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Air Sofa Cum Bed- The Ideal Home Addition If you are looking for a space saving and multifunctional product that graces your home elegantly and adds elegance to your living area, the Air sofa cum bed is the ideal product for you. It affords the ideal sleeping and seating solution. It can function as sofa in daytime and double up as a bed at night. Advanced Features Though there are numerous such products in the market, the main factor that makes this sofa cum bed stand out from the rest is its dual use. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The product is made of superior quality PVC and is designed in such a way that you feel as comfortable as sleeping on a cotton mattress. By pumping in air which takes under 3 minutes, the sofa cum bed inflates to a full-fledged sofa that positions itself faultlessly in your living area. By unfolding the sofa, you get an amazingly comfortable air bed. You can also flip it and change the product into a chaise lounge recliner. The bed with couch uses a highly sophisticated Surround Suspension Air Technology which supports the body on air effectively leaving you feeling wellcushioned and relaxed. Significant Advantages The product is created in an excellent manner that provides you the following advantages: 1. The design makes it easy to fold and stow away when not in use. The travel bag provided makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. 2. Its sleeping surface is just like a real bed. 3. The product acts as a multipurpose unit and you can use bed as a couch, sofa, and recliner too. 4. It is designed on Air Lock Technique that makes it extremely comfortable and relaxing to use. Durability Though the product is light in weight, it is made of strong and durable material. It has been tested under extreme conditions and does not get damaged easily. It makes an extra bed that saves space and also provides comfort similar to a real bed. It can be used as high rise sleeper for kids or as recliner or lounger for relaxing after a hard day at work. Within three minutes, you can inflate it and use it at home or while you are out camping.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the Air sofa cum bed can be used anywhere. The light weight and travel bag provided makes it easy to carry wherever you want to. The cleaning and maintenance is easy and it comes with a 120V AC pump. With a single product, you get an elegant looking sofa, comfortable couch, beautiful bed, and relaxing recliner making it the perfect addition to your home. These many plus sides of this product actually make it a must by for your home.

Air sofa cum bed  

This Inflatable Multifunctional Air Sofa Cum Bed is perfect for TV room living room and bedroom. Its convenient folding design allows it to...

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