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Welcome Dial91 Call India Now at Just only $0.016/mins. TelCan now offers 8 ways to Call India: Toll Free, Local Access, VoIP Apps, Access using Skype and Magic Jack and even One Touch Calling. Try Now!

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card TelCan make you possible to do cheap calls to India from USA, and cheap India calling from USA in lowest possible rates and without any compromise in quality. TelCan offers you the preeminent, reliable and most economical calling cards from any other. Company’s calling card available in the market because of its eminence various features:

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card Pinless Dialing: Pin less calling service, which helps you to do hassle free calling you can add as many as phone number in this .it connects you without any requirement of PIN . It is speedy and reasonable. Pin Required Dialing: Pin required service is safe and sound in nature, it helps when two people share the same phone. It is also low price service, consist feature of speed dial, automated or manual recharge feature. Auto-Recharge: You calling card gets automatically charge when your balance reaches certain limit and it never run out of credit.

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card Manual Recharge: You can manage your TelCan card within your own limits. You can recharge it with any denominations you want. You can get it done by using web or phone. Speed Dial: Speed Dial makes it easier to dial frequently called numbers by auromatically dialing them for you. You are jus a one touch aways from your desired call. Account Info: You can update your account information in your Telcan calling card.

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card One Touch Dialing: One Touch Dialing to dial for every international number, you have to add the local number in your contact list and can call your desired number without dialing any pin code. You can connect with one touch calling only. Send free International and India text messages: TelCan allow limited free text messages to each and every account holder. Wireless Users: Telcan calling cards enable you to enjoy international and long distance call from your wires phone. You can enjoy without boundaries of wires.

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card Call through Skype: TelCan make you able to enjoy benefits of Skype facility. You can use it on your PC, or mobile handset via Wi-Fi. You use Skype as a softphone to connect to your TelCan account via out proprietary Skype bridging capability so you can call for less. Call through Magic Jack: you can make calls from our Magic Jack facility without pin requirement. Just follow simple 3 step to enjoy this: Register Magic Jack, Call access number, enter desired phone number when prompted. New plan, existing credit card: you can buy a new TelCan calling plan while using existing credit card. PIN: you can view all your PIN, even buy new PIN using existing credit card.

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card Current Balance: it updates you every time, you can view your current account balance anytime, by this you will be updated about your cost. Using Instruction: we provide you the complete guidelines on how to dial using your Telcan calling card. 1 minute rounding: TelCan charge you on the basis of per minute call. 180 days validity: TelCan Calling cards have 180days validity, we dont believe in use and throw, we believe in long term relations. Customer Support: we understand your problems and queries, we provide a 24*7*365 customer professional support system to help you every time.

Telcan Feature for Cheap Calling Card Online Call history: you can check you online call log history anytime. No hidden charges: we do not charge any hidden amount on the name of maintenance fees, connection fees etc. We have crystal clear policies. Sound voice quality: we offer you a very sound system can avail the best communication facility in lowest prices. And many more feature are available with TelCan calling Cards. TelCan provide you the guaranteed cheapest and best calling card to India in industry. Try once you will feel the difference.

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Telcan VoIP Apps Use Skype to Connect to Telcan and Save $$ on all your Calls!

Use MagicJack to connect to Telcan and Save $$ on all your calls!

Use Gmail to Connect to Telcan and Save $$ on all your Calls!

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