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Sound not working Linux mint is a common problem Several people prefer Linux mint operating system instead of windows. It is less vulnerable to Trojans, virus and spyware because of which people all over the world like to install it for doing day today task easily. But one major problem is reported by many users that Linux mint sound not working until and unless it’s settings are changed from sound preferences panel. It seems quite irritating that login sound comes properly but the moment any track is played in media player, and then no sound is heard at all. Earlier, new users found it as a great hardware problem but on internet, an expert found that it is the Linux mint sound problem rather than hardware. The functions are fine and working properly, it is just that a simple command has to be given in startup applications to the sound section so that it can permanently follow it whenever computer or laptop is turned on. Usually Linux mint no sound issues occurred after rebooting device. What happened is that all settings come back which were earlier once turned on again, they need new commands to play the sound. However, there are generally two options in latest version laptops under sound preferences. One is stereo analogue option and another one is HDMI option. Instead of choosing first option, Linux always select second option respectively without any command automatically due to which no sound Linux mint problem is always reported by people. To get rid off with the lengthy procedure you can read out reviews of people who have been working successfully and solved issues like sound not working Linux mint very easily. All you have to do is go to startup applications from the menu and click on add to set a program, give it a specific name after typing the command. Apply the settings and you are done. There are various operating systems in market but people are focusing on installing Linux mint 13 a lot. It has easy features, less hardware requirements and allows low density of virus and Trojans, which are very harmful for the system. But there is one major problem which is mentioned by users in their reviews several times and that is Linux mint no sound issue. If you are also suffering from the same issue of no sound, then follow some tips that are available at online portals. All you need to do is change settings but before that check out whether the sound is mute or working properly?

You find out sound not working Linux mint, then straight away find the tips at online portals and follow them step by step. Find more information through this link linux mint no sound.

Sound not working linux mint is a common problem  
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