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Magical and Potent S2O Laundry Sheets S2O Laundry detergent sheets are a magical laundry detergent that makes laundry an easy and simple job to do. It is a three in one product that not only cleans, but also acts as stain remover and fabric softener. You can now do your laundry effortlessly. Different softeners, bleaches, and stain removers can be done away with by using the S2O laundry sheets. Mode of Action The product is specially designed to take care of all your laundry needs. You can use the S2O Laundry sheets as a substitute for the soap, detergent, washing powder, fabric softener, and any other cleaning supplies that you add to the washing machine. An additional benefit of the detergent sheets is that they can also be used to clean household stains. The instructions for use are simple: 

For medium or small loads, a single sheet will suffice. You simply need to place the sheet along with the clothes.

For heavy loads, two sheets can be used.

To get an effective cleaning, let the laundry detergent sheets with water fill the machine till half the level and then you can add the clothes. This makes the solution more powerful and enhances the cleaning action of the sheets.

Beneficial Features The detergent sheets come in pleasant and scented fragrances that keep the freshness intact. The ingredients used are environmental-friendly and safe for all types of clothing including infant clothes. Any type of colored fabric including whites can be cleaned with the sheets. It is suitable for use in all degrees of water temperatures and can be used in front loading as well as top loading machines and also high efficiency machines. With the laundry detergent sheets, you do not require mixing, measuring or using heavy detergent containers for your laundry. Why Use S2O? The S2O laundry sheets are made of superior quality ingredients that make them safe and effective. Durability, convenience, and ideal form are some of the stellar features which make the product hold an edge over other similar products that are available in the market. The customer support and prompt service and the readily available information on the product make it a highly desirable one. The design, economical pricing, and appealing package all combine to give a very attractive and magical cleaning product that you have never seen before.

Any product that makes the household chores easier and finishes them in a faster time span is welcomed by consumers readily. S2O sheets belong to this category. The premoistened and high quality sheets treat all the stains, smears, and smudges in the clothing without any extra effort on your part. So, with this product you not only enjoy maintaining quality of your fabrics but also save unnecessary physical efforts.


S2O an All-in-One Laundry Sheets that is Detergent Fabric Softener and easy Stain Remover. The environmentally-friendly laundry detergent sh...