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Gear up for a trip around Jordan at the oil shale symposium Oil Shale is listed as one of the hot topics in international issues these days, with the phenomena growing on large all around the globe. Companies and governments are greatly investing into oil shale exploration projects as they continue to research upon the benefits and advantages that this project promises them in terms of efficiency and energy consumption and conservation in the future. Jordan is the fourth of the countries to sit on the greatest oil reserves in the world while being a promoter of the oil shale project, and this is why it is hosting the 2014 Jordan Oil Shale symposium this year, so that it can bring about countries’ governments, scientists and industrialists to collaborate on the oil shale project, share their views and take a revolutionary step towards energy consumption and conservation. However, a formal event as an oil shale symposium cannot be complete without a tour of the country where it is being held. Therefore after the academic proceedings of Jordan Oil Shale conferences are done with, the host team has arranged for the delegates to conduct a tour of the two most famous place on the land of Jordan; these two being iconic landmarks. The first of the options for post oil shale symposium tours is a travel of Amman and Jerash. These two cities are also famous sites for archaeological dating and them being full of history about the ancient Arabs civilizations. The second of them is PETRA, which is a land as old as the time itself. This is one of the most gorgeous and eye catching sites in Jordan, and also has secured its rank as the eighth wonder of the world, owing to its historical significance and value. The site holds history as a beach holds sand. It is a long preserved legacy of the Nabataeans and holds massive architecture, art and history inside itself. This is also a majestic reason why Oil Shale Symposium in Jordan is worth attending. Getting an overview of the Jordan Oil Shale conferences . Find more information through this link Oil Shale.

Gear up for a trip around jordan at the oil shale symposium  
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