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Pick up your spray paints and get started! Today’s time demands you to be on your toes round the clock, always in a rush, right from the time you wake up, to the time you finally go off to sleep, there’s something or the other running in your mind. In such circumstances, an optimistic and blissful atmosphere is what you need. You might not have noticed but the outlook of your home and workplace has a great impact on your mind. Cleanliness, colour of the walls, the kind of things placed around matter a lot. If you get fascinated by graffiti and want a personalized touch to your walls, you must try spray painting. Done with a spray painter, this is considered an art form, almost a form of a subculture slowly gaining popularity. You could get artists to spray paint your walls or get to work yourself, if you’re sure about how you want your walls to look like, that is. The process is easy, paint is applied to the wall or any object that is to be painted, it is done via an air rushed spray gun. The gun has three important partsnozzle, compressor and paint basin. As the trigger is hit, the paint particles get mixed with the air and emerge out as spray paint. The best part about spray painting is its customizable nature; you can play around with colours, shapes and patterns of different sizes and designs. There is however a way of using the spray gun, certain things that you should keep in mind, like the distance, how to hold it and so on. There are two types of spray guns- High Volume Low Pressure and Low volume low pressure, the HVLP requires more volume of air while the LYLP needs a lesser volume of air. Then there are airless sprays which use air pressure and fluid pressure in a preset ratio to achieve atomization of the layering thereby enhancing the speed. These sprays are mostly used in bulk work in factories. The advantages being, high uniformity, fills colours efficiently in crevices and very speedy. So, pick up a bottle of spray paint, decorate your room, give it your own style statement, write quotes, draw or paint, be as random as you want, the end product will be an absolute treat to the eyes. For those, who are good with fine arts, you could do wonders to a lifeless wall by adding colours to it and thus bringing life. This is probably the most feasible and efficient way of easy home painting, you could use it to decorate and beautify your workplace, house especially the terrace as you can go on and experiment as much as you want. Street art is fun and a more sophisticated version of graffiti and adds beauty and class to your locality besides giving wings to your ideas and creativity.

Paint zoom pick up your spray paints and get started  

Say good bye to paint brush and rollers. With the Paint Zoom paint sprayer you can do all kind of painting fast and easy. Its easy to use an...

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