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For the full Tegan and Sara Made Me Do It Experience, may I suggest you play your favorite Tegan and Sara songs while browsing this picture book.


And, finally...

Gasps. Our shirt!

I’d like to share this book with my newfound friends at Tegan and Sara Philippines group. I never knew fangirling would be this fun. And of course, to our much loved Tegan and Sara. Please. Come. Back. To more Tegan and Sara moments!

Fan photos by Teks Pabuayon, with additional photography by Sam Feleo. Tegan and Sara photos by Teks Pabuayon. Layout, design, and logos by Teks Pabuayon. All rights reserved. 2013.

Tegan and Sara Made Me do it: The Tegan and Sara Experience  

A picture book of Tegan and Sara's Manila concert held this Nov. 25 at Manila, Philippines. All logos, photos and design are the property of...

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