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London Underground Map- aiding both daily commuters and tourists The metro train system serving a broad part of Greater London, and its suburbs of Buckinghamshire,Hertfordshire and Essex has been a pioneer, and also proud example for many city public services in the world. The tube, as it is generally called now, started as ‘the Metropolitan railway’ — the world’s very first underground railway. The London underground has over the years, inspired many cities in disparate parts of the globe in designing their own efficient public transport system. But, not many can match the complexity and coverage of the London underground services. One look at the comprehensive London underground map can give some idea about the range and scope of the public transport services. The transport which started rather modestly in 1863 now serves 270 stations as seen on the tube map, and is growing— as more stations are planned by 2018. Considering the size of operation and the sheer number of people they serve— the tube has been able to cover up to 91 percent of it’s operational expenditure by commuter’s fares. If studied closely the map of London underground can an indicator of its broad reach, covering more sectors than the Greater London area. The commuters or passengers on the London underground network, care most about the following aspects of the loved public transport system: Ticketing The London underground has one of the most innovative ticketing systems in the world, and as usual, one of the first to use contact-less smart card to make ticket payment intuitive and hassle-free. Any commuter can just carry a tube map and the smart payment card and make a comfortable journey covering most of London and its unique suburbs. The paper tickets, as well as, the smart cards can be used for short term or daily commute, but they also facilitate long-term season tickets for easy travel covering more than a day commute.

Operation hours The London underground works efficiently during the day, and closes late into the night, when the maintenance works take place. The operational hours takes in both office commuters, and also the city visitors and tourists. The neat and competently designed London underground map makes travel very easy and stressful for the first time tourists. The first time visitor to the historic city can get all relevant and necessary information for a safe journey, with the efficiently designed, color coded map of London underground.


The train stations are so designed, for ease of use by the busy commuters. But it also boasts of one of the best accessibility facilities for people with limited mobility. Most of the stations have retrofit accessibility features to aid the physically challenged and elderly commuters.

Traveling on the tube, or the London underground train services can be practically stress-free, if one carries the smart payment card and a good London underground map. The historic city has a lot on offer for both the residents and first time visitors.

One look at the comprehensive London underground map can give some idea about the range and scope of the public transport services. Get more information through this link london underground map.

London underground map aiding both daily commuters and tourists  
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