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Unlikely foods that trigger casein protein allergy Casein, one of the proteins in milk, causes some people an awful lot of trouble. If you are one of those with a casein allergy, you may want to know about some of the unlikely food and drink products that have components of milk or casein alone. If you are severely allergic, you probably have already found out about these pesky ingredients the hard way. If however you are only a bit allergic, you may have been experiencing some irritating discomfort after eating certain things without knowing why. Your casein allergy could be triggered by chewing gum. Surprising enough, some chewing gum, especially certain flavors of Trident, has the ingredient ‘recaldent,’ which comes from milk. Also, be cautious for any foods containing the ingredient hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Caramel coloring is also known to contain milk. If you are lucky, a label will clearly state that it contains ‘sodium caseinate,’ which is the casein protein. In these cases, you know exactly what is in the food and why you should not eat it. As an adult living with the casein protein allergy, you probably know that the best treatment for your condition is to avoid casein as much as possible. This way, even when you do experience casein allergy symptoms, they are manageable and mild. For people with a more severe casein protein allergy, avoidance is not always enough. Even foods that claim not to have any milk may be contaminated by foods made in the same factory. A personal supply of antihistamines and epinephrine may be enough to keep the reaction at bay or even relieve it completely. When there is any serious set of casein allergy symptoms, a hospital visit is necessary. As time goes by you may be able to predict when a reaction is bad enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

To tackle a casein protein allergy, you must be aware of the ingredients of items you eat and drink. Get more information through this link casein protein allergy.

Unlikely foods that trigger casein protein allergy  
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