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First scuba dive and scuba diving gear There are many diving destinations in the world, one of my personal favorites is Hawaii. It's relatively short flight from California and simply a very beautiful place to visit, especially during winter season. Tropical climate in Hawaii allows diving shops to operate all year round, so it's no surprise diving business is booming there. The weather is not the only great thing about diving in Hawaii, the best thing is underwater world. Any diver, professional or newbie will tell you how much fun it is to dive in those gorgeous waters. I've experienced my very first dive in Hawaii. My friends and I took a trip there over the weekends a few years ago and they convinced me to rent a diving boat, scuba diving gear, dive masks and diving fins and try it. They were all very experienced, certified divers, me on the other hand, had never even see a diving suit or a diving shop on the inside. We arrived at the diving shop early in the morning and met with our diving guides. We also got acquainted with the another four newbie divers who'd go along with us on the diving boat. The diving instructors asked us to watch a diving introduction video that briefly explained all the ins and outs of diving experience. I only remembered something about scuba diving suit, mask and diving fins, the rest was so new to me, I didn't even bother to pay attention to it. After about an hour of briefing about scuba diving gear, additional dive equipment and diving etiquette, we were sent to a diving shop across the street to choose and check our diving suits, diving masks, dive fins and oxygen tanks. I must have tried two or three diving suits before I found the one that I felt comfortable in. Most of them were either too tight or too loose, even though, they were all the same diving size. I didn't spend much time on diving mask and dive fins, I just tried a couple of them on and I was on my way out of the dive shop in no time. After we and our diving guides checked our diving equipment and dive gear, we boarded on the bus and drove to the shore. There was a medium size diving boat waiting for us at the pier. It wasn't too big, but big enough to fit all of the divers and dive guides who came with us. Finally, after a few hours of diving instructions, countless checks of scuba diving equipment and a long ride to the diving site we were ready for our first dive. I was a little nervous, I knew how to swim very well and snorkeled on the beach many times with just diving mask and dive fins, but this time it was different. Diving guide helped me to put on all of my scuba diving equipment and made sure it was ready for a dive. I felt like I was getting ready to step on the surface of the moon with all that heavy scuba diving gear on me. Minutes later we all jumped in the water. The second you're in the water, you start to submerge, because you're wearing fifteen to twenty pounds of diving weights. I felt a little weird trying to breath through the oxygen tank and moving around in all the scuba diving gear, but once I was underwater, I felt really safe and secure knowing my scuba diving instructors checked all my scuba diving gear so many times. I also have had all of my friends next to me, so I didn't really need to worry that much during my first scuba diving experience. We and our diving guides checked our diving equipment and Dive Gear, we boarded on the bus and drove to the shore.

First scuba dive and scuba diving gear