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Club Update June 2013

Welcome This past quarter has been busy with a large number of projects running concurrently. The reaccreditation of equipment auditors in line with the 2013-17 Special Regulations has been a monumental task that has resulted in approx 220 individuals from over 40 clubs attending one of a dozen courses held across the state. This has also resulted in updated, more user friendly equipment audit forms and new webpages with information on both Special Regs and support for Auditors. I would like to acknowledge the commitment of both time and effort by the Special Regulations committee who continue to do a lot of valuable work in support of this program. This is a prime example of self-regulation of safety in our sport and it is essential that its integrity is maintained. The updated Yachting NSW Strategic Plan has recently been adopted by the Board and a copy is included in this mailout. It can be accessed on the website and is accompanied by an “About Us” document which is intended for more general consumption. The plan is a result of input from member clubs and the board and is hopefully presented in a concise format that clearly articulates our objectives and what we are working on in the office. The review of the YNSW Constitution has also been ongoing, with comments received on the previously circulated draft. These have now been finalised. As mentioned elsewhere in this document and in the attachments, it will now be put to a vote at a Special General Meeting on 9th July.

David Edwards General Manager

YNSW Constitution & Special General Meeting The Special General Meeting to consider the Special Resolution to adopt the new Constitution will be held on Tuesday 9th July. Formal notification of the SGM, Explanatory Notice and Postal Voting form are attached to this newsletter. The meeting will be held via teleconference. Feedback received from clubs has been considered by the Board and in most cases the document has been amended to reflect this input. This Constitutional review has been initiated with a view to bringing the document into line with current legislative requirements, as well as being reflective of current practice. It also provides the opportunity to simplify the administrative requirements of both YNSW and clubs. The proposed Constitution has been referenced to the Department of Fair Trading Model Constitution for Incorporated Associations, and the Australian Sports Commission Good Governance Principles; as well as the other State Associations, Yachting Australia and the current Constitution. The Board has been working on this new Constitution for the past 12 months in conjunction with our audit, accounting and legal advisors. The document can be accessed on the YNSW website under the About Us/ Constitution section.

In this issue • YNSW Constitution • New AMSA Legislation • Privacy Statements • Better Boating Infrastructure Grants • Tackers • New working with children check • Sydney harbour boat storage • Discover Sailing Day • Beareau of Meteorology website • Yachting Australia awards • Sailability • Workplace Health & Safety legislation • NSW Youth Champs • Sail Sydney • Club Commodores Conference • Sydney International Boat Show • Youth Sailing Team • Training update

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AMSA - New Legislation From July 1 new federal legislation will come into force covering the operation of Commercial Vessels. The majority of the changes are positive and are supported by YNSW and YA. They will result in simplified laws that are common across all state boundaries. The definition of what is a “commercial” vessel has been the subject of much advocacy by Yachting Australia and supported by state associations on behalf of clubs. AMSA has recognised the case put forward that sailing has strong selfregulation of safety and the majority of instances relating to our sport fall outside the intended scope of the

legislation. The outcome of this is that sailing activities at clubs, and most recreational learn to sail and power boat activity at Discover Sailing Centres, will still be treated as recreational which remains governed by state legislation. Key matters for clubs offering commercial activities (collecting fees for courses involving a vessel) are that in order to comply and remain outside of the new legislation they must do one of the following: 1. Be accredited with YNSW as a Discover Sailing Centre, or 2. Make students in Learn to Sail

Courses members of the club. Clubs are advised that non-compliance with one or the other of the above options will result in your clubs operations being deemed commercial which will require compliance with the new laws. Additional detail on the changes can be found on the AMSA website: A separate letter with more detail will be sent to clubs when confirmation of these changes is received from AMSA.

Privacy Statements Yachting NSW has recently updated its privacy policy as part of the current Constitutional review. Yachting NSW is committed to the protection of your personal information. Any personal information you provide to Yachting NSW will only be used for those purposes which the information was gathered for as stated and related purposes which can be reasonably expected.

In the context of the relationship between your Club and YNSW, we believe there are no problems in parting with the information. It is not a breach of the legislation to give relevant information to a Peak Body of which you are a member for a legitimate purpose. The Act is not there to stop information being available for a legitimate purpose. It is there to stop the use of information for an illegitimate

purpose. The YNSW privacy statement can be viewed by visitng our website The statement can be simply adapted to suit your club and its dealings with your members, simply by substituting YNSW with your clubs name and details.

RMS Maritime Better Boating Infrastructure Grants The call has gone out for applications from councils, boating clubs and community groups for boating infrastructure projects under the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Better Boating Program (BBP). RMS Maritime Acting Director Michael Wright said the BBP makes available up to $5 million per year for waterways infrastructure projects which benefit the general boating community across NSW. “The 2013-14 grants are the fifth year of the program,” Mr Wright said. “To be eligible, projects need to meet essential criteria with planned

infrastructure being of a lasting nature, available for use by a broad crosssection of the community and supported by the boating public, council and the community. “Previous funding rounds have supported projects including boat ramps, public wharves, public pontoon facilities, dinghy storage and sewage pump-out facilities. “BBP funding can be accessed to support new as well as upgraded facilities.” “Improved disability and public access as well as modern, practical and safety-

oriented sought.




“These grants fund projects that benefit the general boating community across NSW, helping to deliver safe and convenient access to our waterways,” Mr Wright said. Since 1998 nearly $40 million in BBP grants has been provided to support more than 670 projects across the state. Applications will close on Friday 2 August 2013. For more information on BBP: infra_grants.html

Club Development

Tackers Yachting Australia and Yachting NSW are committed to the development of Tackers as a truly national entry level junior sailing program. Tackers is now operating in all capital cities and over 20 other locations. Around 3,000 kids have participated this year. At the recent Federal Assembly, the Yachting Australia Board announced its commitment to the growth of the

program by offering interest free loans for 100 boats. These are available in the first instance to clubs that are currently running the program then additionally to new clubs interested in starting to deliver Tackers. In addition, both YA and YNSW will be waiving the fee component of the course cost as a further incentive to help clubs promote Tackers.

A letter with further details on the above will be sent to clubs currently running Tackers. All clubs that are interested in running Tackers encouraged to contact YNSW for more information and assistance.

New Working With Children Check The new Working With Children Check will begin 15 June 2013. If you manage child-related workers (paid or volunteer), there are some key changes that will affect you and the people you employ. From 15 June 2013, all child-related employers must: • Register online for the new Working With Children Check. Many of you are registered with the current Working With Children Check, but your details

will NOT be transferred over to the new Check; you must register online for the new Check. • Use a new online verification system to ensure every new paid employee has a Working With Children Check clearance • Ensure current employees and all volunteers (new and current) apply for the new Check in accordance with the • Remove any barred person from child-related work. To find out how to register, verify and

more, visit - au/Working-with-children Additional information can be accessed via email at: or by calling 9286 7276

Sydney Harbour boat storage- comments sought Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay has urged Sydney Councils and residents to have their say on the best way to tackle boat storage issues in popular harbourside areas.

giving council rangers the power to impound boat trailers left parked in the street for long periods of time and allowing councils to directly take action against unregistered trailers”.

to be stored somewhere. Therefore the other part of the solution is to identify options to increase boat storage capacity across Sydney Harbour in particular.”

Mr Gay today released a range of options for public comment in a report from the Boat Trailer Working Group.

“The councils on the working group have confirmed the majority of the complaints they receive are about trailers left unattended and unmoved on streets for long periods of time.

“We’re asking councils and communities for their views before we consider any possible regulatory changes further,” Mr Gay said.

“Numerous councils and residents have expressed concerns about the growing number of boat trailers parked in their suburbs’ streets and left unattended for long periods of time,” Mr Gay said. “With boating such a popular pastime in NSW, the level of boat ownership is expected to continue to rise in the coming years, putting increased stress on existing storage capacity. “The options up for comment include

“This is not about penalising boat owners or preventing them from parking their boat trailers on their street. “The objective is to strike a balance between the right to legally park registered boat trailers on residential streets for reasonable periods of time and improving parking access on congested roads with limited parking.” “We also recognise that vessels need

Comments on the Boat Trailer Working Group Report are invited until 28 June 2013. To have your say on the Boat Trailer Working Group Report or the draft Sydney Harbour Boat Storage Strategy released last month for public consultation visit news/2013/130418-safety-storage. html

Club Development

Discover Sailing Day - Register your club! Clubs need to register by 5pm on Wednesday 10th July 2013 This year the branding of what was previously Try Sailing Day has been changed to align nationally and will now be known as Discover Sailing Day The day remains a joint initiative between the BIA of NSW and Yachting NSW and will be held this year on Sunday 27th October. The day provides the first experience of sailing to thousands of the general public each year and is an opportunity to attract new members to your club as part of an open day. YNSW will organise the registration, promotion and branding including TV, radio and print media to ensure the day is a success at your club. Benefits to clubs hosting the event are: • Provide clubs the opportunity to ‘market yourselves’ to the local

community at minimal cost • Increase the profile of sailing in your local community • Gain sailing members and their families • Convert attendees into students in your learn to sail programs Some of the benefits to the sport of Discover Sailing Day are: • Helps break down the perception within the wider public that sailing is difficult to get into • To increase entry into recreational sailing • Provide ‘learn to sail’ opportunities for novice sailors - over half of the participants have never tried sailing before • To promote the opportunity to experience the camaraderie of sailing club life and friendships

Beaureau of Meteorolgy website update Marine wind warnings are now included with Marine forecasts Important changes to marine wind warnings for New South Wales waters took effect on Wednesday 10th April. • Marine wind warnings are now included within the Coastal Waters forecasts and are no longer listed separately. • The warnings: - are current for up to 42 hours (1 day and 18 hours) ahead; - cover the first two days - not rolling 24 hour periods; and - specify which day is affected ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’. • The wind warning will be added as a label above the wind and wave forecasts for the affected days within the Coastal Waters Forecast.

Clubs can get involved and register for Discover Sailing Day 2013 by visiting

• During wind warning periods, the Coastal Waters Forecast will be issued every 6 hours. • A Marine Wind Warning Summary will be published on the Bureau’s warning pages during warning periods. • The summary will: - cover all the State’s coastal and local waters. (Specific wind warnings for affected coastal waters are no longer listed.) - provide an easy to see overview of all zones affected by wind warnings for either today or tomorrow. Visit

2013-14 MyClub & Membership As of 30 June 2013 all club’s will lose access to MyClub until Yachting NSW receives an application for MyClub access. The reason for this is so we can reset the membership types for the 2013-14 season, and reduce the chances of a member being added in this late point of the season. Access to MyClub will be granted to all applicants from 1 August 2013 where clubs can begin to update their members for the 2013-14 season. Visit myclubaccess to submit your application.

Club Development

Yachting Australia Award nominations Nominations are now open for the 2013 Australian Yachting Awards, recognising outstanding achievements in the sport of sailing during the last year. The winners will be announced at the 2013 Australian Yachting Awards, to be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney on Friday 18 October, with the evening taking on a new format for 2013, with details to be released in coming weeks. The 2013 Australian Yachting Awards categories are as follows:

• Male Sailor of the Year • Female Sailor of the Year • Sailor of the Year with a Disability • Youth Sailor of the Year • Sport Promotion Award • Lifetime Achievement Award • Sport Professional Award • Volunteer Award Nominations for the awards can be made by anyone in the sailing community with nomination forms and criteria available at Nominations may also be made using State Association

nomination forms provided the performance(s) being nominated for satisfies the criteria of the Australian Yachting Awards. Nominations for the awards may be made in respect of achievements during the period 1 September 2012 and 10 September 2013 with clubs, class associations and the general sailing community asked to look closely at who they would like to see nominated for an award. Nominations close on 13 September 2013.

Sailability Yachting Australia recently held the 2013 Sailability Australia Conference, at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. The two day conference took place before the Access Class National Regatta, which were held on Lake Burleigh Griffin at Canberra Yacht Club. The Conference was supported by the Australian Sports Commission through their Pathways to Success funding of National Sport Organisations.

Yachting Australia recognises the diversity of participants that are able to participate in sailing and seeks to develop programs and policies that better include people of all-abilities in all sailing activities. Key members of staff from YNSW and Yachting Australia were joined by Australian Sports Commission staff, and external presenters who delivered a diverse conference program with interactive elements and lots of

opportunity to network with volunteers from Sailability programs across Australia.

Workplace Health & Safety legislation New work health and safety (WHS) laws may mean the responsibilities and duties of your sporting club have changed. Since the Commonwealth's Work Health and Safety ACT 2012 came into effect on 1 January 2012, states and territories have harmonised their WHS laws with the Act. This means that people conducting a business or undertaking (organisations and clubs) and workers (including volunteers) are protected by the same WHS laws across Australia. It provides greater consistency, certainty and clarity about

WHS laws, making it easier to understand your WHS duties. Under the WHS laws, some sporting organisations and clubs may need to take new actions to comply with the WHS Act and their state and territory WHS Codes of Conduct and Regulations.

sheets to help sporting organisations and clubs understand and action their WHS duties.

The downloadable guide provides information and advice to help clubs/resource_library/whs_reform

sporting organisations and clubs comply with new WHS laws and incorporate safety management into their daily operations. It includes fact


Sail Sydney Over 700 sailors in 470 boats enjoyed Sail Sydney in 2012 and this year they will enjoy it even more as the organising committee launches into 2013. From 12-15 December 2013 Sydney will display its sailing heritage spectacularly for competitors and spectators alike as it turns on its charms. This world class ISAF Grade 1 sailing event will showcase all of what Sydney has to offer as races are held from multiple venues to enhance the experience for all.

Involving sailing clubs of all sizes, Sail Sydney is set to display our most successful Olympic sport. For families, supporters, and spectators sailing is one of those unique pastimes that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities, no matter what their budget. For 2013 the organising committee has been boosted by the addition of Mark Bethwaite as chairman. Mark brings a wealth of drive and experience to the team, and with additional support from the local and state government Yachting New South Wales will again

host a premier sailing regatta. Put the dates in your diary and get ready to enjoy all the fun, on and off the water. Interested class associations can contact Lachlan Gilbert on sailsydney@

2013 Youth Championships announced This year Botany Bay will see all the action as Georges River 16’ Sailing Club on Botany Bay hosts the OAMPS Insurance Brokers Yachting New South Wales Youth Championships over the October long weekend. After the success of last year’s event, which was held on Lake Macquarie and hosted by Belmont 16’s, 2013 will once again be open to Techno 293s, Laser

4.7s, Laser Radials, 420’s, 29ers, Flying 11s, Sabots, Optimists, and Hobie 16s. Other classes are welcome if they have a minimum of ten entries. Entries close on 20th September. Part of the Youth Grand Prix, over 300 sailors participate in this annual event making it the largest youth regatta in the country. Competitors are encouraged to enter online early to

make the planning e a s i e r. Entries are now open!

Club Commodores Conference The 2013 Club Commodores conference was held recently at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. The day proved to be a success with over 40 clubs from across the state represented. Keynote speakers covered relevant and topical issues relating to the new Working With Children Check and WHS Legislation.

The 46th Sydney International Boat Show will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre & Cockle Bay Marina, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia DATES: 1 - 5 August, 2013 (Thursday – Monday) HOURS: 10am - 8pm Halls, 10am - 6pm Marina

As well as updates from both Yachting NSW and Yachting Australia, RPAYC led the open forum session with a presentation on their recent strategic review and how they addressed membership, participation and retention. Copies of the presentations from the day can be found on the Club Development Resources section of the YNSW website.


u Come and visit

LOCATION: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre & Cockle Bay Marina, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Youth Development & Training

Training Update Tom Brewer and a number of club representatives made the trip to Brisbane for the annual Yachting Australia instructor conference. Consisting of a mix of theory presentations from experts and practical workshop, the conference was targeted at Level 3 and Senior Instructors. Excellent presentations on mentoring, social media, inclusive sailing and more have been uploaded to our website – have a look at www. For the first time, Yachting NSW is starting to deliver regular Powerboat Instructor courses. These courses qualify people to teach the YA Powerboat Program at a Discover Sailing Centre, and are driven by a number of clubs and commercial centres recognising the benefits of the program. Start Powerboating is recognised by NSW Roads and Maritime as a licencing course,

and the Powerboat Handling and Safety Boat Certificate are very useful for training club members and volounteers. The next Instructor Course will be 12-14 July at RSYS – over the same period we will also be running Dinghy Assistant Instructor, Dinghy Instructor, and Powerboat Handling. Have a look at our upcoming courses page for more information –

2013-14 Youth Sailing Team The Yachting NSW Youth Sailing Team (YST) is an underpinning program to the State Sailing Performance Program. The NSW Youth Sailing Team was created to develop skills amongst talented youth sailors, help them succeed at interstate level competition and achieve selection for the Australian Youth Sailing Team. The Youth Sailing Team encompasses Level 7 of the Sailing Pathway and in a short time since its inception, NSW have seen an incredible progression of these identified youth sailors and have won the champion state award at the

last two Australian Youth Championships. The 2013 team has 52 members representing 15 NSW clubs. Classes supported under the structure of the Youth Sailing Team are: Optimist, Laser 4.7, Flying 11, Laser Radial, 29er and 420. Selections for the 2013/14 NSW Youth Sailing Team have been ongoing since January, involving a Try Out Day for crews that didn’t automatically qualify from last year. A team induction was held over the weekend of 25th and 26th May at Woollahra SC for the successful applicants, covering not

only planning and preparation but presentations from AST Physiotherapist Donna White and Strength and Conditioning Advisor David Dwyer. Youth Sailing Team members benefit from squad based training to complement their club coaching programs, as well as access to athlete development lectures. The first event that the team will represent NSW at is the QLD Youth Week regatta in July, followed by the NSW Youth Championships over the October long weekend.

Yachting NSW Staff Who to contact?

Name Email David Edwards Governance, Club development Chantal Layt Membership, Communications, Administration Andrew Cribb Youth Development, Participation, Training Tom Brewer Learn to Sail support, Training Brian Chalmers Accounts Lachlan Gilbert Sail Sydney Andrew Hawkins Media

Board of Directors Howard Elliott Anthony Dunn Russell Murphy Carl Crafoord Jeremey Atkinson David Berryman Gavin Cooke Richard Hudson

Hunters Hill Sailing Club Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Middle Harbour Yacht Club Woollahra Sailing Club Belmont 16’ Sailing Club Manly 16’ Sailing Club Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Member Advisory Council Howard Elliott Anthony Dunn Russell Murphy Carl Crafoord Jeremey Atkinson David Berryman Gavin Cooke Peter Walsh Andrew McLachlan Christian Brook John Sturrock Stephen Phillips

Hunters Hill Sailing Club Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Middle Harbour Yacht Club Woollahra Sailing Club Belmont 16’ Sailing Club Manly 16’ Sailing Club Gosford Sailing Club Georges River 16’ Sailing Club Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Sydney Amateur Sailing Club Wollongong Yacht Club

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Clubupdate June 2013

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