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How to write a Movie Review? Majority of us like to watch movies and for some even more major movie buffs, they like to become a movie critic by writing a movie review of the movie they have just watched so as to spread their views regarding the movie across every reader. However, there is a proper format one must follow in order to write a movie review that grabs the attention of the readers as just writing about the movie in a casual way does not mean a movie review in actual sense. Following are some of the tips you can follow in order to write a captivating movie review: 1. Always remember that the beginning plays a major role in determining for the readers whether they should read the whole review or not. Therefore, it is important to start the review with a line that would instantly catch the readers’ attention and cause them to read all the way until the end. 2. You should properly explain the synopsis of the movie without giving away too much of the story as it could spoil the interest of watching the movie for those readers who are yet to watch the film. Even if there is a point that needs to be made but will give out a bit extra of the story, you should always mention the word “spoiler” in block letters before you start writing that point. This helps in the reader becoming aware of the fact and skips that particular part. 3. You should write in a way that can be well understood by the readers. While it is all right to use certain words that are not in common use for your review, using too much of it will turn off the interest of the reader. 4. You should mention the specific details about the movie like its direction, story, presentation, quality of direction, screenplay, background music, the performances of the whole cast and other aspects that are involved in the movie. 5. You should explain the reasoning behind your points. You should provide logical suggestions or point out the lacklustre factors in the movie with solid backup instead of just mentioning and going ahead with it. You should mention the high and low points of the movie respectively along with the highlights of the movie. 6. As a human being, you are bound to have certain emotions whether positive or negative towards a personality attached to the movie. But as a movie critic, you should not let your personal feelings affect your review. 7. You should provide a gratifying experience to the reader with your review regardless of the quality of the movie. Watching movie review and writing as a movie critic can definitely be successful if the aforementioned tips

How to write a movie review