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How a tenant can obtain information on their negative credit report There are some instances where a tenant may apply for several rental units. It is possible that the tenant may be dismayed at the possibilities of paying tenant credit check to each landlord for the purposes of pulling the same report. This therefore can pose a question on whether the tenant will be in the right position to provide a copy of their credit report. It is possible for a tenant to obtain his own credit report and make copies of it and ask the landlord to accept the copied reports. But according to federal laws, landlords are not required to accept a copy of tenant’s credit report. Instead, the landlord is required to make a tenant pay for the tenant credit check fees so that the landlord can run a new credit report. On the contrary, there are different states that forbid landlords from asking for or charging the tenant for a credit report fee. This is only in a situation where the tenant gives the landlord the credit report even before the landlord asks for it. Moreover, landlords are forbidden from asking for this fee if the report was printed within the last 30 days. Apart from fees, it is within the rights of the landlord to reject a tenant’s rental application based on poor credit report. However, if the landlord will not rent the house to tenant based on the negative tenant credit report, or the landlord charges the tenant higher rental fee based on this negative information, the landlord is required to offer the tenant the name as well as the address of the respective agency which reported negative information about the tenant. This is required in federal and most state laws and which means that the tenant will have at least 60 days of obtaining this file from the respective agency that reported negative credit information.

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How a tenant can obtain information on their negative credit report