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Table mate 2 – Health Advantages –

Let us see how the table mate 2 helps physically to Children, Middle Age People and the Old People.

CHILDREN : In Table Mate 2 children can be free from any type of injuries since there are no cross bars to bump the legs of the children.

• In normal tables there are many possibilities for the childrens to fall down either of the side and breaking their bones, but in Table Mate 2 it won’t happen since it encloses the body with the chair we are sitting in. • It has soft edges so that to avoid children getting hurt by the sharp edges as in big tables. • It is weight less and when it suddenly falls children themselves can hold the weight whereas in the big table it won’t be possible.


Using big tables at an uncomfortable place for such a long time brings you back pain whereas Table mate 2 can be dragged and used wherever we want.

• If something struck beneath the table means it is really a great risk to leave a hand under the table sometimes it may lead to losing of fingers whereas in Table Mate 2 we can easily remove it and can take the thing beneath it. • When someone shifts their house from upstairs or to upstairs there are more possible of dropping the table in their legs while carrying, but Table Mate is light weight and even a small child can carry it.

OLD AGE PEOPLE: It is very difficult for elderly people to always in search of tables whereas in this Table Mate 2 can be took wherever we want.

• They get easily affected by backbone problem as already their bones had lost their strength in bone while using big tables for long times, but now with the help of Table mate 2 they can work hours together.. • Since there is no cross bars as like big tables in Table Mate 2 so the occurrence of injury is also nil.

CONCLUSION: Table Mate 2 is more compact and convenient for all age groups. Fully adjustable to suit activity. Assembles in minutes without any nuts or bolts. Ideal for people who have limited space in their homes. Folds away for easy storage. The soft edge design makes it perfect t for children. The table top is made of plastic; the legs and angle bracket are aluminum. The entire assembly is white. It is very light-weight. There are no sharp edges, nothing that will scratch your floors or tear your carpets. Assembly is simple, with no tools required

Table mate 2- Health Advantage -  

Table mate 2 Health Advantages is a great looking portable table that can be carried along with you wherever you want to use it. It can be...