 3912 Maniitsoq (Sukkertoppen) 3913 Tasiilaq (Ammassalik) 3920 Qaqortoq (Julianehåb) 3950 Aasiaat (Egedesminde) 3952 Ilulissat (Jakobshavn) 3970 Pituffik (Thule Air Base)

Franked and addressed letters to be cancelled with this cancellation are to be sent directly to the post offices in the towns mentioned above.

• „Frimärkmessan“ in Helsinki, Finland from 1-3 November;

• „Frimærker i Forum 2002“ in Copenhagen, Denmark from 8-10 November

The cancellation advertisement „2412 Santa Claus Greenland“ will be used on all outgoing mail from POST Greenland, Filatelia, 3913 Tasiilaq, during the period from 21 October to 31 December 2002.

The cancellation advertisement „Send juleposten i god tid“ (Early Mail For Christmas) will be used in the stamp cancellation machines during the period from 1 to 30 November 2002 at the following post offices:

During the period 1 – 25 December, the post office in 3910 Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) will also use the cancellation advertisement „Christmas Greetings from Greenland“ in the stamp cancellation machine. Franked and addressed letters to be cancelled with this cancellation are to be sent directly to: POST Greenland Blok L 3910 Kangerlussuaq GREENLAND

Worth knowing… Please send your orders/changes to: POST Greenland, Filatelia Postboks 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, GREENLAND Phone: (+45) 7026 0550 and (+299) 98 11 55 Fax: (+299) 98 14 32 Email: Any change in name, address and/or subscription must be received by POST Greenland, Filatelia no later than 5 weeks prior to an issue. When exchanging stamps worth more than DKK 100.00, POST Greenland, Filatelia charges a fee of 45% of the face value. No more than 3 exchanges per customer per year are allowed. The maximum annual value of exchanged stamps per customer cannot exceed DKK 50.000 in nominal value. The stamps are always exchanged into new stamps of the customer’s choice. The fee of 45% must always be paid in cash and is therefore not payable using other stamps. For further information please contact POST Greenland, Filatelia. NOTE: Please do not write your order on a giro transfer form as these are processed automatically.

How to pay: By giro: Sweden: Postgirot Bank AB (publ) Vasagatan 7, 105 06 Stockholm. Account No.: 41 45-9. Norway: Postbanken, Kunderegister Bedrift, 0021 Oslo. Account No.: 0805 1919794. Finland: SAMPO BANK, UNIONINKATU 22, 00075, SAMPO. Account No.: 800016-70617928. The Netherlands: Postbank NV, Account No.: 3487172. Switzerland: Postscheckamt, Office de cheques postaux, Ufficio dei conti correnti postali, 4040 Basel. Account No.: 40-6773-5. Germany: Postbank, Niederlassung Hamburg, Überseering 26, 22297 Hamburg. Account No.: 541414200 BLZ 200 100 20.

United Kingdom: Alliance & Leicester Giro Bank plc, Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside, Liverpool GIR 0AA. Account No.: 358 7118. Luxembourg: Postes et Telecommunications, Division des Postes, Service des Cheques Postaux, Secretariat, 38 Place de la Gare, 1090 Luxembourg. Account No.: 26606-28. France: La Poste, Centre Régional Des Services Financiers, de la Poste en ile-de-France, 16 rue de Favorites, 75900 Paris. Account No.: 250.01 F020. If you transfer an amount from outside Denmark through our giro account 940-4120 in Copenhagen, Euro Giro will charge you a fee for each transaction.

Credit cards: Access, Eurocard, JCB, MasterCard, VISA. Cheque: - in your own currency. Cash: - to be sent by value registered mail Postal order IRC (IBRS) - international reply coupons: value DKK 6.00 each. 1-year deadline for claims Any claims concerning stamps and philatelic items purchased from POST Greenland must reach POST Greenland, Filatelia, no later than one year dated from the last day of the month in which the items were dispatched. The date of the postmark or the invoice is valid as the date of dispatch. Fees for registered letters and parcels dispatched from Greenland Fees for registered letters in Greenland or to Denmark and the Faroes are DKK 31.00. E.g.: Postage for a registered letter stamped with 4.75 (max. 20 g) comes to a total of 35.75. For postage on letters to Scandinavia, Europe and other countries, see: Payment within 30 days Payment of our invoices is to be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

All information on prices, fees etc. are subject to printer’s errors.

We are your service team We are the people you reach whenever you write, fax, email, or telephone POST Greenland. Some of us have been here for several years whilst others are fairly new. We look forward to being of service to regarding your philatelic inquiries.

Anja Panduro Pedersen, Sales Assistant. Danish, English, German.

Lene Skov Meyhoff, Correspondent. Danish, German, English.

Bjarne Andersen, Correspondent. Danish, German, English, French

Kristian „Karé“ Pivat, Assistant Clerk. Greenlandic, Danish

Andreas Fett, Sales Assistant. German, Danish, English.

Publisher Service

Email Homepage Editors

Lars Anker-Møller, Head of Sales Danish, German, English.

: :

POST Greenland POST Greenland, Filatelia P.O. Box 121, 3913 Tasiilaq, Greenland Phone +45 70 26 05 50 +299 98 11 55 Fax +299 98 14 32 : : : Søren Rose, Chief Editor, Lene Skov Meyhoff Anja Panduro Pedersen Pertti Frandsen

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TELE Greenland, Ulrik Madsen 1397-8632

Erwin Reinthaler


Please remember from October to December 2002

10 21



1 8 23


October 2002 Exhibition: „Nordia“, Kristianssand, 10-13.10.02 Issue: - Definitives 2002: 1 definitive stamp featuring a portrait of Queen Margrethe II - 100 years of ICES: Joint issue GLFO-DK: 2 special stamps, 1 souvenir sheet and 1 souvenir folder - The Christmas stamps: 2 commemorative in whole sheets and 1 booklet with self-adhesive stamps - Year Pack 2002 Exhibition: „Int. Briefmarkenbörse“, Sindelfingen, 25-27.10.02 November 2002 The use of the cancellation advertisement „Send juleposten i god tid“ (Early Mail For Christmas) at 9 post offices during the period of 1-30.11.02 Exhibition: „Frimärkmessan“, Helsinki, 1-3.11.02 Exhibition: „Frimærker i Forum“, Copenhagen, 8-10.11.02 Exhibition: „Nordjunex“, Stockholm, 23-24.11.02

Where does Santa Claus live…? He lives in Greenland of course! There can be no doubt about that… The royal estate of Santa Claus is situated in Northeast Greenland. Since the postal communication to and from this desolate and isolated region may be delayed due to weather and climatic conditions, Santa Claus established a post office in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk (Godthaab), a very long time ago. Everybody who writes to Santa Claus will of course get a reply in a letter franked with Greenland stamps and cancelled with Santa Claus’ very own special cancellation. Santa Claus receives mail all year at the following address: Santa Claus 2412 Nuuk Greenland

In the next issue, read about • New series: Sledge dogs in Greenland • Report from „Amphilex and „Frimærker i Forum 2002“ • Meet a young collector from Tasiilaq • Enter the competition to select the 2002 Greenland Stamp of the Year • Joint issue with Post Danmark on the theme of: „Expeditions in Greenland“

Visit Santa Claus at:

• And much more

December 2002 Use of the cancellation advertisement „Christmas Greetings from Greenland“ in 3910 Kangerlussuaq, 1-25.12.02


ENTER THE COMPETITION TO ELECT THE 2002 GREENLAND STAMP OF THE YEAR. Win beautiful prizes. See page 5 and 6.

Co l l e c t o r GREENLAND

Subscription magazine for collectors of Greenland stamps Vol. 7 • No. 3. • September 2002

New postal Product from POST Greenland Self-adhesive stamps

New stamp artist behind the Christmas stamps

Visit the Copenhagen exhibition „Frimærker i Forum“ 8 – 10 November 2002

The stamp programme 2003

POST Greenland’s Year Pack 2002

100 years of ICES Joint issue

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Dear Reader Yours sincerely, Christmas stamps which we found to be more appropriate for the beautiful piece of craftsman- ship that Kunuk Pl...

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