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Do you want to change your IP address? Internet service providing companies assign a specific number to internet devices called IP address. The IP address shows the ip location of internet device. IP address consists of only four numbers. Most of IP addresses look like These numbers are assigned to internet users by internet service providers. Where is my ip address? You can have this number from your ISP. You can use the IP address to identify and locate the exact location of internet device. You can also use the same device to find the network problems. The internet users with same IP address can share the important information with each other. The internet providing company can use the IP address to find the location of internet user. It is also possible to change the IP address to get access to some applications. Some applications and websites are accessible by only people in specific area. If you want to get access to these applications then you can change your IP address. It is not hard to change the IP address because you just need to follow some steps. 1. What is my ip? First of all you should know your IP address. 2. Click on start menu then click run 3. Find the network places in your computer 4. Locate and click on internet protocol address 5. You will find the option” use following IP address” 6. Click ok button 7. Find local area connection available 8. Right click on “ get new IP address” 9. Click on ok button 10. You will get new internet protocol address automatically These are simple steps to find whats my ip. You can follow these steps easily and follow the points to get a new IP address. It seems very easy to change ip address location with the help of these steps.

Here are several ways to find the IP address of anyone and these methods are not so difficult. You can use the online tools present at numerous online sites to find your ip location. Find more information through this link show my ip.

Do you want to change your ip address