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l9 October2005


MEMORANDUM FOR Commander,United StatesSouthemCommand,3511 NW 9lst Avenue, Miami, FL 33172. SUBJECT: Recommendationfor ContinuedDetentionUnder DoD Control (CD) for GuantanamoDetainee,ISN: US9IZ-000906DP(S)

JTF GTMODetaineeAssessment 1. (FOUO)PersonalInformation: o JDIMSAIDRC ReferenceName: Bisheral-Rawi o Aliasesand Current/TrueName: BisherAl Iraqi. Britain Bisher o Placeof Birth: Baghdad.Iraq (.IZ) o Date of Birth: 23 December 7967 . Citizenship: Iraq o InternmentSerialNumber (lSN): US9IZ-000906DP 2. (FOUO) Health: Detaineeis in good health. He hasnot reportedany ongoingmedical conditions. He went on a hungerstrike in August and September2005. Detaineehasno known drug allergies.

3. (S/NF) JTF GTMO Assessment: for Continued a. (S) Recommendation: JTFGTMO recommends this detainee DetentionUnderDoD Control(CD). b. (S//NF) Summary: JTFGTMO previouslyassessed detainee asRetainin DoD Control (DoD)on l0 September 2004. as Detainee is a closeassociate of Al-QaidarecruiterAbu Qatada,who hasbeendescribed andpossibleAlAl-Qaida'sEuropeanspiritualleader.Detaineeis anAl-Qaidasympathizer CLASSIFIEDBY: MULTIPLESOURCES REASON:E.O.12958SECTIONl.s(C) DECLASSIFYON: 2031019


S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 2O3OIOI9 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: UpdateRecommendationfor ContinuedDetentionUnder DoD Control (CD) for GuantanamoDetainee,ISN: US9IZ-000906DP(S) Qaida recruiter, with ties to membersof the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). Detaineeprobably has knowledge about other extremistsand the recruiting network. Detaineeclaimed he provided supportto the British SecurityService(BSS) regardinghis relationshipwith Abu Qatada. Detainee'spossiblefamily link to Iraqi insurgentsis currentlybeing investigated.It is assessed this detaineeis a HIGH risk, as he is likely to posea threatto the US, its interests and allies. 4. (S/NF) Detainee Background Summary: Unlessotherwisenoted,the following paragraphsare basedsolely on the detainee'sstatements. a. (S//NF) Prior History: Detaineemoved to England(UK) when he was sixteen. From 1988to 1989,detaineeattendedQueenMary and Westfield Collegein London, UK, studying materialsengineering,but did not obtain his degree. He held numerousjobs from 1985 through 1998. During this time, detaineestartedtwo of his own small companies.One was a steelfabricationworkshopin 1995,and the other,a computercompanyin 1996. From 1998 until his capturein2002, detaineeclaimedhe did not have a job, but insteadspenta lot of time helping Middle Easternersrelocateto London. Detaineenormally attendeda mosque located in a sportscenter rented by Abu Qatada,but occasionally attendedthe Finsbury Park or RegentsPark mosques. Detaineenoted that Abu Qatadawas one of his favorite speakers, that Abu Qatada's and that Qatadapreachedagainstthe West. (Analyst Note: It is assessed mosqueattendedby the detaineewas the Four FeathersClub. Abu Qatadawas a LondonbasedAl-Qaida recruiterwhoseteachingsinfluencednumerousextremistsincluding someof the 9ll1 hijackers, Richard Reid, and ZaccariasMoussaoui. Abu Qatadawas sentencedin absentiato life in prison for his role in the Jordanianportion of the failed Millennium Plot. Abu Qatadawas arrestedby British authoritiesin2002. He was subsequentlyreleased,only to be rearrestedin connectionwith the 2005 London Transitbombings.) b. (S//NF) Recruitment and Travel: Severalof detainee'sfriendsurgedhim to go to Afghanistan (AF) for weaponstraining, but he did not go. Prior to Abu Qatada's2002 anest, he (Abu Qatada)was in hiding for about ayear. During that period, detaineerented an apartmentfor Abu Qatada,and visited him about once a week. When questionedby UK authorities about Abu Qatada'slocation, detaineedid not reveal the information, although detaineeclaimedhe (detainee)was fulfilling his obligationsto MI-5. During Qatada'stime in hiding, detaineevisited him weekly a-ndprovidedhim clothesand food. He also assisted Qatadaas a handyman,shopping,translating, or making financial transactionsat London banks. c. (S//NF) Training and Activities: Detainee'sbrotherlost much of the family fortune during the "stock market crash" and wanted to enter into a lucrative businessenterprise. As such,he joined a peanut oil extraction businesswith a partner in Gambia (GM). Detaineefelt


S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 2O3OIOI9 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: UpdateRecommendationfor ContinuedDetentionUnder DoD Control (CD) for GuantanamoDetainee,ISN: US9IZ-000906DP(S) the needto help his brotherin this enterprisewhile remainingdisassociated from the operationaldetails as much as possible. (Analyst Note: It unknown who the partner in Gambiawas.) d. (S///NF)Capture Information: In early November 2002,detaineeclaimedhe and a group of individuals were leaving Gatwick Airport in London, UK, en route Gambia to establishthe peanutprocessingbusiness,when they were taken into custodyby British authorities. Authorities told detaineeit was becausehe had a modified battery chargerin his suitcase,but detaineefelt the real reasonwas becauseof their associationwith Abu Qatada. The group was releasedand repurchasedtickets to Gambia. On 8 November 2002, after being allowed to leave Gatwick Airport, Gambian authorities detainedgroup as they arrived in Gambia. Detaineeremainedin their custody until approximately December2002, when he was transferredto Bagram,AF, and US custody. (Analyst Note: In early November 2002,five associatesof London-basedextremistAbu Qatadawere detainedin Banjul, Gambia. Theseindividualswere detainee,Abdul Latif Elbanna(ISN US9JO-000905DP(JO905)), detainee'sbrother WahabAmin Khalil Al-Rawi, Abdallah GhaziEl-Hanoudi,and Omar Omari. Detainee'sbrother,El-Hanoudi,and Omari were releasedafter questioningby Gambianauthorities.))

e. (S) Transferredto JTF GTMO: 06February 2003 f. (S//NF)Reasonsfor Transferto JTF GTMO: To provideinformation onthe following: . Key personnel,personalhistory, educationalbackgroundand training o Personalhabits and traits of Abu Qatada,Abu Omar and Abu Hamza . Key personnelof international criminal organizationsto include Abu Qatada,Abu Omar and Abu Hamza o Terrorismrelatedfacilities usedfor housing,training, storageof equipment, safe/guesthousesand/or mosquesto include the Baker StreetMosque, the RegentsPark Mosqueand rentedhalls usedfor speechesand prayerin London,UK.

5. (S//NF)DetaineeThreat: poses a. (S) Assessment: It is assessed thedetainee a HIGHrisk,ashemayposea threat to the US, its interestsand allies.

b. (S//NF)Reasonsfor ContinuedDetention:


S E C R E T // NOFORNI I 2O3OIOI9 JTFGTMO-CG SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation for ContinuedDetentionUnderDoD Control(CD) for (S) Detainee, ISN: US9IZ-000906DP Guantanamo o (S/A{F) Detaineeis a reportedAl-Qaida recruiter. Detaineeis a closeassociateof European-basedAl-Qaida recruiter Abu Qatada,and associatedwith membersof the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). The level of trust exhibited by Abu Qatadain detainee, indicatesdetaineehe probably participatedin, and has knowledge of Abu Qatada's recruiting network, including key personneland facilities. Detaineeprovided personal assistanceto Abu Qatada,including in hiding from the British authorities. Detaineewas aware of NGO funds provided to Abu Qatada. o (S//I\fD DetaineeassistedAbu Qatadain evading British authorities.Detainee locateda residencefor Abu Qatadato usewhile avoiding capture. When questionedby British authorities in London on the whereaboutsof Abu Qatada, detaineerefusedto reveal his location. Detaineestatedhe was with Abu Qatada the night before he was arrested. He was relieved that he had not provided the information that led to Abu Qatada'sarrest. Despite thesestatements,detainee also claimedthat he was working with MI-5 (British SecurityService)providing information on Abu Qatada. (Analyst Note: Abu Qatadahas been identified as an ideologist,i.e. spiritual leader,of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) The GIA is part of the Global Jihad SupportNetwork and is a Tier 0 Counterterrorismtarget, definedas terroristgroupswhich posea clear and immediatedangerto US personsor interests.When visiting GuantanamoBay, a memberof an allied intelligenceserviceadmitteda relationshipwith detainee.An RFI hasbeen submittedto DAO London,UK, requestingdetailsof this relationshipand the extent to which detaineeprovided information.) . (S/AIF) Detainee statedthat of all the terrorist acts againstthe United States, the only one he did not have a problem with was the attack on the USS COLE. He addedas a military target, it should be expectedthat those in the military could be killed at any time. (Analyst Note: This commentindicatesdetaineedeems terroristattacksagainstthosehe deemsvalid targetsto be acceptable.) . (S/A{F) According to closefriend and assessed Al-Qaida memberAbdul Latif Elbanna,ISN US9JO-000905DP(JO-905),detaineeaskedAbu Qatadaif he could have Qatada'sdaughter'shand in marriage. Abu Qatadatold detaineethat he could marry his daughterwhen she got older. (Analyst Note: JO-905 was taken into custody by Gambian authorities along with detainee. The requestfor marriage and approval is indicative of a close relationship betweenAbu Qatada and detainee.) . (S/AiF) Detaineeclaimedhe madea point to avoid being seenwith Abu Qatadain public. Detaineeclaimedhe doesnot considerAbu Qatadahis spiritual guide. (Analyst Note: Despitethis claim, detaineefrequentlyattendedmosqueat with Abu Qatada. Abu Qatada'sFour FeatherClub and remainedcloseassociates Detaineealso statedthat Abu Qatadawas one of his favorite speakers.)


S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 2O3OIOI9 JTFGTMO-CG SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation for ContinuedDetentionUnderDoD Control(CD) for (S) Detainee, ISN: US9IZ-000906DP Guantanamo . (S/AIF) Detaineeclaimed he was aware of Abu Qatada'stravels to Afghanistan, and speculatedthat he met with Usama Bin Laden (UBL). Detainee deniedknowing that Abu Qatadawas a closeadvisorto UBL. Despitehaving many opportunities to travel to Afghanistan himself, detaineeclaimed he refused. (Analyst Note: It is probable that detaineeknew the extent of the relationship betweenAbu Qatadaand UBL and is now trying to cover this knowledge in hopes of being released.) . (S/n{F) Through his associationwith Abu Qatada,detaineelearnedof an Islamic NGO in London, UK. The organizationwas under Qatada'sdirection. Detaineeclaimedhe was not involved in the actualdecision-makingof the NGO, but that while most of the money raised was distributed to the needy Islamic population of London, some also went to Abu Qatada. Detaineesuspectedthat a portion of the money might have been diverted to militant Islamic individuals or groups. Detaineeclaimedhe hasno more detailson the militants, but was unsettledby the distributionof funds. (Analyst Note: Detaineehas not provided the name of this NGO and searcheshave revealedno additional information.) . (S/AIF) According to admittedAl-Qaida recruiter,MohamedouOuld Slahi, ISN US9MR-000760DP(MR-760), detaineeseemedto be very knowledgeable aboutthe "American-Islamist"conflict and could provide a greatdeal of informationaboutthejihad cells in London,UK. (Analyst Note: Detainee claimedto have no knowledgeof MR-760.) o (S/AID During searchesof detaineeand his fellow travelers'homes,a significant amount of literature regardingweapons,instructions for making explosivesand a book detailinghow one could hide his identity and "disappear"were found. (Analyst Note: It is unknown which of theseitems were locatedin detainee'sresidence.) o (S/AfF) Detaineeobtainedhis helicopterpilot licensein 1998,scubadives frequentlyas a hobby, owns a boat, claims to be an accomplishedclimber, is a motorcycleenthusiast,sayshe is a fairly good welder and fairly proficient in electricaldevices. (AnalystNote: Thesecertificationsand capabilitiesare desirabletraits soughtby extremistrecruiters.) . (S/AIF) Detainee'sname is includedon a US governmentlisting of one hundred and seventy-nineextremistswith some degreeof flight training or pilot experience.(Analyst Note: This listing was compiledby a CIA researcheffort on the threat from flight-trailed extremistsin responseto an FBI requestfor information. ) o (S/A{F) AssessedAl-Qaida memberMohammedBasardah,ISN US9YM000252DP (YM-252), statedthat detaineewas known as Bisher Al Iraqi, aka Britain Bisher, aka Bisher Amin I(halil Al Rawi. YM-252 statedthat detainee was tied to a known Al-Qaida leader in England by the name of Abu Ubaida. After British authorities arrestedUbaida for having ties to Al-Qaida, detainee )


S E C R E T // NOFORN I I 2O3OIOI9 JTFGTMO-CG SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation for ContinuedDetentionUnderDoD Control(CD) for (S) Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9IZ-000906DP



broke into his London, UK, home and stole valuable papersallegedly linking Ubaidato Al-Qaida. When confrontedby police, detaineereportedlystatedhe was in the houseto repair gas service. YM-252 also believedthat detaineewas involved in Al-Qaida recruiting operationsin England. (Analyst Note: Abu Ubaida's identity and role in the UK-basedAl-Qaida network are unknown.) . (S/AIF) ISN 252 noteddetaineewas involved in Al-Qaida operationsin England. ISN 252 also statedthat he believeddetaineewas involved in recruiting operationsin England. ISN 252 statedthat detaineecame from a very wealthy and well connectedfamily in the Middle East.(S/AtrF)According to ISN 252, detaineeis a closefriend of assessed Al-Qaida operativeSawadAl-Madani, ISN US9SA-000239(SA-239). SA-252 claimedheheardsecondhand,that detainee and SA-239 were involved in an Islamic movementled by SheikAbu Ubaida. (Analyst Note: Detaineeclaimed that he did not know SA-239 prior to arriving at GuantanamoBay.) (S/AfF) Detaineeadmittedto associationswith membersof the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). Detaineeidentifredtwo phonenumbersfound in his telephone book as belongingto individualsnamed Ja'farand HassedHussayn. Detainee statedthat Ja'far had links to North African extremist groups and that Hassed Hussayn,he believed, had links to the GIA. Detaineethen went on to say that both men were membersof the samegroup and were militant fundamentalists. (C/REL USA AND GCTF) While assessed Al-Qaida memberAbdul Bukhary, ISN US9SA-000493(ISN 493) was in London in 1998,he heardabouta cell led by Abu Qatada. In 2003, an individual namedShakerAl-Madani told ISN 493 that detaineewas secondin commandafter Al-Madani in the London,UK, cell and trainedin Bosnia(BK), and Afghanistan. (Analyst Note: Detaineehas not provided any information with regardsto training in Bosnia nor Afghanistan. ShakerAl-Madani is probably assessed Al-Qaida operativeSawadAl-Madani,



(S/i\lF) Detaineemay be affiliated with recently detainedAl-Qaida operative Omar Ousman Wally. . (SiNF) Among those detainedwith detaineein Gambia was a Gambian-based associateby the name of Omar Omari. Omari was releasedby Gambian authorities,but told to remainin Gambia. (Analyst Note: It is assessed that Omar OusmanWally is Omar Om4ri.) . (S/AIF) Al-Qaida operativesFarhadAhmed and Juniad Ismail Dockrat were also taken into custodyon29 September2005,with Omar Wally. (Analyst Note: This movement of Dockrat brothersmay be in relation to the detentionof midlevel Al-Qaida operativeHaroon RashidAswat. Aswat, a residentof England, was detaineddue to connectionswith the London, UK, bombings. Subsequent questioningof Aswat revealeddetails of the South African Dockrat network and 6 S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 2O3OIOI9

S E C R E T i / NOFORN I / 2O3OIOI9 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Update Recommendationfor Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for GuantanamoDetainee,ISN: US9IZ-000906DP(S) may reveala connectionto detainee.It is assessed if Omari is Wally, then detaineemay also be tied to Aswat.) c. (FOUO) Detainee's Conduct: Detaineeis assessed as a MODERATE threatfrom a detentionperspective.Detainee'sbehaviorhas beenmostly compliantand non-hostileto the guard force and staff. 6. (S//NF) Detainee Intelligence Value Assessment: a. (S) Assessment:

JTF GTMO determinedthis detaineeis of HIGH intelligencevalue.

o (S//)t{F)Detaineewas an associateof key Al-Qaida operatorsin Europe,and possibly the African continent. The nature and scopeof detainee'sinvolvement with Abu Qatada'soperations,and thoseof Al-Qaida in Europeand Africa requiresadditional investigation.The depthof detainee'sinvolvementdictateshis true intelligencevalue. To date,he hasbeenreluctantto discusshis involvementin Qatada'smovement. However,given the closerelationshipbetweenthe two men, the assistance providedto probable while in hiding, and statements made by other detainees, it is that Qatada detaineehasbroad knowledgeof Qatada's(andthus Al-Qaida) operationsin Europe, including financial and personnelmatters. Little is known about detainee'sreported relationshipwith seniorAl-Qaida operativeAbu Ubaida. However,a relationshipwith both Qatadaand Ubaida suggestsmore seniorplacementand accessthan detaineehas admitted. Recentleadsregardingdetainee'spossiblerelationshipto Omari, and the very preliminary suggestionthat his family may haveties to Iraqi insurgentsaddsadditional dimensionsto his intelligencevalue.

b. (S//NF)Areasof PotentialExploitation: o

Al-Qaida o Personalities . Abu Qatada o Four FeathersClub . Members including those currently detainedat GuantanamoBay, Cuba . UK-basedTerroristCells . Previouslyrecruitedextremists . GIA o HassedHussayn o North African Extremist Groups o Ja'far


s E c R E T //NOFORN I | 20301019

S E C R E T // NOFORNI I 2O3OIOI9 JTFGTMO-CG SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation for ContinuedDetentionUnderDoD Control(CD) for (S) Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9IZ-000906DP 7. (S) EC Status: Detainee's enemycombatant statuswasreassessed on 04 October2004, andhe remainsan enemycombatant.

JAY W. HOOD Major General,USA Commanding


Bisher Al Rawi  

a. (S) Recommendation: JTFGTMO recommendsthis detaineefor Continued DetentionUnderDoD Control(CD). 2. (FOUO) Health: Detaineeis in good heal...

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