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Multipurpose and Efficient Super Ladder Super ladder is a multipurpose, light in weight product that has an amazing 8 in 1 ladder which meets all the climbing tasks you require. Made from superior quality aluminium that is of the grade used in aircrafts, the ladder is sturdy and highly durable. Visit for more info Unique Features The super ladder is a foldable ladder that is constructed in a strong and sturdy manner with an 8 in 1 extension system. The stepladder is fitted with self-locking hinges and can be used in both households as well as on working sites due to its high portability feature. It can be used in many situations as shaped ladder, extension ladder, stepladder, and a platform ladder. Components Present The traditional ladders used were usually made of casuarinas sticks or bamboo, but later on the designs developed further and gave way to metal ladders that were strong but used for a single purpose only and were unwieldy in nature too. To eliminate these defects, the foldable ladder has been introduced. It has scaffold plates with a support stand that can withstand up to 150 kg weight. The ladder is fitted with 12 rungs with a 28 cm space between the rungs. Made of superior quality aluminium, the product is light in weight and has rubber feet fitted to make it stable and prevent sliding while in use. Precautions during Use You are required to follow certain preventive measures while working with this ladder. • While using the folding ladder, you have to ascertain that the locking mechanism provided with the ladder is in proper position before you start climbing up the ladder. • Take care to place the ladder on a flat and even surface when you use it. • The safety instructions that are given while buying the product should be read carefully and thoroughly before you start using the folding ladder. Beneficial Features

In the portable ladder models, the Super Ladder is the most versatile design. It is easy to use and the click lock facility ensures complete safety. The aluminium ladder price is also cost efficient considering the amount of tasks that it can perform. With the excellent quality aluminium added, the cost of ladder is certainly very low. The rubber feet attached to the base gives it a stable and supportive aid making it reliable on any surface, provided it is even. Super Ladder is a one of its kind in staircase ladders and it is a magical ladder that transforms into 8 positions just by performing simple moves. It can be folded and carried along to any place and used both indoors and outdoors making it the ideal ladder for your home. Overall, this is the best multipurpose tool at your service. Visit for more info.

Multipurpose and Efficient Super Ladder