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How to Enhance Your Sex Life with the Best Vibrators If you’re looking for extra stimulation, there is a wide range of choices. The best vibrators come in 4 different categories: clitoral, dildo-shaped, g-spot and anal. Clitoral vibrators are built with a smaller extension with the main purpose being to massage and stimulate the clitoris. The famous rabbit type models are shaped like two bunny ears, which cradle the clitoris while it vibrates to provide extra sensation. When this is paired with a phallus-sized extension, it doubles the pleasure and doubles the fun. Dildo-shaped vibrators combine the common dildo with the power of a vibrator. The dildo is well known because it is modelled after an erect penis, usually with the grooves, curves and all. Whether for penetration, G-spot stimulation, oral stimulation or if you just want to massage your body, this is a great combination. Another form of dildo vibrators is a double-ended option, which looks like two dildos, joined end-to-end allowing two users to be gratified at the same time. The G-spot vibrator is designed with the different locations of the G-Spot in both males and females in mind. These are therefore usually unisex. In females, this spot is located inside the vaginal cavity, while in men; this is the area behind the prostate gland. This type of vibrator is usually a few 2-4 inches wide and 5-7 inches long with a rounded knob on the end. This is to give that extra pleasure to the G-spot. The anal vibrator is made to provide anal stimulation. They usually have a dildo shape with a knob on the end for safety purposes. According to vibrator reviews, these devices offer much more beyond their diversity of purpose. They are usually made using silicon, which provides a flexible and almost life-like feel. Silicon is also low on odour; plastic and rubber have strong odours. These vibrators are now being designed with contours and textures to increase pleasure during penetration. Besides the feel, users are also able to select the colour or design they would prefer in their stimulation device. There is a wide range of colours available. You can custom make your own to make it even more personal. There is also the option of choosing among glass, silicon, rubber, flexible to extremely stiff, very smooth to ridge and the list goes on. Some persons go beyond all these options to varying the species of penises. Some persons are now experimenting with vibrators, which resemble the sexual organs of different animals such as wolves and horses. In some countries where vibrators are not deemed as acceptable, they are designed as extensions of popular characters such as “Hello Kitty�. Whatever your preference, the best vibrator is one which fits your personal style.

The best vibrators are now being built with waterproofing material with wireless capacity so that they can now go where no other has dared go before. Find more information through link best vibrators.

How to enhance your sex life with the best vibrators!  
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