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STAY AHEAD OF WHAT’S NEXT Solutions to accelerate your business transformation

Own change

OUR PROPOSAL: OWN CHANGE Our world is fast-moving, always-pivoting, reinventing. We’re TEKsystems. We’re partners in transformation. We bring real-world expertise to solve your complex technology, business and talent challenges on a global scale. Living in the tech world, we anticipate the trends and create solutions that enable you to capitalize on change. Let’s own change, together.

SIZE, SCALE AND EXPERTISE TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF WHAT’S NEXT We’re a global team of 80,000 strong with over 35 years of experience across diverse industries. We stand ready to partner side by side with you. To activate your vision. To advance your goals. To transform your business. We’ll keep you ahead what’s next, so you outpace the competition.





of the Fortune 500 served

locations worldwide

$6B+ Global delivery seamlessly on shore, offshore, near shore

in annual revenue

PARTNERSHIP: THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT Transformation never plays solo. That’s why we’re in it with you. We take the time to tune in and listen carefully to understand your company, culture and objectives. We’re strategic thinkers and hands-on collaborators who are passionate about delivering sustainable, measurable results. Our solutions aren’t off the shelf. Our solutions are built to your reality. We’re partners with your priorities.

ACTIVATE IDEAS, SPARK INNOVATION Successful initiatives are propelled by the right combination of vision, strategy and execution. When we engage, you’ll find there’s a unique mix of thought leadership with a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude. We’re experts in simplifying the complex, decoding insights and breaking down audacious workloads into manageable, achievable outcomes. Together, we’ll outthink your most perplexing challenge and innovate so your business operates with new agility and momentum.

YOUR FUTURE, AMPLIFIED The future—and how we get there—depends on those willing to embrace technology. We’re obsessed with technology and its power to change everything. Technology fuels our passion and commitments. We’ll build, connect and create so you achieve version next, now. Amplify your future. Our real-world solutions:

Maximize Technology ROI We make technology work. From mass cloud migration, to enterprise app modernization, to deploying AI/machine learning, we activate technology, so you scale innovation, reduce time to value and deliver exceptional experiences.

Drive Business Growth We harmonize people, processes and technology to unlock potential—whether retiring legacy systems, automating manual processes or reducing total cost of ownership. We’ll redesign your business architecture strategy, map new value streams and optimize your ability to sense and respond to market realities.

Elevate Customer Experiences We make sure brands don’t just speak but make a statement. From activating brand strategy and enriching experience design, to translating data into storytelling that motivates action, we help brands make human connections and generate new growth.

Mobilize Talent Accelerated innovation is here to stay—enterprises need a future-ready workforce. Whether expanding a team, upskilling employees or outsourcing work, our scalable talent solutions keep your business on the fast track toward sustained high performance and operational resiliency.

Rather than manage a number of partners who can only deliver in a narrow area, TEKsystems Global Services has the capacity and capabilities across most of our technology platforms … TEKsystems has a passion around their clients’ success, and we value our long-term partnership. HANS KELLER Chief Information Officer at Erickson Living

SUSTAINABILITY BUILT IN We’re all-in, fully engaged, high-energy partners, creating sustainable solutions that keep your business forward-thinking and owning what’s next. Our full-stack expertise and delivery is powered by our: •

DevOps and Lean-Agile principles. We’re DevOps and Agile practitioners, applying those principles to every solution, across the technology life cycle. We combine Agile practices with strategic partnerships to drive proven value with continuous delivery.

Security-first mindset. To us, security is nonnegotiable. That’s why we incorporate security and risk mitigation into every solution across the enterprise. We keep security, privacy and compliance from becoming problems—so you operate with confidence.

Unrivaled capabilities in workforce development. When your people perform, so does your business. Highly engaged, empowered and dedicated teams are essential. Our customized programs ensure your people keep pace with changing technology, data streams and ways of working. Think: workforce transformation.

Technology partnerships. The world’s leading technology and software providers partner with us because of our scale, full-stack capabilities and speed. Together, we’re innovating to deliver new and sustainable growth across your business.

Scalable talent solutions. Whether you need one person, an entire team or full-scale outsourcing, we offer a full range of customized solutions and delivery models. With our flexibility and geographic scale, we’ll quickly respond to hiring demands to meet you where you are and get you where you need to go.

Together, we’ll optimize your ability to sense and respond to market realities by improving end-user experiences, streamlining operations and reducing total cost of ownership.

DEEPER CONTEXT A distinct picture emerges when you look closely at the sum of its parts. That’s why we contemplate context. Dive into details. Track trends. Our experts are steeped in your industry so we help you forge ahead with keenly crafted strategies. Diverse industry expertise, including: •

Financial Services. Change is money. Especially when our financial services experts work with you to transform how you capitalize on data and trends, secure information and comply with evolving regulations—all in the name of improving the customer experience and capturing market share.

Healthcare. No matter your business needs, we know it all comes down to the patients. As your services partner, we build innovative, scalable solutions that let you focus on what really matters: helping people live healthier lives.

Communications. We shape networks and connect devices that unleash the power of data and people. And we specialize in custom solutions that help you become the overachiever of meeting demands and the limit-pusher of next-gen communications capabilities.

Government. Connected governments are effective governments. Roll out new programs. Give your citizens a platform to be heard. Compete for talent and resources. We’ll help you transform your services and bolster mission-critical priorities.

Technology. When it comes to IT, innovation is table stakes. We understand tech is a driving force for individuals and enterprises looking to create, evolve and transform. So, let’s rely on something new to preserve something timeless: customer confidence in your capabilities.

As a trusted partner, TEKsystems Global Services is a crucial part of my Technology Management team, and perfectly fits into our organization’s culture. They deliver continuous process improvement centered on an outcome-based set of IT service capabilities. They contribute to an increase in our productivity, speed to market for deploying technology projects and overall customer satisfaction to our member hotels. HAROLD DIBLER Vice President of Technology Management

A BETTER TOMORROW Building tomorrow is more than accelerating business outcomes. Our commitments expand beyond business—we also drive positive impacts in our global communities. As partners in transformation, we value trust, high ethical standards and being a socially responsible corporate citizen. We believe in helping the underserved and giving voice to people with diverse backgrounds in equal and inclusive ways. Experience the power of real partnership. TEKsystems.com

TEKsystems is an Allegis Group company, a $12+ billion enterprise with over 40 years of experience. 7437 Race Road Hanover, MD 21076 P. 410.540.7700 Experience the power of real partnership. TEKsystems.com Follow Us