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Trim and Tone Your Abdomen with Ab Coaster Abdominal shaping needs highly focused training methods to get the desired results. Traditional crunches used for abdominal training work from top to the lower portion, but the newly introduced Ab Coaster works the muscles from bottom to the top and at the same time it does not create unwanted stress in the back, shoulders, and neck regions. Beneficial Features The abdominal training machine enables fat burn in a speedy and efficient manner by focusing on the main group of muscles namely the lower abs, the upper abs, and the side oblique muscles. Abs workout is made easier by the digital workout counter that is provided with the machine. It is also fitted with roller wheels in front, so it is easy to move it. The equipment comes with two ten pound weights giving a total of 20 pounds of resistance. The seat with various angles that can be adjusted according to the abdominal exercises done is another added plus in the feature. For ease of use, vinyl covered foam pads molded in ergonomic design is presented. Usage Instruction The abdominal exercise machine is crafted specifically for home use. The usual abs workout machines are made of hanging type but this device varies. A contoured knee pad provided enables you rest your knee and there are pads for arm and elbow with handles for easy grasping. While you move the lower body in an up and down motion due to the steel arc provided with the abs contract, the upper body stays completely stationary. Advantages    

The main beneficial feature in the device is the crunch movement that gives a perfect exercise for ab muscles. There is no unnecessary movement of the body. It is simple and convenient to use. Since the stress induced to other parts are minimal, there is no pain in the neck or back region.

How Efficient is AbCoaster? The main purpose of the abdominal exercise machine is to tone the muscles in the abdomen. Leg raises are the best abdominal exercises that focus on the abdomen. To get a well-toned and muscular abdomen, this machine provides the best exercise for ab.

It is important to note that the Ab Coaster alone does not burn fat efficiently. To burn the maximum amount of calories in a short span, you need to burn them both while exercising and also while at rest. A proper diet along with workouts in the machine will give the desired result. With every purchase of the machine, you get instructional DVD, exercise plan, and also a guide to the ideal meal plan. You only need to follow your workout regime and dietary habits to enjoy the positive outcomes.

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Ab coaster tbuy  

The Ab Coaster lets you work your abs through the "bottom up" method, like professional bodybuilders and gymnasts, even while limiting stres...