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How T1 Internet Services Work Getting the fastest Internet service available goes beyond the debate of cable versus DSL and requires more than just buying the latest and greatest new computer available. To truly be in control of your web browsing speed, you need a t1 Internet connection. What Is T1 Service? To understand why you need a t1 Internet connection and what it can do for you, the first thing you have to understand is how the data connections usually work. Regardless of whether you have DSL or cable, your Internet connection is only as fast as the fiber optic line that carries it – at least we hope it’s a fiber optic line! Think of the line as the highway that connects your home or business to the rest of the Internet. Right now, you likely have a city-sized traffic jam on a two-lane highway! The problem is that most Internet service providers are not installing new lines when they add people to the system. So a line that may have only served 10 or 15 houses and businesses when you first signed up, now serves three or four or even ten times that many. It’s not your imagination; it really is slower. When all those devices try to send data at the same time, or receive data – especially things like streaming videos—the line can’t handle all the traffic. It’s like three people trying to go through the front door at once. They either form a line and everyone slows down, or they all try to rush through together and get stuck in the doorway. T1 service eliminates this problem by giving you your own road. A dedicated line is run from your home or business to the service hub, meaning the only people you have to fight with on the drive are those on your system. What Does It Cost? The major expense for a t1 Internet connection is in the startup costs. Since this is a line dedicated solely to your home or business, it takes more than just flipping a switch to get you set up. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be out a lot of money upfront. Many companies, including Telco Solutions, will cover the installation costs when you sign up for a year of service. The monthly cost is more than you probably pay right now, but isn’t dependable and faster service worth it? For an integrated data and voice system, your cost would be about $240 a month, depending on how close you are to the nearest servicing office. Is It Right for Me? Whether you are just a serious gamer or trying to run a home-based business, a faster Internet connection can be a lifesaver – literally, if you’re playing team combat on the latest Call of Duty. Upgrading to t1 service can make watching videos with the family a much more relaxing experience and cut out the delays in video chats with your friends and relatives who are far away. For the small business owner, a dedicated t1 line is an investment in your company’s future. The faster line will provide quicker, more reliable contact with your non-local customers and may improve employee productivity, since they will no longer have to wait for pages to load.

Company Bio Telco Solutions is an independent carrier agent-consultant operating in all 50 states. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, Telco can help connect you to the perfect service provider and help meet all your telecommunication needs. You can learn more about their t1 Internet services at

How T1 Internet Services Work | Opting for t1 internet service for your home or small business is affordable and will...