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TABLEMATE 2 •Table mate, a portable multipurpose table for indoor or outdoor use. With this one table you can have lunch or a snack, read magazines, solve a jigsaw puzzle, work on a laptop, and do much more! •The table mate now comes with free shipping (within India).Table Mate Tray is Like Having 18 Trays In 1! With the built-in adjustable cup holder, no matter what position your tablemate is, your cup is staying in.

DESCRIPTION •To put in simple words, the Table Mate tray is a multipurpose portable table. You can use it for eating, as a laptop table, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, arts and crafts, board games, as outdoor tray table, trade shows, gardening, patio tray table, serving table, … or for any other purpose! •The hugely popular original Table Mate Classic has taken a new avatar as Table Mate II.

•Among the Folding Tables available, Table Mate™ Tray is the perfect portable table for both indoor as well as outdoor use. •This foldable table can be easily adjusted in three different ways according to your body size, the activity you're doing and the way you're sitting. •It is built for convenience - you can have a lunch or snack comfortably in the mid of a trip, read magazines, laptop lap table, share a drink, solve a jigsaw puzzle and a perfect companion to portable chairs.

•Just slide the table tray surface to a horizontal position and its ready for use. •Table mate is flexible enough to be tilted at a convenient angle to suit your needs.

•The space saving design makes it an ideal choice for small rooms where it can be used as a table tray for bed. •This indoor-outdoor plastic table folds into a semifolded position and you can easily store it under a sofa or in a closet. This versatile Tablemate II adjustable table can be assembled in a matter of just two minutes that too without the need of any tools. • With the built-in adjustable cup holder, no matter what position your tablemate is, your cup is staying in.


• Portable • Table tray that can adjust to 6 different heights and 3 angles • Light in weight • Adjustable Cup Holder • Multiple table Like having 18 tables in 1 • Ideal for those with limited space and mobility • Holds up to 20Kg • Folds flat for storage or stacks

USES Laptop folding table • Study desk • Reading table • Writing table • Drawing table • For board games • Card table • Outdoor tray table • Patio tray table • Serving table • and more...

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