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Unwind and Relax with 3-in -1 Leg Massager You can now bring home the 3-in-1 Leg Massager to give your legs and feet the ultimate massage. Aching feet and sore muscles will be a thing of the past with this device. The kneading discs and vibrating board of the foot massager India keep your calves, ankles, feet, and soles worked properly thus providing a wonderful effect. Unique Model The leg massager is designed in an exclusive and innovative way to provide deep and intensive massage for the feet, ankles, and calves with the help of the kneading discs. The vibration board helps in soothing the soles by using acupressure. The device is programmed with different levels of kneading and vibration that can be used to get your own personalized massage session. By spending a few minutes with the massager, you are sure to feel relaxed and invigorated. The model has the following features: • Three massage programs for kneading and three more for intensity changes or vibratory changes. • The kneading rollers are pre-programmed to simulate the movements of an expert masseur which relieve the muscle aches and refresh the body giving you the experience of using a spa foot massager. • The vibrating foot has numerous reflexology nodes embedded on it to stimulate the soles and give a soothing effect to the whole body. Effective and Efficient Features The three different modes for the vibration and kneading present help you choose the program that is appropriate for you. The simultaneous massaging and squeezing motion of the leg massager helps to effectively act on the claves, feet, and ankles producing a relaxing experience. The foot plate along with the special roller provided focuses on the arch, ball, and soles to relax and energize the body leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed. The control panel for change of program is easy to use and the fabric liner that is provided can be removed and washed easily. The auto shut-off mechanism is triggered after 15 minutes of use. Precaution Persons who have a history of cardio vascular condition including pacemaker should consult with their physician before using the leg and foot massager. Pregnant women and those who have had ankle or feet surgery should also consult with their physician before using the device.

With the 3-in-1 Leg Massager, you can sit back and get comfortable while you enjoy the best massage within the confines of your home. The complete leg and foot massager stimulates the circulation and leaves you feeling de-stressed and completely relaxed after your stress-filled work day. With the massager, you can unwind the knotted muscles, relieve sores, and feel innervated. You are guaranteed to get a totally relaxed and tension free experience with the 3-in -1 Leg Massager.

3 in 1 leg massager  

3-in-1 Leg Massager is a personal home massager for your legs and feets. Turn on the luxury leg and foot massager and your tired, aching fee...

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