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Tuning by employing a plug in device Diesel tuning can be done in numerous processes and ways. There is the wellknown chiptuning in which basically the tuning expert manually takes out the chip and then gets it reprogrammed in another device. When that chip is placed back into the ECU known as Engine Control Unit, you can then witness the trifling to extreme changes in the performance of your vehicle. There is another popular tuning process known as Diesel Remapping (as numerous vehicles are utilizing Diesel) or ECU Remapping, for which as compared to that mentioned above i.e. chiptuning, does not require the chip to be taken out manually from the engine control unit getting it to be reprogrammed. The Remapping process just requires having a tuning device attached to the OBD i.e. On board Diagnostic System of the vehicle by the diagnostic ports obviously which also known as obd-tuning. Once attached, then in the management module of the engine it is able to access the maps and have it reprogrammed, rewritten and read from there. Depending on the available tuning device and software or the kind of control unit version, these above mentioned are two of the most known and utilized ways of tuning your vehicle electronically. Always call for a chip company that has good performance by researching about it on the website of the company where there are details of satisfied customers as well as their driving experience. Always do not go for the promised horsepower and price, but also consider the experience of chiptuning diesel company and it is after sale services and guarantees. It is not only guarantee or warranty but also an experience that is worth. Now, when the matter is of tuning without staining or making void the warranty of your vehicle, these two methods discussed above are not the best regrettably. Reprogramming the maps or data sets in the ECU, either connecting through the OBD port i.e. ECU remapping or just by manually taking out the diesel chip i.e. chiptuning, will surely be quite obvious once examined by the warrant provider. The stored data that gets modified and touched can alone be traced very easily. The best way of tuning your vehicle without worrying about beating the warranty of your vehicle is by using a tuning box. A tuning box is usually a plug in device intended to help car owners in getting the best out of their car’s diesel engines without modifying the accurate data sets that are stored in the ECU. It works in an extremely different way with chiptuning or remapping. These units perform the tuning some means by tricking the ECU by sending signals that indicate what

the control unit requires to do. It is just like the device talking to the ECU prior to adjusting the functional attributes of the engine. These tuning boxes are plug and play, which is really amazing to know. They can be attached and removed easily without modifying or touching the presented data sets. Chiptuning is an exceptional way that can work with other upgrades for making the most of your rides to gain complete power gains. To know more click on the given link chiptuning .

Tuning by employing a plug in device  
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