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Try elliptical trainer machine for an effective workout session A cross trainer is known by different names, like an elliptical trainer machine and Elliptical bike. It is an exercise equipment, which gives you the benefits of a treadmill, stair climber, and spin bike all of them together. Due to such combined benefits of different exercise equipments, the Elliptical training machine has gained considerable popularity in the recent past and have taken over the sales of treadmills. The working of the elliptical trainer machine mainly focuses on coordination between the leg and arm movement and as the user moves his arms and legs on the trainer, power is generated. Along with this, as the user raises his workout intensity or speed, the machine also moves faster. Thus, the cross trainers resulting in burning out more calories. The best part of this fitness equipment machine is that it can be used by people of different age groups. You don’t need to be a pro to operate this machine as it has pre-programmed options, such as Hill, Cardio, random and reverse, which can be selected as per individual choice. However, the manual option lets the user set a workout plan of varying resistance and speed. The heart rates monitor helps in keeping your workout intensity within the programmed target heart rate zone. If you feel that you have become resistance to a particular level then you can increase your resistance level so that you continue to tone your body to achieve your Cardio and weight loss goals. In comparison to other workout machines with Orbitrek elite, the user gets reduced strain on the joints, knees, and back. When you are running in a park, on a jogging track, or for that matter even on a treadmill which is built with shock absorbers, the workout impact that the body feels is much more than on a cross trainer. This is because of the low impact design of cross trainers your feet don’t leave the support on the fitness machine so you are subject to the lesser amount of repetitive strain type injury. It also helps in exercising the cardiovascular muscles while it engages a range of major muscle groups like hamstrings, quads, calves, arms as well as your bottom, all at the same time. The core muscles which are often ignored are also taken care of when you use this trainer. Hence, it allows for a great overall workout regime which is not possible in other exercise programs.

Additionally, this amazing home exercise equipment is extremely quiet enabling you to carry out your workout even when your baby is sleeping in the same room or while you watch your favorite program in the TV.

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Orbitrek Elite - the revolutionary Cross Trainer which combines waist-slimming cardio exercises with resistance-training workouts that can s...

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