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S E C RE T / / NOFORN/ I 2O3II2O8 JTF-GTMO-CDR SUBJECT:CombatantStatusReviewTribunalInput andRecommendation for Continued (S) DetentionUnderDoD Control(CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9YM-010013DP o o o 4. (SruD

A HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threatto the US, its interestsand allies. A MEDIUM threat from a detentionperspective. Of HIGH intelligencevalue. Account of Detainee'sTimeline:

The following section is based on a consolidation of several accountsfrom various significant individuals in order to assemblea feasible timeline. a. (S//NF) Prior History: Detaineecamefrom a religious family and becameinterestedin his religion at the ageof 12. During the 1994civil war in Yemen,when detaineewas about 22 yearsold, he fought for two months in support of the government. In 1995, after a failed attemptto obtain a visa to the US, detaineetraveledto Munich, Germany(GM), wherehe appliedfor asylum. From 1995-1997while awaitingtle outcomeof his asylumpetition, he lived in Hamburgunder the nameof Umar al-Yemeni.' Detaineewas reportedlyseenin Bosnia (BK) during the summerof 1996.' In No'ue-ber 1997,after learninghis Germany asylum requestwas denied, detaineetraveled to Yemen to obtain a studentvisa at the German embassyin Sanaa,YM. Subsequently,he returnedto Germany where he described himself as a recluse,never dating or attendingparties. He alsonotedhe was a poor student who received failing grades. It was around this time that detaineemoved in with Mohammad al-Amir Awad al-Sayyid Atta' aka (Muhammad Atta), and they began their close relationship.oOn 31 January1998,detainee'sappeal-request for asylumwas deniedand he was declaredsubject to arrest(NFD. Detaineeremained in Germany living with Muhammad Atta until September1999,when detaineemoved out.5 b. (S/NF) Recruitment and Early Timeline for the 11 September operation: ln late 1999, detainee,Muhammad Atta, Ziad Samir Jarrah,and Marwan Yousef Mohammad Rashid al-Shehhiplanned to travel as a group to Chechnyafor jihad.o While traveling by train from Hamburg to Bonn, GM, detaineeand al-Shehhi spoke about Chechnyawith Khalid al-Masri. Khalid al-Masri gave them the phone number of Mohamedou Ould Slahi aka (Abu Musab),ISN US9MR-000760DP(MR-760), and identified him as a personwho could facilitatetheir travel to Chechnya.Detaineeand al-Shehhivisited MR-760 at his home

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Analyst Note: Atta, Jarrah, and al-Shehhi were all participants in the 9/11 attacks.

2 S E C R E T // NOFORN I / 2O3II2O8

Ramzi Mohamed Abdullah Bin al Shibh  
Ramzi Mohamed Abdullah Bin al Shibh