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OWNING AN IWB HOLSTER The introduction of iwb holsters into society has greatly worked wonders for people who couldn’t walk the streets without being attacked or mugged. They have increased the level of confidence and safety within the society. This is due to the fact that each day, more and more people are becoming more aware of its use and benefits. People can now comfortable carry a weapon discreetly without causing alarm to others close to them. You should note that the fact that iwb holsters can only conceal weapons from the naked eye. One can detect that you are carrying a weapon using gadgets such as metal detectors. You should only use these equipments for your protection. It’s a violation to use the holster to carry a handgun that is intended for mischief. This holster is a good concealed carry holster along other types of holsters such as bar holsters, pocket holsters and owb holsters. An iwb holster is designed to fit different type of gun sizes. You can place the holster on either side of you waist depending on your preferred position. The hand you commonly use, whether it’s left or right will determine the side which best suites you in terms of comfort when drawing the weapon. It advisable for a woman to consider other holster options such as bra holsters on days that they are wearing high waist clothing. The iwb stands for ‘inside the waistband’. This means that it’s a concealed carry holster that should be placed inside the clothing of the waist. The owb (outside the waistband) is a holster that is almost similar to the iwb holster in terms of appearance and maybe shape. However, the owb holster is placed outside the clothing of the waist. It’s more of an open carry holster. It’s a very popular holster that is used by professionals such as law enforcers, detectives and military officers. This type of holsters can only be concealed if one chooses to cover it up using a jacket or shirt. The comfort of using iwb holsters An iwb holster allows you to wear any kind of clothing ranging from formal to informal. It’s also made out of leather that won’t irritate or react with your skin. This type of holster allows the user to tuck in their clothing on top of the firearm being carried and concealed. A holster will only be effective if it’s of good quality. It should be able to serve its purpose of storing the firearm in a discreet manner. It should allow the user to quickly access or draw the weapon when need be. Always choose a suitable size of iwb holster that has good retention capabilities. A pocket holster is one of the many suitable methods used to conceal weapons. The term brandishing refers to intentionally revealing your weapon in a public place. In most countries, this act is against the law if you are not a law enforcer or have no authorization whatsoever to do so.