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Ushanka – Popular headgear for the winter season When we think of very cold countries like Russia, we think about their not only culture, food and music but most importantly, how they manage to stay so warm and look good at the same time. It is not only the food habits, but also their cleverly designed warm clothing. Warm clothing includes Russian Ushanka (meaning fur hats), fur coats, fur tops and fur pants complete the winter outfits. The Russian fur hats are very sought after, as they are like the Russian fashion export idea to the world. Russian fur hat and Ushankas are now available in varied designs, in a range of single shade to multiple colors. As the trade flourishes innovative, traditional Ushanka traders are venturing into diversifying their products into sweaters, woolen socks, blankets and hand gloves for export. Russian Ushanka are now getting ever more popular, as most of the world-class designers are now using the Russian fur hat as the must have fashion thing to wear. The Ushanka not only helps keep your head warm, but also looks good on you. It is a good fashion investment to be had in a way, as the fur hats do not usually go out of fashion, as long as winter exits, so there will always be a demand for the good old fur hats. Fur hats are usually, as their name suggests made from animal fur. The most common ones are made from the fur of animals like rabbits and bears. The most common colors that you can find them are in brown, black and grey. Their prices range from the most affordable ones, often mass-produced in factories, to the most expensive ones, designed by luxury fashion labels. Not only are fur hats worn as a part of a fashion accessory which becomes part of one’s clothing, when you decide to wear a rabbit fur hat, it is worn as a part of the ceremonial military parade outfit, which are normally made of bearskin. To save the wild life from extinction synthetic products are used to produce faux fur and leather products in many parts of the world, which is a good sign. This step will help to maintain the ecological balance and silence the opposition of wild life activists. This idea of synthetic Ushanka and fur products has still to catch the imagination of wide range of population to reduce the exploitation of animal fur. Incentives should be provided to the synthetic fur industry to set up factories as an alternative to boost the synthetic industry. It can be the go green concept of the industry. Russian fur hat and Ushankas are now available in varied designs, in a range of single shade to multiple colors. Find more information through this link ushanka.

Ushanka – popular headgear for the winter season