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Stylish hair extensions types Hair extension is a simple way to add more thickness and style to your hair. They add gorgeous looks due to lengthy falling hair. Unique styles and colors are used worldwide in these types of extensions. You have a broad option of choosing colors when selecting a hair extension. Some of the common hair extensions are listed below Clip in and clip on extension: One of the most common hair extensions is clip in extension. In this type of extensions people have option to choose clips of their choice. The hair wefts of different thickness are added on the lower of neck near the scalp using small clips. The hair weft of thickness 2 inch to more is placed on the scalp and clip will tie up with the hair. In this way, your hair length can be extended. They can’t be used for a long time but these are considered versatile hair extension. Do not use them while sleeping. People are using these for a whole day but they remove it before sleeping. This type of extension offers a major benefit. As these use natural hair, their backcombing is easy. You are not afraid of washing head and do not refrain you from washing hair. You can remove them and wash hair any time you want. Bonding extensions: This is also a popular method of hair extensions, which is used worldwide. People who want to add various stylish colors on their hair can use this method. In this bonding, technique glue or special gum is used to apply extensions on your hair. Hair tracks are glued and last for few days. But this bonding of hair is not recommended for more than 10 days. A week bonding of hair extension with the original hair is suggested. As they, need special care while combing and washing and these should be cared for well. Hard and soft bonding are two sub types of this hair extension. If you choose hard bonding, it will last for few weeks but you need to visit the hair stylist for proper trimming and detangling of hair after some days. Fusion extensions: The most expensive type of extension, which gives natural looks to their extended hair, is fusion hair extension. In these hair strands of extension are fused with original hair using a machine. The machine contains hot glue, which fuses hair, and extension strands together and gives a complete natural look. These are unlike bond and clip in style. They are long lasting and provide easy wash after a week. As fusion of hair, takes a lot of time it is the most time consuming. Generally, it takes 8 hours minimum. Depending on the thickness of hair you want to adhere to your head, they take more time.

One of the most common hair extensions is clip in extension. Find more information through this link hair extension.

Stylish hair extensions types  
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