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Ervamatin –The Best Solution for Hair Loss Ervamatin hair lotion provides excellent treatment option for hair loss, dandruff, alopecia baldness, and dry and weak hair too. Hair loss is a vexing problem that affects both men and women. Ervamatin offers a side effect free and totally healthy solution. It is an amazing ayurvedic medicine for hair loss that treats all kinds of capillary faults including baldness treatment.visit for more info. Function Applying the hair lotion daily will help in controlling the hair fall. During the first two months, the ingredients help in • Restoring the affected hair follicles • Recovery of the hair root • Getting rid of dandruff and the excess amounts of sebum present in the scalp region Over the next two or three months, the hair loss gradually recedes and new hair growth starts to occur. Application Method The product should be used on the scalp at least twice in a day. After applying, the scalp should be massaged gently for duration of 30 seconds. The product need not be rinsed. Initially there will be an increased hair fall which is mostly the weak hair that has to be removed. Later on new hair growth occurs that is strong, lustrous, and shining. Using an organic or herbal based shampoo two to three times a week for washing will enhance the effect of the product. Secret of Ervamatin The highly effective ingredients providing herbal treatment for hair loss include phyto-therapeutic agents that are found exclusively in the rain forest regions of the Amazon jungle. The ayurvedic medicine for hair loss has about seven herbs included in it that diffuse into the scalp and enrich the follicles leading to regeneration of hair. This is specifically effective in case of alopecia areata treatment. Mode of Action The herbal treatment for hair loss focuses on three main parts such as: 1. It dilates the peripheral vessels and increases nourishment to the scalp.

2. It prevents formation of di-hydro testosterone from testosterone, which causes atrophy of hair follicle. 3. It effectively eradicates the fungal infection on the scalp. Reason of Popularity The revolutionary hair loss product that helps in treatment of all disorders related to hair fall including alopecia cure is a revolutionary and potent cure. Various clinical studies conducted internationally have revealed that it is an ecologically sound and functionally efficient alopecia cure product that is also effective in baldness treatment. The seven herbal ingredients are approved by the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association and by the International Ingredient Hand Book Edition. As far as alopecia areata treatment and other hair fall related defects are concerned, Ervamatin is the best solution which renders incredible curing effects that are ecologically safe and highly efficient as well.visit for more info.

Ervamatin –The Best Solution for Hair Loss