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Spring 2012

Dear reader, the Spring 2012 issue of the Tekla News is filled with good news. For example, the release of Tekla Structures 18 with helpful new features will ease customers’ work and provide a competitive advantage. Customer success stories told through the Global BIM Awards certainly shines with inspiring projects. Also included, Tekla BIMsight wins yet another international award. Speaking of free and open, Open BIM is here and supports a transparent, open workflow and information sharing. For one person the news is not good. Yes, a software pirate using illegal copies of Tekla was thrown in jail. Read about it and see how you can confirm that you have a legal copy.

In this issue: a Tekla Structures 18 takes BIM from design to reality a Welcome, Cast in Place concrete! a Stories of success – Tekla Global BIM Awards a BIM is now open a To jail for software piracy? a Confirm you are legal a Creative Thinking Fast-Tracked Georgia Tech Football Facility a Tekla BIMsight wins an international award – again

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Tekla News for Building & Construction

a Tekla Structures 18 takes BIM from design to reality Tekla released the new version of its building information software on mid-March. t Collaboration between construction project stakeholders is on the rise and Tekla Structures 18 was designed to reflect this. With it, users can

publish customized property sets, share information and collaborate with stakeholders. In the new version workflow is more efficient and intuitive than before, which reduces lead times in modeling. The result is increased overall design productivity. Tekla Structures 18 has more intuitive modeling tools than previous versions and other new features and improvements:

• • • •

Create building information modeling faster with improved viewing and streamlined project management tools. See what you get while modifying shapes with direct manipulation. Drawing improvements lead to better documentation quality. Also dimensioning tool has been enhanced. Enhanced integration with automation functions improves modeling accuracy and allows for flawless production, fabrication and construction. Highly automated drawing creation minimizes user errors and reworking. Better view reliability means less time spend on checking drawings. Object conversion has been improved and connectivity to CNC and precast machinery has enhanced.

Modeling is now faster and smoother, so the users of Tekla Structures 18 gain competitive advantage. Tekla Structures 18 works seamlessly with Tekla BIMsight, which makes models available for all project parties. All project stakeholders from architects, fabricators, contractors, designers and engineers to on-site builders benefit from improved access to more constructable, accurate and complete 3D model data. Visit for more product information and online videos.

Easy modification


Tekla News for Building & Construction

a Welcome, Cast in Place concrete! Tekla BIM software now delivers productivity improvements for full cast in place concrete workflow. In conjunction with the release of Tekla Structures 18, the product configuration changes from “Reinforced Concrete Detailing” (RCD) to “Cast in Place” (CiP). a TThe new CiP helps the users with creating concrete structure on site. Building upon Tekla’s successful

detailing solution for rebar or concrete, the software now meets the full requirements of the workflow within the BIM process. Tekla Structures 18 offers productivity enhancements for the cast in place process for now and understands the future engineering and contractor needs.

What is new in CiP? a Tekla Structures 18’s more intuitive modeling method allows fast productivity come with this release. geometry modification and is ideal for cast in place. Changes can be implemented effectively by choosing an object and manipulating it to ensure that what you see is what

you get. The new reinforcing bar shape catalog lets you to build on past work and design the bars. Tekla Structures 18 also has a new intuitive functionality for editing rebar, which allows easy modification on changes to rebar spacing, hooks, diameter, and bend radius. A number of useful extensions which improve site executionFormwork components for walls, beams, and columns are available from the Tekla

The new Reinforcing bar shape catalog


Tekla News for Building & Construction

a Sharing stories of success Tekla Global BIM Awards Tekla Global BIM Awards are delivered to the category winners around the World. t The Tekla Global BIM Award winners receive their awards. The winners of the contest were Skanska’s Manskun Rasti in BIM category, Rowecord’s Peace Bridge in steel category, and Bianco Precast’s Urban Superway in the concrete and other category.

In 2011, the global and local competitions showcased staggering versatility of Tekla’s software and skills of the clients: the models ranged from ski jumps and nursing homes to biorefineries and bridges. Tekla Global BIM Awards and local Tekla BIM Award competitions are about sharing success stories and recognizing potential. The Tekla Global BIM Awards booklet tells

about BIM, challenging structures and timetables, integrated project delivery, partnership, and Tekla customers. Click here to view the booklet online Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the 2012 Tekla BIM Awards in your area. We look forward to more real-time, shared, and exact building information modeling throughout the design and construction processes. processes.

a Manskun Rasti won the BIM category a Manskun Rasti is the home for Skanska’s head office in Finland. It is built by Skanska and ordered by Skanska, which allowed the company to fully manage the project based on the model. All disciplines utilized the modeled building information, and the model also included terrain. In addition to CIP framework and precast concrete element installation, modeling was utilized for site safety and logistics planning. At Manskun Rasti, the site crew did find BIM very useful. Schedule simulations have been created with the production model and displayed on walls for the staff to view. BIM will be considered an everyday tool at all Skanska sites in the future. The terrain was included in the Manskun Rasti model. Skanska representatives received the award for their successful project during the Tekla user days in Finland.

From left:

CEO Jukka Pitkänen of Skanska CDF Oy, the client and owner; Vice President, R&D Ilkka Romo of Skanska Oy; Project Manager Ville Könönen, Skanska Oy; Production Engineer Riina Koskinen of Skanska Construction Services, the main contractor.


Tekla News for Building & Construction

a Urban Superway received its award on the precast category B Bianco Precast, the company behind the Tekla Global BIM Awards Concrete category winner Urban Superway received their Diploma earlier in March. “Tekla helped us achieve detailing and coordinating this project. With the tools like clash checking or just by simply being able to see the 3D view of what’s happening on the model is truly a great benefit for the success of a project,” says Ramil Martin who worked on the project. The road project in Adelaide, Australia, includes a total re-design of the area’s road network and features an elevated transit corridor with multiple lanes in each direction. It is the state’s most complex engineering road construction project to date. It is scheduled for completion in late 2013. The Urban Superway model’s geometry is very impressive, as there are a lot of irregular shapes in it. The model is highly detailed, including all rebar and post tension strands. The project is huge: 2,200 segments are cast using approximately 11,000 tons of steel reinforcement and 57,000 cubic


From left: Design/Drafting Manager Joe Quaresma and Tekla Drafstman Ramil Martin of Bianco Precast.

meters of concrete. The project team build for the purpose a casting yard with a 232-meter long shed. The fact that Bianco Precast is a

new Tekla software user adds to the impressiveness of the project: the company did Urban Superway just after two weeks of training.

BIM is now open

Architectural, engineering and construction projects may have their challenges when it comes to collaboration, but still the project parties need to collaborate to success. A common language for different processes would help. L Luckily, Open BIM is now here to support a transparent, open workflow which lets project parties to share BIM information no matter what software tools they use.

BuildingSMART® International, Tekla®, members of the Nemetschek Group, and other leading software vendors joined forces to launch a global program to promote Open BIM collaboration workflows throughout the AEC industry. The OPEN BIM™ logo guarantees that a software solution, a design or engineering practice, or a building project meets the

requirements of open collaboration. Does it sound like an opportunity? Read more at the You may be also lured to spend a moment with the differences on the workflows of structural engineering in different parts of the world, or see some photos of BIM on site.


Tekla News for Building & Construction

a To jail for software piracy? Indian criminal court has, for the first time, jailed an end user of cracked commercial software. This was reasoned by repeated abuse of cracked Tekla Structures. T In emerging markets, such as India, software piracy is a serious and growing problem. Infringers will typically purchase a single license and then illegally use multiple copies of cracked software. The decision to bring both criminal and civil charges against VM Informatics (VMI) and its Managing Director was made after repeated attempts to resolve VMI’s illegal use of Tekla’s software. After the first raid of anti-piracy investigators and police to the VMI offices in July 2011, Tekla Corporation made a criminal complaint against the company alleging wide-scale software licensing fraud. The High Court of Delhi issued an injunction against VMI

preventing further unauthorized use of Tekla software. VMI chose to ignore the injunction. The second police raid revealed new computers containing several illegal copies of Tekla software. VMI’s Managing Director was arrested in December 2011. Under the Indian law the maximum penalty for contempt of court is one year in prison, and serious breaches of Indian copyright law are punishable by up to three years imprisonment. VMI and its managing director faced a civil claim for $500,000 for illegal use of unlicensed software, too. Andre Corniere, director of steel segment at Tekla comments on the case: “Piracy weakens the competitiveness of our licensed customers as pirates seek unfair advantage of competition. Imprisonment is the ultimate punishment and thought we hope the license compliance cases can be resolved in alternative solutions, this case shows that we are taking the fight against piracy seriously“

a Confirm you are legal Using pirated software is not only illegal but also a risk. Viruses, malware, and spyware have been detected in cracked software found online. Y Your company security and computer data is highly vulnerable to intrusion or misuse if infected software is installed. And in some countries accepting models created with unlicensed subcontractors is treated like receiving stolen goods. As Tekla is serious about the battle against software piracy, anti-piracy pages have been added to the company website. These pages have information about issues related to piracy, anti-piracy, and license compliance. And have you ever wondered if a prospective subcontractor is a licensed Tekla software user? You can check it at the new anti-piracy pages. Tekla cooperates with its partners Business Software Alliance (BSA) and It Compliance Association (ITCA) to provide an international network to better protect our


customers’ investments by ensuring fair competition and to further educate the industry on the importance of using legal versions of software products. See Tekla’s Piracy and license compliance pages at

Tekla News for Building & Construction

a Creative Thinking Fast-Tracked Georgia Tech Football Facility The new John and Mary Brock Football Facility, situated in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus in Atlanta, US, is about the size of a small aircraft hangar. Design-build team members Barton Malow Company, May Moeller Purcell Construction Company, and Knight Architects, Inc. had just 40 weeks to complete the project as the Yellow Jackets football team needed the facility to prepare for coming season. T Teamwork and BIM helped complete the building ahead of schedule. As the design-build team chose BIM and Tekla software, they did not have to process paper back and forth or deal with re-submittals. Instead they focused on moving the project forward with better communication on design and detail, less cost, and greater speed. The most critical component to the schedule was manufacturing and delivering of the structural steel and rebar. The structural engineers used Tekla BIM software for the steel design and further refined it with the steel fabricator through model exchange, which drastically reduced review and approval time. As the structural engineer and steel fabricator reviewed and made changes to the design in the model, only 11 weeks elapsed from steel design to steel on site. After this success, the team decided to extend the process to review

The model

The footbal facility ready for training

cast-in-place concrete and rebar. For design clashes the team used the Tekla BIMsight automated conflict detection tool. The schedule was connected to the combined project model. The team used Tekla software also to generate visualizations of phasing, sequencing, material type, construction type and other on the fly to speed the decision making processes. The client can enjoy the advantages of BIM also after project delivery: The project team presented Georgia Tech with a Tekla BIMsight model with the handover documents linked to the related objects.


Tekla News for Building & Construction

< Tekla BIMsight wins an international award – again Tekla BIMsight, the BIM software application for model-based construction project cooperation, was awarded as the Experts’ Choice in the Business Tools and Software category in the 2012 Most Innovative Products in the World of Concrete in the US.

Even though Tekla BIMsight was awarded as the Experts’ Choice, it is an easy-to-use tool for anyone in the trade. All project owners, contractors, architects, engineers, detailers, and

construction site workers can benefit from it. And as the software now has a user interface optimized for tablet computers it is easy to take BIM to site.

T This is the second international award within six months, as in last November the software won the Gold Batimat innovation award in France. World of Concrete , where the Most Innovative Products contest was held, is dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry . This year it attracted over 1,200 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors. A panel of industry experts awarded Tekla BIMsight as the Experts’ Choice in the Business Tools and Software category.

a Tekla News Spring 2012 Tekla News is published globally four times a year to provide information about Tekla BIM software, its uses, as well as construction industry trends and projects worldwide. Tekla has area offices in 14 countries and a worldwide network of resellers. If you do not find a Tekla office or reseller in your country, please contact Tekla headquarters.


Tekla Corporation P.O. Box 1 FI-02131 Espoo Finland Phone +358 30 661 10 a

Tekla News for Building and Construction Spring 2012  
Tekla News for Building and Construction Spring 2012  

The Spring 2012 issue of the Tekla News is filled with good news. For example, the release of Tekla Structures 18 with helpful new features...