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For Building & Construction Season’s Greetings 2012

Tekla Global BIM Awards Steel category winner Emirates Air Line London Cable Car

Season’s Greetings! The year may be closing up its end, but the last Tekla News of 2012 is pretty Open. The winner of the 3rd Tekla Open API contest has just been chosen. Tekla’s Open BIM approach made choosing the software easier for CRH Structural Concrete Europe when they searched for a new tool to improve their processes. And earlier this year BIM got officially open with the Open BIM Program.

In this issue: a

Top building information models of the year

a Peace Bridge traveled from Wales to North Ireland

For the coming year, we predict that construction industry will collaborate even more so the first Wednesday Webinar of 2013 will focus on sharing detailed data.


We wish you Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year!


Preview to the first Wednesday Webinars of 2013


The Concrete giant CRH chose Tekla

Tekla News editors Ps. Have you remembered to renew your maintenance contract? There is a lot you will miss without it – for example the Extranet including Tekla Open API competition winners.

The 3rd Tekla Open API competition

a Greetings from Las Vegas – the 6th Trimble Dimensions

a Cutting-edge, wall-sized, fun and free? That is the reality with Tekla BIMsight on SMART Board


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a Top building information models of the year A part of the Icebergs model

The winners of the Tekla Global BIM Awards have been chosen – this year the projects competing were of exceptionally high standard. W Winner of the BIM project category: Derby Business Park by Engineering Office Mäkeläinen. The building information model was complete from foundations to detailing of reinforced concrete elements. The project team faced tightening of schedule, but they managed to accelerate the process and deliver on time. W Winner of Concrete and other category: Park&Ride De Uithof by Hurks delphi engineering. The large garage has no straight faces, and it was thoroughly modeled down to concrete reinforcement bars. w Winner of the Steel category: Emirates Air Line London Cable Car was modeled by Watson Steel Structures Ltd, includes three 80-meter towers with a structure that called for extremely accurate measuring and fabrication to make the parts fit together. Derby Business Park


l Special recognition: Icebergs Louis Vuitton Foundation by Pouma and Iemants. The project team has utilized BIM throughout the project to turn the stunning and enormously complex into reality. p Winner of the public voting: was the The Capital Market Authority by Eversendai.

T The entries to the Global BIM Awards competition were the winners of regional Tekla BIM competitions held by Tekla area offices and resellers during 2012. Forty-two exemplary projects competed in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012 and over 2,300 votes were cast. Thank you to everyone who participated with an entry or a vote and remember to enter your project

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a Peace Bridge traveled from Wales to North Ireland Peace Bridge is an S-shaped, self-anchored suspension bridge which leads pedestrians and cyclists over River Foyle in Derry, Northern Ireland. BIM helped project team from design to transportation and erection of the bridge building, which combined challenging design, fabricating 65-ton units in Rowecord’s works, and transporting these from South Wales to Northern Ireland. The bridge traveled about 480 kilometers by road and 170 kilometers by sea.

a Peace Bridge’s S-shape brought challenges to design and construction process as there were lots of curved, complex shapes. Rowecord tackled the challenge by modeling curved plates using a macro within Tekla Structures. For the Peace Bridge, the Tekla model worked as the source of general arrangement and fabrication drawings. As the Peace Bridge was largely build

off-site, Rowecord had to consider the use of temporary steelwork and include it to the model. They modeled setting of each bridge section onto the trailers for transportation and included the props that stabilized the load. Even the architect used the Tekla model to detail the aluminum flooring panels.

The 3rd Tekla Open API™ competition Tekla software for Building Information Modeling comes with the Open API™, which allows willing customers to develop their own applications which integrate and communicate within the Tekla modeling environment. S Surely skillful customers make interesting applications that interact with the software. Why not share your bright ideas and coding? Tekla Open API™ competition offers an arena to show the online

community what you can build on Tekla Structures. The idea of the competition came up when several customers had asked us if they could see the applications the others have made. The contestants are willing to make their applications available, including the source code, to the Tekla discussion forum community,” says Carlos Herrero, Software Engineer at Tekla. In general, most of the makers of the highly specialized applications are programmers who work for Tekla customers around the world. They work in close collaboration with structural engineers and other Tekla software end users to turn their ideas into reality. The winner of the Tekla Open API™

competition 2012, Dale Nicholls, with his Tekla Properties application, is awarded with some fame – virtual certificate of honor to show to the Tekla community online - and a book to keep developing skills. The Tekla Open API™ competition takes place at the Tekla discussion board’s Open API forum. The Open API™ utilization seems to be going fast forward. The forum’s activity has been growing steadily since the times of the first competition in 2010. And this year, the Tekla North American User Days had an own track dedicated for the Tekla Open API™. You can the applications in Tekla Extranet Discussion board (for maintenance customers only).


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a Greetings from Las Vegas – the 6th Trimble Dimensions As Tekla is a part of Trimble Buildings Group, Tekla BIMsight Manager Ville Kyytsönen brings greetings from Trimble Dimension, held in Las Vegas in November. Trimble Dimensions event is an educational, networking and hands-on training conference for professionals working on among others heavy civil construction, mapping and GIS, energy, infrastructure, and building construction. T This year’s topics ranged from increasing profitability to building exceptional leadership to company insight to extraordinary feats of architecture. With some 3500 attendees - of whom 750 from Trimble companies - from about 80 countries, Trimble Dimensions had a lot to offer. The event starred with Trimble announcing of how the recent acquisitions, including Tekla, fit the big picture. Trimble has recently published the new Design-BuildOperate (DBO) platform which serves the total workflow of vertical construction. The new Trimble Buildings <link > organization introduces how Trimble can leverage the strengths from one segment to other. In the Trimble Buildings expo area Tekla was at a central position with some of our long-term Trimble friends like Meridian Prolog, but also close to SketchUp and Vico Software. This demonstrated the capability Trimble has in the industry: From the robotic measuring stations to actual robots doing lay-out to different software solutions, the Trimble offering is truly wide-ranging. Tekla was strongly present at Dimensions with eight


presentations either by Tekla employees or about Tekla products. Hearing the actual users talking our talk very well indicates that Tekla is on the right track. Easy collaboration and very detailed construction design are a combination that is hard to match on the market. Over the three days there was constant traffic to our pod by both colleagues from Trimble, but also by customers, industry analysts and people from academic institutions. There were great discussions with these groups and lots of ways to go forward with them as well.

Tekl Te klaa Ne kl News for Bui News uilild ldin ldi ing & Co ing Consstr Cons truc ucti uc tion ti on

a Preview to Tekla Wednesday Webinars

T The concrete giant CRH chose Tekla

To participate, register in advance in the Wed webinar page. Later, a recording of each webinar is published online.

CRH Structural Concrete Europe and Tekla have entered into a long-term strategic partnership: CRH chose Tekla software for building information modeling to boost the productivity of their workflow. CRH is a special player in structural concrete business as they not only produce building materials and supplies but also ensure the design and engineering process.

J January 9: Tekla for Engineering - Sharing your detailed data Please note: the Webinar is on the second Wednesday of January, not on the first one as usually. The webinar demonstrates Tekla interoperability with Autodesk Revit products. Revit and Tekla users can enjoy a smooth workflow to coordinate their building information models to gain greater insight and certainty in collaboration. Engineering and construction contractors who must work together to profitably and safely transform design into built reality, get support from Tekla software for Building Information Modeling. It also delivers benefit to users concerned with modeling, planning and managing projects with a better BIM workflow and improved interoperability. F February 6: Tekla for Construction - Improving your processes General contractors and specialist subcontractors concerned with concrete and steel can all improve their processes using Tekla. From detailed structural modeling though to managing on site with a better plan discover how you can do more with Tekla Structures. M March 6: Tekla for Engineering - Emerging business opportunities Engineering offices and specialist detailers are familiar with Tekla Structures and how detailed models can contribute to core task efficiency. As BIM is generally adopted in building construction and EPC, contracts become more competitive, the AEC industry seeks constructible models and new business opportunities are emerging for engineering offices. F Find all Webinars at

B Before choosing Tekla, CRH evaluated the software products on the European market. - ”CRH’s decision to move on to modeling is a major strategic choice which paves way for the European precast concrete industry. We now look forward to developing an even stronger product,” says Risto Räty, the Executive Vice President of Tekla.

TEKLA’S OPEN BIM APPROACH MADE CRH’S DECISION EASIER T Tekla supports Open BIM™. The software interfaces with production management systems (ERP) and automation machinery software and communicates with other applications. With Tekla’s Open Application Programming Interface (API) users can develop plug-in applications on Tekla platform and integrate these into their own environment. In addition, they can freely choose the other applications they wish to use. For CRH, this approach was a major advantage over other software providers. The company is starting up an expertise center where to develop an own, specific working methodology, and the implementation of Tekla software in CRH’s 19 factories throughout Europe will take place in phases.


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< Cutting-edge, wall-size, fun and free? Tekla BIMsight enters SMART Board Tekla BIMsight 1.7 now integrates to SMART Boards for better design and construction team meetings. t With this integration, collaboration gets more visual and communicating what you mean easier: Walk to the board and touch it, or take a pen and eraser and use them in the way you learned at school. Actually, those with a touch screen do not even have to walk to the SMART Board as they can use their screen to participate, regardless where they are. “Tekla BIMsight’s integration to SMART Technologies’ Freestorm program gives anyone an engaging way to start to use BIM for meeting collaboration. You obviously need a SMART Board, but you don’t have to pay extra for the powerful BIM software,” says Jussi Ketoja, Marketing Manager of Tekla Corporation. Working with a SMART Board is not only more fun. When the device is used in meetings, people tend to work more efficiently: intuitive, visual collaboration engages attendees to the meeting and to solving issues raised in the design and construction process.

a Tekla News Season’s Greetings 2012 Tekla News is published globally four times a year to provide information about Tekla BIM software, its uses, as well as construction industry trends and projects worldwide. Tekla has area offices in 14 countries and a worldwide network of resellers. If you do not find a Tekla office or reseller in your country, please contact Tekla headquarters.


Tekla Corporation P.O. Box 1 FI-02131 Espoo Finland Phone +358 30 661 10 a

Tekla News for Building and Construction Season’s Greetings 2012  

The year may be closing up its end, but the last Tekla News of 2012 is pretty Open. The winner of the 3rd Tekla Open API contest has just be...

Tekla News for Building and Construction Season’s Greetings 2012  

The year may be closing up its end, but the last Tekla News of 2012 is pretty Open. The winner of the 3rd Tekla Open API contest has just be...